LONDON (WBBM) — As the Royal wedding fast approaches, WBBM Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser has been talking with former Chicagoans now living in London.

Daniela Burnham works as a fashion journalist in London.

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“My sister just arrived, and we have and we have our outfits all ready to go, and our fancy hats, and we’re excited,” she said.

Fancy hats, you’re asking? They call them “Fascinators.”

“It’s a small hat that goes on the side of your head and they’re a big thing over here,” she said. “People wear them to weddings and things like that.”

Burnham says she’s sees some differences between people like herself and the average Briton.

“I think you have a majority of British people who are somewhat resentful of the Royal Family, and they are not that excited about the wedding,” she said.

Their opinion of Kate, she says, is the exception.

“She’s kind of brought the Royal Family down to earth for everybody else,” Burnham said.

As for the Americans, Burnham says they’re all excited, much like her.

“I’m kind of a romantic at heart too so I like any good love story and I love weddings,” she said.

Burnam says the thinks the wedding day Friday will be “crazy.”

Some people, she says, staked out their territory earlier this week, like they do for the fireworks in Grant Park.

“A guy calling himself a Super Fan has staked out his spot,” she said.

WCIU-Channel 26 producer Fred Weintraub spends most of the year in London. He says Americans there are especially excited about the wedding.

“We look at this as the Cinderella experience – the prince meets the princess and they live happily ever after, and in a world that we live in with so many news stories that are negative and disasters taking place around the world, this is an opportunity to, in many ways, celebrate,” he said.

He compares the wedding hoopla to a Chicago sports championship.

“You see stories of people going out and buying new HD televisions and that’s no different when the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup,” he said.

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