Sheriff: Man Killed Pregnant Woman; Didn’t Want To Be Dad

UPDATED 04/29/11 11:28 a.m.

MARKHAM, Ill. (CBS/WBBM) — A pregnant teen from Alsip was murdered by the slain unborn baby’s father and his longtime girlfriend, authorities said Friday.

Authorities said the motive was that the killer didn’t want to father the baby.

Deandre Minkens, 20, of the 300 block of 156th Place in Calumet City, and Shante Thomas, 19, of the 14500 block of Woodlawn Avenue in Dolton, appeared at the Markham Courthouse Friday morning , charged with the murder of Rosemary Newman, 18.

Bond was denied for Minkens and set at $3 million for Thomas.

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Outside the courthouse Friday morning, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart called the murders both cold and calculated.

“I don’t know how to describe it other than tragedy in its worst way. Here you have a mother-to-be – someone who is due to give birth within a week, her first child,” Dart said. “Her mother and her have been preparing for the arrival, and instead, the father of the child conspired with his girlfriend to kill her.”

Prosecutors said on Saturday, Minkens took Newman to dinner while Thomas hid in the front of the car. After the dinner, as Minkens drove Newman home, he allegedly played a song–“I Hate You” by the Sick Puppies–over and over again in the car.

“I hate you when you’re gone; I hate you, turn me on; I hate the way I need you when I don’t know where you are. I love it even more when I find you on the floor. I know you think you hate me but I will always hate you more,” the song’s lyrics go.

The sheriff said when the plan was when the song stopped, Thomas would pop out of the trunk and strangle Newman with a cell phone charger cord

keyframe68 Sheriff: Man Killed Pregnant Woman; Didnt Want To Be Dad

Rosemary Newman (Credit: CBS)

Newman’s family reported her missing after she failed to return home, Cook County Sheriff’s office spokesman Steve Patterson said. But her body was found Sunday morning by a man walking his dog in a forest preserve near Calumet City.

Dart said Newman had been beaten and strangled with a cell phone cord, both inside the car and at the forest preserve.

“The victim valiantly fought; tried very hard to survive. She struggled. The cord broke,” Dart said. “They then beat her. They kept her locked in the car; strangled her some more until she was unconscious.”

Dart said Minkens’ motive in killing Newman was that he didn’t want to father the baby.

  • Ree

    You are correct Gee-reg. Jesse Jackson has nothing to say when black people are killing eachother, but it’s always the white man’s fault no matter what.

    Where is Jesse Jackson when all of this violence is going on? He needs to be talking to these people and tell them they are killing eachother….why…..

    • Jerry

      This is really part of the problem. Jesse should be more outspoken about the problem with the violence in the black community. Rather than blaming the problem on society, the system, bad luck, or the white leaders. Wake up Jesse and Al, your people need you!

      • Joanna

        my thoughts exactly! thank you!

      • Jerry

        @Joanna, You’re welcome, don’t mention it.

  • jason

    Here we go the poor white man b.s. again. Shut up, this young women died from two loose cannon’s and now you want to turn it into a racial thing. I want to see your birth certificate’s I don’t beleieve you both are citizens! White people need to learn about racism because most of you still practice this disease. So you know…I’m White and I’m calling white people out!

    • Shane Truax

      I’m calling racists out!! All of you seem to think it’s so cool to flex and strut…there is a dead young woman here and her unborn child. Grow up and stop acting like the fools who killed them!!

      • Ron

        Damn, the one on the left looks like a beast. Is this really a woman? HaHaHaHa

      • Cracker

        Why is anyone who is not complimentary to the problems with the black community always called a racist? You really need to chill out with this whole racist thing and concentrate more on how you can fix the problems. And it is cool to flex and strut.

    • justme

      thank you Jason! Some people just wait for stories like these to espouse their racial nonsense. If you aren’t a part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

    • Betty Carter

      Thank you!!

    • Lars

      It is a racial thing. You need to pay more attention to the statistics. Young blacks are a vicious bunch. Not all, but most. Just read the news every day, you will see.

  • Shane Truax

    …and you are capable of acting like a fool in front of the world with your racist remarks, good on ya! Gee, what next fly the ‘Stars & Bars’ in front of the house…burn a cross in the southside? How many fools does it take to change a light bulb in Chicago??

    • Tony

      I see nothing racist about Leroy’s comment. You are a fool Shane.

    • Alexander T Brady

      You mistake racism for people’s frustration with the violence. Instead of crying racist, maybe try to solve the problem with YOUR people.

