Daley Calls Airplane-Free Northerly Island ‘Fabulous’

CHICAGO (CBS) — Continuing his farewell tour, Mayor Daley points with pride to an airplane-free Northerly Island–once known as Meigs Field.

Aviation aficionados remain outraged over Chicago’s midnight demolition of Meigs Field which hosted business and hobby flyers on the lakefront from 1948 to 2003.

Daley used federal airport improvement money to demolish the field with bulldozed Xs on runways. He used fears of terrorism–aircraft easily flying into Loop skyscrapers-as a pretext for the demolition.

But on Friday, he spoke, not of security, but serenity.

“Northerly Island I love that,” Daley said. “That’s over 100 acres of open space and you should go out there … It is fabulous.”

Daley spoke at a four-acre expansion of the Jarvis Bird Sanctuary, between Belmont and Irving Park along Lake Michigan.

  • Matt K.

    Amazing that no-one was arrested for that? Oh wait – this is Chicago. Their politicians can do whatever they want and the public pays for it. How’s the $4.50 gas treating you – your taxes at work!

  • melvin

    It is what it is enough said .

    • Joe Patroni

      Did they say that about the Holocaust? So, let the government just do whatever it wants under cover of darkness?

  • Renwick Miller

    We should all be pleased that Mayor Daley’s happy with it. Fabulous!

  • bwalsh

    The end result is fabulous. It is wonderful to have a place of such beauty and serenity in the center of a large metropolitan city. He may have achieved this by “questionable” means, but I certainly enjoy walking around and watching the many birds and the water and looking back at the most beautiful skyline anywhere.

    • Joe Patroni

      What morality: The ends justifies the means?

  • T Dub

    You obviously don’t fly! There was nothing like flying in and enjoying a Bears game or just to walk around. Oh yea minus having to drive in all the wonderful traffic downtown!!

  • Dell

    It’s a great spot for everyone now and not some rich turd and his fancy flying machine. Too bad so sad!

    • Joe Patroni

      Nice way to state your position….name calling. Most flying is done with single engine places that are at least 20 years old. Any American with a job and a mosdest income can learn to fly for under $5,000 financed over time….the cost of a 7 year old Camry.

  • dan

    I agree bwalsh and dell. Saw a few concerts there, what a nice place for ALL OF CHICAGO AND BEYOND! Stupid place for an airport that just a privledged few could enjoy and also allow them to miss traffic to see a bears game.

    As spock said “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” Good choice Mr. Mayor


    you spank my 4 dollar gas rights!

  • Liz

    Didn’t President Obama just take a helicopter ride from O’Hare airport to Northernly Island this week?

  • Joe Patroni

    An airport is an investment in the enire communicty and a huge jobs and enonomic generator. Bessie Coleman was a poor African American woman who flew planes. It is not all about a bunch of rich guys. Most pilots are small business owners and middle class people of all stripes. The destructin of Meigs was without due process and if it was correct, why was it done under cover of darkness with planes still parked there?

  • Legato1

    Someone should have been arrested for this Meigs field debacle. Mayor Daley costs Chicago taxpayers money. The fine was about $300,000. the payment did not come out of Daley’s pocket. Chicago’s taxpayers did. Mayor Daley, a thug with a law degree.

    • Tanya Livingston

      AMEN!!!! The whole family….Patrick for clobbering a kid with a baseball bat, his other son for stealing the City’s pension money and his nephew for not being prosecuted.for pushing that kid to the ground. All thugs.

      • Legato1

        I guess Mayor Daley has set a fine example for the family. s/c

  • Legato1

    Maggie Daley’s friend getting a business deal at O Hare airport. Mayor Daleys’ Family and Friends plan. From a Chicago newspaper writer. What’s his name?
    How old are Emanuels children. If they are kids, someone could end up having a lemonaide selling racket. lol

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