Quinn Says He Has A Plan For Workers’ Comp Reform

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WBBM) — With just a few weeks left in Illinois’ legislative session, Gov. Pat Quinn is providing few details on how to accomplish what he calls one of his biggest goals.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Alex Degman reports, Republicans and Democrats agree Illinois’ Workers’ Compensation system needs reform. But they have not yet agreed on a proposal to carry out that reform.

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Quinn says he has a plan.

“I think that’s the best proposal. It can get the majority of votes. We’re going to really work hard on that in the coming months,” Quinn said.

Quinn says he has introduced his proposal to both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly, but did not specify what was wrong with the Senate Republican measure that failed earlier this month.

“It didn’t get enough votes, obviously, and you can’t, if you try and tilt one way and don’t think of other folks, sometimes you don’t get enough votes,” Quinn said.

Quinn says his proposal will save $500 million a year, sorely needed savings for businesses he says pay more in workers’ compensation premiums than corporate income taxes.

The Republican-backed measure would have dissolved the Workers’ Compensation Board, and its roughly $130 million budget would have gone to circuit courts, where all compensation cases would be heard.

  • Jim

    If Quinn thought it up it must involve raising taxes.

  • Mike

    We dont need to reform workmans comp. This will take more rights away from the workers. No choice of doctors or care and set limits on damages if the companies would follow the saftey rules maybe the comp cases would reduce. Everyone thinks you get rich from comp cases the facts you don’t and in many cases you end up losing your job over a work injury. Mr Quinn should be fixing problems with the state before fixing something that isn’t broke. Our state is one of the worst state ranking thank you MR.Quinn keep up the good work.

  • Maggie

    FWIW, I lost faith in Mr. Quinn when I found out he accepted big money contribution for his campaign from Planned Parenthood. This organization makes it’s biggest profits from providing abortions (not manual breast exams or handing out BCPs like the duping media want to fool you into thinking). The abortions are paid for from the wallets of US taxpayers vis a vis the Federal Govt giving it huge amounts of monies. I can’t seem to get myself to trust him on anything now. He accepted money from the major organization in American that sucks fetuses from women. A bright young woman named Lila Rose has exposed this organizations disgusting practices over and over again, such as providing minors and sex slaves abortions, and it is ignored by Politicians. If Mr. Quinn had a really fully functioning brain, he would give more than lip service to Pro life groups who are sincere in their beliefs of life and good people and not the lunatics the ignorant media try to portray them as in the name of a right to choose. Pro life people are horrified at what has happened at Planned Parenthood where the reins have been loosened and removed from the works there. He is a coward for not pulling the reins in on this organization. He could have taking that money and put it toward education, on building morale of younger people, of publicly stating the obvious about gee, how do women get pregnant and the responsibility thereof of both the woman and man, and especially the woman. Hope his sons’ future wives and girlfriends don’t abort every single one of Mr. Quinn’s future grandchildren. What would Mr. Quinn say if his son said “Dad, my honey just had a partial birth abortion because “it” does not fit into her (our) schedule of life.” “And it was so easy to do, we just went to Planned Parenthood!”

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