Support Growing For Medical Marijuana In Illinois

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — Support is growing in Springfield for legalizing medical marijuana.

Published reports say House Republican Leader Rep. Tom Cross (R-Oswego) has changed positions to support the bill.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s David Roe reports

Cross’ change in position came after he saw a friend go through a struggle with cancer and learned that medical marijuana can be the only option to ease such suffering, the Daily Herald reported.

The current medical marijuana bill passed out of an Illinois House committee last month. It would allow patients to possess a small amount of cannabis if they are suffering from cancer, HIV-AIDS, hepatitis C, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease or Alzheimer’s.

The amount would be limited to 2.5 ounces every 14 days.

A previous bill to legalize medical marijuana failed in the state House in January.

This time around, the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie), says there are tighter restrictions on the amount of medical marijuana distributed to patients, and he’s taken out the grow-your-own provisions that opponents criticized during the last General Assembly.

Neither the failed bill nor the one currently pending have allowed prospective medical marijuana merchants to set up marijuana dispensaries, or restaurants cooking with marijuana recipes for medical cannabis cardholders, as in California and Colorado, respectively.

Lang has denied he intends his proposal to be a gateway to the full legalization of marijuana.

Technically, Illinois authorized medical marijuana in 1978. But implementation was left to the Public Health Department and it never took action, so the law has been in limbo.

Shoud Illinois legalize medical marijuana? Leave your comments below.

  • Pothead

    I would get my card without a doubt.

  • Mabel

    I have the need for weed!

  • Pothead

    2.5 ounces every 14 days ? REALLY ?!?!?!?!?! I’m in.

  • mac

    how can a person get to open a dispensary


    What’s next,”medical crack”? Oh yea,here’s a way to make money we haven’t thought of,tax weed for sick people! Only in the Land of Ill-Repute and crooked politicians. Please get me out of here!!!!!!!!

    • Steve

      ARE YOU A MORON???? You compare crack to pot? good god man climb out of your hole and wake up. Educate yourself before speaking please.

      You are whats wrong with america. Wake up, it’s 2011.

      • Pothead

        Yes Steve he is a moron. I guess he doesn’t realize that other states have already done this. And comparing crack to pot tells you he knows nothing.


        There was no comparison between crack and pot,just the fact that both are illegal. If your life is so lacking that you need a toke or two to get by,your in trouble already without getting caught for breaking the law.You must be blind or a liberal to see this as anything but a way to raise tax income to cover all the miss spent tax dollars the politicians waste every day.I’m awake,it’s 2011,and it’s people like you only wanting to justify your wants and pleasures regardless of the law that have lead our country to the breaking point. You need to get a life where you don’t need something illegal to help you cope.

      • Steve

        Legalizing pot is a realistic approach to generate more revenue from a multi-billion dollar industry that is currently, in general, not taxed. The war on drugs is a complete and total failure that is done nothing to curb drug use or dealing and has only increased the violence. If you want to take a swipe at a program that drains states of tax money and produces zero results, then look at the pointless and relentless drug battle. Pot is the #1 cash crop in California. They legalized it responsibly and are now raking in the cash. Prohibition did nothing to curb the use of alcohol and gave rise to organized crime. It was a complete failure as well.

    • Pothead

      ITISWHATITIS , If the government would legalize pot and tax it, it would raise billions of dollars. The deficit is so high it only makes sense to do it.
      Be honest now, have you ever tried pot ?


        Pothead,The only reason the deficit is so high is the graft taking politicians along with their high paid lobbyists, keep spending our tax dollars like it was all theirs to do with as they please. You must know by now they certainly don’t care about you or anybody else,it’s only a matter of how much money can I make off of this ploy? You of all people must also know that the effects of Mary Jane can lead to people doing things they normally wouldn’t do. In this day and age it has become standard for people making stupid decisions to blame it on someone else. It’s my dealers fault,it’s the police mans fault,it’s the judges fault,it’s the teachers fault,it’s my parents fault. It’s never the fact they make a decision all on their own,with or without drugs or alcohol and it’s their fault.If your life is so lacking that you need an illegal stimulant to get by everyday,you need help. Be honest now,are you a happy person with out your daily weed?

