Chicago Police Crack ID Fraud At Doctor’s Office

CHICAGO (CBS) — Investigators have unraveled an elaborate identity theft ring that has cost dozens of people thousands of dollars.

CBS 2’s Suzanne LeMignot talked to three victims who say they lost anywhere from $1,900 to $7,800. And police believe more victims are out there.

The women agreed to speak with CBS 2, if their identities were concealed. All three are among 26 women who had their identities stolen. Their personal information was used to withdraw thousands of dollars from their Chase bank accounts.

“It turns your life upside down,” one of the victims said. “It really does.”

The women had two things in common, said Detective Patti Dalton, of the Chicago Police Department’s Financial Crimes Unit.

“The pattern that I saw was that they all lived in the same geographical area,” Dalton said.

They also were patients at Woman to Woman Healthcare. The practice’s receptionist, Carmencita Kennedy, has been charged being the organizer of a continuing financial crimes enterprise.

“She’s in a position of trust,” said Detective Christine Jalloway. “You feel comfortable and here she is. She’s taking your information. I think that’s pretty bold.”

Police say Kennedy, a 32-year-old mother of seven, has two prior fraud convictions. Detectives soon figured out Kennedy had help from Susan Byrd.

Police say Byrd, who also has a previous fraud conviction, was caught numerous times on Chase surveillance video, withdrawing thousands of dollars by using a fake ID with her picture but with a patient’s personal information on it.

“If it had gone on for any period of time, who knows how many more victims we would have had,” said Sgt Philip Cappitelli.

Police believe there may be more victims out there.

Police say $125,000 was stolen. Chase reimbursed each victim and worked with police to stop the fraud.

The owner of Woman to Woman Healthcare, Dr. Monica Moore, issued a statement through her attorney:

”Our office was recently made aware that the Chicago Police Department Financial Crimes Division is investigating a matter involving one of our employees. We are deeply grateful to them for their diligent work in bringing this situation to our attention. We will continue to cooperate fully with all investigative authorities to ensure that this matter is thoroughly investigated. We take information protection very seriously and will continue to work to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to protect our patients.

Please direct any media questions or comments to Justin Terry of Terry & Moore, P.C. at”

  • Timothy Fitz

    Stories like this are the reason I pay for my doctors visits with CASH, and always demand a SIGNED receipt. I even decided it was best to use a P.O. BOX, instead of my home address.

    Whenever you pay with a credit card or a check, you are sharing sensitive information with complete strangers!

  • NWA

    This how young people become wayward. Thirty-two year old mother with seven children. I would bet that there are multiple fathers involved. This doctor tried to help this woman and she betrayed her. Some African-American women believe they can raise children by themselves. By the time she gets out of prison quite possibly one of her children will be convicted of a crime themselves. Fraud, fake hair plus she committed fraud in the past, she’s taught her children well. Break the cycle.


    • Barbara

      To NWA what if one of her children graduate from HARVARD? How can you make judgements on a person or a race…..If by chance you think you know who your dad is just consider yourself blessed…. By your statement’s it’s as if only African-American are the only one’s with a single parent household…..Well my friend I work at a Juvenile Facility and I see all race’s behind bars….Stop with the hate. And oh by the way I know the children

      • Bubas badddd

        Amen! They shouldn’t leave racist comments saying “that big black pig”….But! what they didn’t realize is that it was a Caucasian woman too. So don’t get dirty with the African-Americans.And I know them too.

    • Capell weaver

      This statement is ignorant in so many ways…. (ignorance is bliss isnt it)

    • Truth

      I owe you an apology NWA. I am sorry for having misunderstood you in the past.
      Great post.

      • Hector Gonzalez

        @Truth, I agree completely. Craig and NWA are right on track, couldn’t have said it better. @Want to be, Please proofread before pressing the submit button. We all would really like to hear your opinion.

    • Pat

      Fraud is not usually committed by any particular race. Please stop the racism. What about the white girl involved?

  • Valery

    Why they have so many children and then are unable to support them. That is one of the reasons she steals IDs from people to feed them and herself. Pay in cash and ask for receipt. Fraud is all over the place and people are falling all over again. Specially on ebay and other pawn shops where the crooks end up getting all the money and running with it. Get all this thieves and frauds that are peeking at your ID recepts from banks, hospitals and doctors offices. Get them all and show their faces on TV and Americas Most Wanted so we all will know who they are.

  • Harry

    Damn, she looks like a gorilla of a woman.

    • big king

      so does your mama

      • A. Saxon

        What kind of low class comment is that to make? A$$ hole.

  • Right

    black scammer

    • Want to be heard,

      Do you all know that it was a white women involved as well. You all need to grow up and get some sense for real.

      • Scram

        Please, We all know better, this is a black thing, silly goof!!!!

