9/11 Victim’s Brother: Why Was Bin Laden Buried So Fast?

NILES, Ill. (CBS) — While the nation celebrates the news of Osama bin Laden’s death, it provides just small comfort to those who lost loved ones on Sept. 11, 2001.

George Talhami of Niles lost his twin brother in the World Trade Center that day. He said bin Laden’s death reopened wounds, and made him question why the body was dispensed with so quickly.

“The way the United States handles it sometimes doesn’t make sense,” Talhami said. “They seem to have already buried this guy and done what they’ve wanted with his body without really showing anybody anything; just coming on the air one day out of the blue and letting us all know they supposedly killed this gentleman.”

He said the choice to bury bin Laden at sea has denied Americans the opportunity to see proof that U.S. forces really caught him.

“I wish that they would not bury this guy or put him out to sea. I sort of feel like they should have kept his body and maybe brought it home to show everybody that they killed him, as opposed to pictures and all this other stuff that they’re going to do propaganda-wise to show us they got this gentleman,” Talhami said.

U.S. officials say they matched bin Laden’s DNA with that of his sister to confirm his identity, and that he was buried at sea both in keeping with his faith, and because the nation didn’t want to give him a memorial site.

 Talhami but questions why bin Laden deserved to have a burial in keeping with his faith.

“I sort of believe they did get him, but why give him any just cause? Why are they treating him like a normal person when he’s not?” Talhami said.

U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., says sinking bin Laden’s body at sea was a sound strategy.

 “We denied al Qaeda a burial site, a meeting ground,” he told reporters Monday night.

  • Truth

    They should have brought his carcass here and fed it to the hogs.

  • Hobo with a shotgun

    they should have brought
    his carcass so i can sleep in it tonight.

  • Keep a Cool Head at all Costs

    We’re not the infidels that extremists would have the world believe. We are a civilized society which doesn’t parade dead bodies around in the street or for tv cameras. Burying the body within 24 hours is in keeping with Islamic faith. There are plenty of patriotic Muslims who are also Americans…why insult them?? Why would you want to incite more violence and hatred for Americans overseas by flaunting Islam?? Nothing could be profited by that.

    • Truth

      Is there such a thing as a PIG FISH ?

    • Denver Deadite

      “why insult them??”

      Because people apparently prefer to appear as low on the human totem pole as the extremists and terrorists themselves in the name of revenge.

      • Denver Deadite

        Well, maybe you can enlighten us with the ‘truth’ of your your last comment, which didn’t even make sense.

        Oh, and after you have those few drinks tonight, feel free to find a bridge to fall off of. The world could use a little bit less of your kind of ‘truth’.

      • Truth

        WOW what a moron. Don’t put words in mouth preacher.

      • Truth

        Both of you need to grow a pair. I am so happy that this bazzturd is dead I think I’ll have a few drinks tonight. Go cry in your milk sisboys.

      • Denver Deadite

        No, it’s people like you, “Truth”, that have gotten us to the point where we have to worry about the terrorist boogeyman. Because you’re too stupid to realize that a simple bit of respect goes a long way.

        If you think we’re going to win the war on terror by bombing it out of existence, then your definition of ‘truth’ is about as warped as bin Laden’s.

  • kiki

    I dont think his body should have been disposed so quickly. We should have

    been able to see his body.

    • eman

      We will don’t worry.

    • Idjr


  • Natia

    I donot feel we should have disposed of the body so soon. I feel we the people

    deserved to see his body.

  • Say What

    What do you want, his body put on parade all over the US with his head on a stick? The fact that the US can show a little humanity in affording this monster a burial at sea in accordance to his faith is what makes us different from them.

  • cbailey

    Why respect this man’s religion, when he had no respect for anyone else’s religion. I think that he should have been cremated, then his ashes scattered over the ocean.

  • cmon now

    Does anyone truly believe his body was buried at sea?
    C’mon, now.
    Our military/CIA has it, sealed and secure.
    U.S. had to say they acted in accordance with Islamic customs, but don’t think for a second they really just dumped the remains in the ocean.

