CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago First Lady Maggie Daley is back in the hospital, this time for flu-like symptoms.

Mayor Richard Daley’s press office says Mrs. Daley was admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital Thursday morning after feeling nausea and dehydration. She underwent a battery of tests.

“Her condition remains stable, he said. Nothing has changed relative to her cancer,” the mayor’s press office said in a statement.

Mrs. Daley’s was diagnosed with metastatic cancer in 2002 and earlier this month was admitted to Northwestern so that doctors could replace a metal rod in her leg. The first rod had been inserted to strengthen the bone that had weakened due to her cancer.

Mrs. Daley spent a total of 10 days at Northwestern Memorial – the longest hospital stay for the city’s first lady since she was admitted for four days in Washington D.C. back in October.

Then, she was suffering from pain in her right leg and lower back.

Through it all, Mayor Daley has talked about his wife’s resilience and strength.

She went home Tuesday before her latest hospitalization.

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