    • big king

      white prick

      • Craig

        Very intelligent big dummy. Thank you.

      • big king

        yes i see that you had a problem with that but you said nothing about the other person sterotyping black people funny you must be white also

  • WakeUpWorld

    Fat Black Pig…

    • big king

      your welcome anytime but i see you said nothing scram sterotyping all black people

  • big king

    now to all you people on here this comment is for you except Want to be heard. number one do any of you know this young lady let me answer that for you HELL NO 2 how can you all judge someone we all have our faults, maybe hers was over the top any she has to pay for her mistakes but you have no right to say the things you do only god can judge her not you cause you dont matter to her. 3 you all have faults you are all Racist and you use the internet to say your remarks this way you can hide your uglyness (ways and faces) cause you know if your caught in public saying these things you might end up with a pumpkin. 4 watch the video to show your ignorance (whispering)………there also was a white woman involved. so if you really wanna look at it your calling white people stupid ass hell cause even if she was the ring leader tell me where you see the black womans face on the bank cameras no i only see white so she outsmarted all of you

    • Bishop13

      ayo you tight fam, i know this lady personally and ppl dont think about how this video and these comments affect her kids and the oldest is a freshman and the rest are in elementary, ppl are so hyprocrtical. . .its just not right!

      • keepitfresh15

        she shouldnt be stillin shes a giraffe wit no neck.

    • Craig

      Thank you very much for defending the black community. And just because not all the comments here are complimentary to black people, doesn’t mean everyone is a racist. It seems to me, you are the only one playing the racist card.

  • big king

    i have no problem with race my wife is caucasian so please get it right. but if im not mistaken arent you the same one who said these nasty black women and we have enough homie gangsters and that her kids commit crimes. this was toward blacks but you never not once mentioned anything about the caucasian woman that was in on it to. remember her and her family are losers in your own words

  • Bishop13


  • Livi

    Amen to that Bishop13. I know and love her and her familly.

    • Bishop13

      So do I

  • Prejudice Never Dies

    Thanks Barbara and Big King, it goes to show what our world still revolves around, it did clearly state also ” white woman with prior fraud conviction and her pictures all on video cam” but its not surprising how that is over looked. Wrong is wrong and they both should pay for what they’ve done. I also know the kids and one is on their way to becoming a pastor one day. Stop judging losers- Want not to be heard NWA, Craig and Truth be told Take your ass to sleep.

  • big king

    i know this woman have been knowing her for the last thirty years so i can and will defend her all the way thanks to all who have more since then to degrade her and her family all others need to look at themselves and just think.

    • Big Colfax

      Man this is my cousin and I hate she in this mess. But we all know she not the mastermind but do to the no snitching policy she will never tell on who was truly involved in all this craziness. I am truly hoping the kids are good

  • HerChild

    -well im going to just say this!!..i have known this woman for 15 long years..and i can truely say that everytime she has done anytjng it has been for all & of her children!..she would never jus deliberatley take from a person but she made a mistake she needed money!!..not giving her an exscuse or saying its okay but saying please know wat the cause was befor you open your mouth!!..and to the racist one!!!you are jus as dumb as you say she was!!..and thiis is coming frum a 15 year old her second to oldest childest and bestfran!!I love You Mommy

    • funnyJ

      yo momma iz wrong and stop agreein wit ha cuz she yo momma stupid step up and take care of yo family so caught into boyz r u livin 4 God or da liez of yo momma……FOO…….CCCCCAAAARRRRRMMMMEEEEEENNNNNNN!!!! DAT THEIF BETTTA HAVE MY MONEY . P.S. u @ yo momma stay wit weave lil baldhead u aint superior u brok lik yo family

  • keepitfresh15

    she a giraffe wit no neck she need2 b locked up.shes a devil diz ha 3rd time doin diz ha doorta gon in up lik ha a theif wit a STD @ a ugly boi wit dem nasty p.f flyerz @ dat invisible ponytale.SAD SAD SAD SAD MESSED UP FAMILY….



  • Lady Mac

    I keep their family in my praqyres because their going to need them. This is the worst ive seen im very shocked but i will leave it in Gods hands. Robin stop taking up for your mother she put many other people in the hole because of what she did.hope she learns her lesson speaking the truth.

  • big king

    man the internet to be restricted to people with since not ignorance ok so yall know the story yes its a messed up situation but what does her kids have to do with what she did so all you little kids on here need to go to school and do homework you got to much time on your hands to just be sitting on here talking crazy any you can tell these are children on here making these comments and for the record she didnt say anything about here mom was not wrong so reread the post she placed on here and grow up and become something of yourselves cause i guarentee you all seven of her kids will outshine you and thats a promise that i will make sure of

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