  • Doug

    Here we go! Jump on it, Birthers! The monster isn’t really dead! Come on, Donald, tell us the truth. We need you.

  • bill

    Obama said he is dead, so it must be true. He would never lie to us.

  • Mad American

    They should have brought his body to U.S. soil, burned it. Then buried it at sea by way of the toilet !!!!!!! His religious rights honored. Why???? This guy enjoyed killing people, lots of people at one time. Sometimes I’m ashamed of what America has turned out to be. All for Government and Corporations. What about the People for the People ????????

  • peter scott

    they should have used his head as the hood orniment on obamas caddilac limosine, because hes the king of new york!

  • Vote for Obama

    Here is the thing. Obama was tanking in the polls for 2012 election. Wow what a campaign. ” VOTE FOR OBAMA, HE GOT OSAMA!” Convenient is it not.

    • Mario Brothers

      Well, then maybe Trump should have spent some of he’s $$$ and get the guy. Or Bush, Palin, Bachmann etc…..oh well they didn’t!
      Great job Mr President! Awesome job our troops!
      Look at you guys. It took you only few hours to start your whining and complaining that Osama’s dead and you didn’t see his body…

  • Reality Check

    The people that are asking if we should put Bin Laden’s head on a stick, or tramp his body through the streets, kill the drama. I don’t think it is that horrible for people to ask for physical evidence to prove he is actually dead. 9/11 happened because of miscommunication from our government and them not telling the Americans the whole story. Some 9/11 victims were not able to have any closure because they did not have a body to bury. So for people to ask for physical proof makes it less surreal.Don’t even go religious with it or compare the Americans to the Islams. People like you is what makes America too delicate.

    • Ken Plaza

      Why bother to call him a “Gentleman?” He is sure hell ain’t no Gentleman! He killed innocent people for no reasons. Yes, I would like to see picture of his carcass, too. I want proof!

      • John

        He killed innocent people for no reasons

        Nowhere near as many people as Bush!

      • Mark

        @John, this is great news for all Americans and you respond with partisan attacks? You’re sick!

  • Arjay

    I think it’s the US govt. up to their old “smoke and mirrors” stories again. Next we’ll hear reports of Bin laden’s unknown twin brother seeking revenge,like on the soap operas.

    • Truth

      Arjay, I’ll bet your one of those “the moon landing was faked” birther idiots.

  • LarryE

    They should have dragged his filthy body throught the streets just like they did with the Americans they captured and tortured. Or beheaded, like the Americans they captured and tortured and even taped the beheading. He did not represent Islam, he was Satan personified.

  • Truth


  • Thump

    ” Keep a Cool Head at all Costs “, Denver Deadite and Say What , are all an example of people who use more than the ” T ” , in the word ” THINK.” These are the winners in our society. The ” Truth ” kind of peeps , are our bitter losers.

  • Hooray for America

    I agree with “Thump” 100%, It seems that we as Americans need to take this situation as well as others to come and be more civilized about our apporoach. History teaches us that we were once a thriving Country with good morals. This is a turning point in our life where we need to rise and hold our ground, otherwise we’ll fall the like the romans. No need to parade because we killed a man like “Truth” the extremist republican christian hillbilly who’s obviously a follower and repeats only what he hears.

  • Bill S.

    Hail to the Chief !!! Excellent work, Barrack !!

  • Hooray for America

    Its great to have won this battle, we should now focus on winning the battle at our borders to rid of the nevereending battle of drugs comming into this country. We need to desperately rid of drugs to make these american youths look forward to something other than their next hit. We need to fix problems here in the U.S. before our economy implodes into the next great depression. If we were once a great nation with morals struggling through the great depression, can you imagine how we’ll be when we get overpopulated ghettos and lots of greedy middle class loosng everything……. Lets be curtious to our neighbor and start contributing to society and our economu…. LETS RISE

  • Saddle

    Enough,,,,enough. I would have like being convince.

  • j

    why should he get the benefit of being burried at sea ,he should have been put inn a drone plane and put down in Pakastan like they didn’t know he was there right, lets stop giving Pakastan money enough is enough. This is an insult to the famlies that lost someone in 9/11,he is still laughing at us.

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