      • Pothead

        I don’t smoke everyday. Have you ever driven over the speed limit ?
        I can tell by your rant that you do however know nothing about marijuana.
        I didn’t ask how the deficit got so high. I merely said taxing marijuana could help bring it down. I wouldn’t agree with legalizing any other drug but, whether you like it or not, pot doesn’t make people do things they normally would not do.
        Alcohol on the other hand does.

  • bill

    the health dept. has to receive written consent from the state police before allowing the doctor to issue a prescription for the patient with this 1978 law.

    • Pothead

      I believe the state police have better things to do and a Dr prescription is most likely needed.

  • Barb

    Alzheimer’s? Please! What about Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia? Government Studies have shown that Medical Marijuana is fantastic for Multiiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia patients and the pain associated with these diseases! Sometimes I wish that our politicians could suffer with both of these diseases for just one day! I’m not even asking for a lifetime, like myself and 14,000 other people in the state of Illinois have to endure, but just one day. We would get Medical Marijuana in a heartbeat if they only understood! Please help us!

  • 420

    It’s about time…

  • Renee


    • William Jenkins

      Like that in ya!


    Pothead,The fact you’re only a week end smoker is like the alcoholic that’s only a week end drinker. Yes I have driven over the speed limit,and yes I plead guilty and paid the fine,but I have never been in jail. Drop a baggie in front of a cop that pulled you over for speeding and see what you’ll get. As far as my rant goes,I was smoking pot in Vietnam probably before you were born.Please don’t try to tell me that pot doesn’t lead you to do things you normally wouldn’t do. I came home in 1968 to all the parties going on and the pot being smoked,but no longer had a need to escape anything nor enhance my life with a drug.I was just happy every day to be alive and free.Please don’t try to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about,I’ve been there and done it. I also found I didn’t need it. The point of all this is,people will do what they feel they must do,and that’s fine as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else. All to often innocent people are hurt with drugs and yes, alcohol,through no fault of their own.

    • William Jenkins


      If you were smoking pot in the Nam (most likely Cannibis Indicus), that’s not what we’re talking about here (Cannibis Sativa). You’re comparing apples and oranges. (BTW, I mean no disrespect to you whatsoever. Anyone who came back from the Nam with half a brain gets props from me even if their views aren’t the same as mine. I probably wouldn’t have been able to deal with s**t over there.even with weed) Comparing Indicus (which is, to the best of my experience and backed up by real science, is a hallucinogen, similar to LSD) to Sativa (which was bred for hemp fibers for rope making and gives relief from chronic joint pain and a nice buzz, but nothing like Indicus) is like comparing Old Grand Dad to Coors Lite.

      Once again, no disrespect, dude….
      but the right to disagree about stuff is what made this country worth defending (or in the case of Nam, at least worth serving.) in the first place.

      Peace & Chicken Grease

    • Pothead

      We are close in age, I was a little too young for Nam but have plenty of freinds who went. What I’m going to tell you now is true. I live in Chicago, if you drop a small bag of pot in front of most of these cops they will make you tear it up and throw it down a sewer or grind it into the ground with your foot. Even the police realize what a waste of time it is to backlog the courts with cases that ALWAYS get thrown out. I can see we are not going to agree but thats what makes the world so interesting. Have a great day.


        Pothead,Living in Chicago you must know that the reason the cops wont arrest you for a baggie is that they will have to write a report or go to court and maybe do some work,and that might cut into their doughnut time! Yes,you’re right,we wont agree on this,but maybe there will be an agreement on another issue.Take care.

  • William Jenkins

    It’s about time!

    There are many medical conditions that are as well or better treated by marijuana than by any known pharmaceutical. Weed is a plant, it grows everywhere it’s not actively eradicated, and has fewer serious side effects than most man-made alternatives. Many politicians in office are given huge contributions by the pharmaceutical companies to keep pushing their products. If their DRUG were the best choice for the condition in question, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. EVERY serious medical study to date (this excludes those funded by the medical or pharmaceutical industries or agencies with political agendas) says that marijuana is either less harmful or no more harmful than alcohol.

    I applaud Rep. Cross’ conversion on the subject. I’m just sorry it took something so close, personal and unpleasant for that to happen.

  • William Jenkins

    BTW, I forgot to add: 40% of all LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL believe that weed should, at the very least, be decriminalized! If you don’t believe that, do a little research and LOOK IT UP YOURSELF! I’m not Obama! I don’t have to prove something that ANY idiot should know is true (unless they have no clue as to how the election process works).

  • Injunroses

    I support Marjauana to be legalize.

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