CHICAGO (WSCR) As Chicago Blackhawks fans watch Game 7 on Tuesday night, hoping their team can pull off one of the biggest comeback in NHL history, Vancouver Canucks fans will be watching, hoping to avoid embarrassment.

And if Chicago is able to win game 7 and eliminate Vancouver for the third straight year, Canucks fans will be hurting on Wednesday morning, and rightfully so.

“I think they’ll feel like they’re the biggest suckers in the world,” Jason Brough, of Vancouver’s 1040 AM TEAM Radio, said on the Danny Mac Show. “Because we were told this season it was different, it was a different team. Not the same team that was beaten by the Blackhawks two seasons in a row. Not the same team that folded under the pressure. Not the same team that completely lost its head when the Blackhawks tried to make them lose their heads, for lack of a better term.”

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It seems as if there have been four teams playing in this first round series: Chicago in Games 1-3, Vancouver in Games 1-3, Chicago in Games 4-6 and Vancouver in Games 4-6.

“We’re looking at this team that we were so proud of, as Canucks fans, throughout the season for turning themselves around, for improving themselves,” Brough said. “Then they go up 3-0 on the series. And everyone is just like ‘it’s a different team, we might actually win the first Stanley Cup in franchise history. And then Game 4, and then Game 5 and then Game 6 and then oh my God…we are going to pull one of the colossal choke jobs in sports history.'”

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