  • Shane Truax

    Goldberg?? Did you learn nothing by growing up Jewish?? Did you lose no one in the Holocaust? What kind of person grows up with fools calling him names and slandering his race only to join them??

  • bigboi

    What the he** does Jesse Jackson have to do with this?… I’m so sick of everything turning into a racial discussion… let’s talk about the fact that this young woman and her baby are gone… color doesn’t matter

  • Anglo-Saxon

    Well, here we go. Just another day. Low life homie’s killing. When will it end? It’s really getting old, reading these stories day in and day out. The black community needs to get it’s sh!t together. Just because people are sick of it, doesn’t make them racist. Black people really need to lighten up with the whole racist thing. We call it like we see it.

    • Gregory

      Yes Anglo, I agree, it is truly out of hand. Where are the black leaders when condemnation of their flock’s actions is so badly needed? I an not at all racist, but I am not blind to the situation either.

  • Truth

    A mother and child are dead and two other lives have been ruined.
    This is a tragedy, not a joke.

  • Testing

    Murder is murder no matter what race. These types of people have an inability to understand the consequences of their actions. I’m not sure if there is a solution.

    • Kerry

      @Testing, I agree completely, These types of people,(black homies) get great pleasure and satisfaction in the spreading of misery on others. The best solution is put them in prison and keep them there, permanently.

  • Chrishawn Young

    What color is innocent blood shed? As I leader in the black community, you don’t have to publicly know my name to know that there is a movement in progress to take back our communities one step at a time. Who are you to judge Cracker, Anglo-Saxon? Your pride is rooted in the demise of the next man; So to me you sound like the Devil. There is no comparison in being human Jerk off! Even with all the crime plaguing the African American community, I would not trade, not even one hour, my identity for yours. Not because you are white but because you are unhappy! However because I know that you are hurting, I will continue to love and pray for your deliverance! As I already constantly do for my own community and the world at large.

    • Anglo-Saxon

      You must have missed the part where I said, just because people are sick of it, doesn’t make them racist. And also, like I said, you really need to lighten up with the whole racist thing, it’s really growing old.

  • You All Are Idiots

    I’m confused why do white people feel Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the speakers and the minds of black people in America? I have never read when some crazy white person is molesting kids and shooting up schoolmates that blacks are saying where is Rush Limbaud and Sarah Palin. Actually from reading so many posts online it shows how ignorant and closed-minded white people are. Any story relating to anyone of color it turns into a race debate or a name calling post war. Guess what white people not all blacks are killers just like all white people are not devils and rapists. It’s a small percentage of the race that are actually this way but the media makes it larger than what it is. Get out and read and experience real life and stop writing hate all over the place you all sound like morons.

    • Anglo-Saxon

      @Confused, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are called on because they are so outspoken when the rare and occasional injustice befalls a black person. I have heard them blame a variety of things for the behavior of black criminals. It’s society, white people, the system, or the police. Never the fault of the black community, or the parents. You never, ever hear white’s taking that stance. The people you refer to as, ignorant and closed-minded, are just simply fed up with it. It’s not about hate at all. The only thing that turns it into a war of words, is the people crying racist. Such a huge percetage of young black men are involved in crime, it’s hard to distinguish who is good and who is a vicious killer.

      • White Citizen

        Thank you Mr. Anglo, even the dumbest of the dumb should get it now. Excellent post, I think you speak for most of us crackers. HaHaHa

  • Leroy Goldberg

    I love these stories. People engaging in the lively art of conversation. Discussing the news of the day. Marvelous.

  • RTC

     And just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more; And you will certainly give attention to his place, and he will not be. 11 But the meek ones themselves will possess the earth, And they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace. (Psalm 37:10-11)

    • Alexander T Brady

      What the hell kind of babble is that?

  • SouthSideDiva

    If this sorry p.o.s. didn’t want to become a father, then he should have walked away. The woman would have done alright without a father in the picture; but no. He had to kill her and the unborn child and dumped her body like a piece of garbage in the forest preserves. I hope he and his other girlfriend may forever rot in hell for what they done. Anyone can be a parent, but it takes a REAL MAN to be a father.

    • Joanna

      thank you for saying that!! everyone on here is making their judgemental comments and have lost sight of the fact that this was a young girl, close to having her child, that was murdered by an immature p.o.s. Who cares about color? I hope this man and his girlfriend burn!!

  • mike

    “If he didn’t want to be a father he should have walked away” GREAT ATTITUDE !!! Let’s walk away from responsibility….JUST LIKE A LOT OF BLACK GUYS DO!!!! Make someone pregnant and than leave!!! That’s one of the BIG problems in the “African_American” community no regard for anything except their own pleasure! And they want RESPECT!!! This is the kind of thing that makes responsible Blacks cringe. And STUPID RYAN abolishes the death penalty!!! These morons certainly deserve execution. Their complete disregard for Human life is pathetic and disgusting. Some one will comment about their rights. What about the RIGHTS OF THE VICTIM??? These animals will ask for mercy when they GAVE NONE! Spare me your liberal garbage.

    • Joanna

      And Quinn abolished the death penalty, not Ryan. Ryan only put it on hold (moratorium).

    • Joanna

      @mike – I don’t think her comments were directed to the black community, but to all men in general. Look at Scott Peterson; didn’t he murder his wife and dump her body? I agree with her; I would rather have him walk away than kill me. I’m sure you are a responsible person, but sometimes, it is just better to walk away.

  • Joanna

    Please people!! Focus!! This girl was 18 years old!!! Who cares what color she is??? These two people murdered two innocents and they knew that they could do this, in this state, because there is no death penalty. Of course they will get theirs in the FINAL judgement, but in the meantime, they will be enjoying the accommodations provided by the state of illinois at our expense. So let us give a BIG thanks to GOVERNOR QUINN for removing the death penalty and allowing this p.o.s to committ such heinous crimes!!!

  • mike

    You’re right Joanna my mistake . It was dumb-ass Quinn not Ryan. My other views still hold even though you’re right about Scott Peterson. This case reminds me of Rae Carruth. Remember him? He was that dumb-ass that had his pregnant girlfriend killed because he was too cheap to provide for her and HIS child. What made his case so pathetic was he was a MILLIONAIRE NFL FOOTBALL PLAYER!!! PATHETIC!!! There is a culture of responsibility avoidance in the African -American community…sorry but it’s true.

    • latonya

      See this is the problem with most people and even the news. All these racists people turning an issue to race. So let me get this straight. The person who started the post (Jason) are tired of black people pulling the race card but he started the race argument. Mike wants to show how theres avoidance of responsiblity in black communities. First mike I think you are a little confused. There has been a rise in single caucasian mothers over the last five years. They as well dont receive child support and yes these are caucasian males. This issue is not only a BLACK COMMUNITY issue as people think. For example, did some of you white I think were supreme people know there are more white people getting food stamps than black people. That’s not what they show on the news. It has been a proven fact the news shows 82% of impovershment and violence in the black neighborhood and only show 10% of a positive black community. So theres nothing wrong in Jasons eyes that most of the school shootings come from white kids. My main point is we can point fingers at what race does what but two fingers can be pointed back at you . Theres crime in white neighborhoods as well as minority neighborhoods. The minority community crimes are showcased more. You people who believe white people are better than black and don’t have issues to address in your own communities are far from clueless. The same line of thinking aided the use of meth in white communties when the same people thought only black youth were the only ones using drugs and not knowing it was your own kids. Im a young black female who went to a predominately white school and i can tell you i have seen so many white kids pop different kinds of pills they call party pills. I pray for the young woman who was murdered family. Like some posters responded this is about what was done to her not the color. It’s a shame a twenty-four year older has more sense than some of these people are call themselves adults but are more like thirty-five year old kids.

      • latonya

        sorry jason meant to put anglo-saxons name

  • mike

    “Theres crime in white neighborhoods as well as minority neighborhoods. The minority community crimes are showcased more”

    B.S. There IS crime in white areas for sure,nobody’s denying that. The reason Black crime is “showcased more” is because THER’S SO MUCH MORE OF IT!!!! Saying that it’s “showcased more” is just another denial of responsibility. At the very least I can walk through a WHITE neighborhood at 3am and NOT WORRY…can you say the same thing about whwer YOU LIVE LATONYA????

    • Alexander T Brady

      @Mike, I an in total agreement with you. As long as people like Latonya, are unwilling to accept the reality of things, the problem with the black community will never be solved. Denial of responsibility will only allow the problem to fester like a disease.

  • Annette

    We knew Rosemary as a young girl. She lived on our block and would come to play with our kids. She was always respectful and very nice. She and her baby did not deserve this. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

    The facts are two people were murdered in a brutal and heartless way. No matter what their color or race, these savage murderers have no respect for life what so ever. Hopefully the law will do their job and they will pay for what they have done to two beautiful souls.

    We should all be praying for peace for Rosemary, her baby and their family.

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