Daley’s Pension Plan Renews Calls For Reform

CHICAGO (WBBM) — There are renewed calls for changes in the way government pensions are funded in Illinois, following a report on the kind of pensions Mayor Richard M. Daley is in line for.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports, two weeks from Tuesday, Mayor Daley will begin collecting government pensions totaling nearly $184,000 a year.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports

WBBM 780 reported first last week that more than $117,000 of the mayor’s pension will come from the State of Illinois pension system, and $66,000 will come from the City of Chicago pension fund.

The mayor has chosen to obtain his government pension under the Illinois Retirement Systems Reciprocal Act.

In other words, all his government service is being combined into one lump—nearly 40 years, instead of getting separate pensions from every government body he worked for.

In 1991, Daley transferred his nearly 7.5 years of service credit as Cook County state’s attorney and more than $98,000 in contributions to the General Assembly Retirement System.

The mayor is also taking advantage of a rule that was in effect for legislators in office before 1994 which allows him to base his state pension on his last government salary. In this case, it’s based on his $216,000 salary as mayor of Chicago.

Jim Tobin, president of National Taxpayers United Illinois, says it’s unfair to put the burden of paying for Daley’s and other government workers’ pensions on state income tax payers and Chicago property tax payers.

Tobin said it appeared that Mayor Daley will celebrate his retirement by “retiring in luxury as he enjoys his double-dipping pension.”

  • Bill

    Do as I say,Don’t do as I do! I think he also said,we all need to sacrifice in these hard economic times.Also,I am a public servant.What sacrifices has he made and what does he think the taxpayers owe him??He serves himself well from the taxpayers trough!His family has historically lived off the taxpayer!They are entitled!

  • Jim

    This is a perfect example of how broken our system is. $184k/year can put food in a lot of hungry mouths, lower the tax burden, pay off our national debt, etc, but it goes to a greedy politician that sold out our city. Remember…this is only 1 person; how many politicians are out there? The politicians are the root of all evil. They tell us to pay more taxes, sacrifice and take service cuts; yet they will not look at themselves in the mirror and fix the real problem. They need to lead by example, not tell unions to sacrifice when they are staying fat and happy. I am not endorsing unions, nor am I for them, but politicians are a much larger problem than unions. Remember a time when politicians used to work for the people? I don’t either…

  • steven

    He should be in prison

    • Ronnie B

      You are a moron Steven. There are thousands of people getting pensions just like the mayor. He served the city well and now he get to retire just like everyone else. There is no story here just Chicago media stirring the pot.


        Ronnie B,Are you saying that $ 506.10 a day,each and every day,every year is reasonable for anybody to get on a pension? What do you think is the average daily income for the average retired person anywhere? Do you make $506.84 a day? As far as Richie is concerned,how much money do think he has stashed away over the years he has been in office? Do you think his million $ home in Michigan on the lakefront was paid for on the wages of the common folk that paid his salary every year? The fact that “There are thousands of people getting pensions just like the mayor” is the biggest reason the city of Chicago,Cook County,and the State of Ill-repute are all going bankrupt and can’t pay their bills! Pensions yes,scams and stealing no!

      • Southside

        My pension after 30 years of public service to the city of Chicago (after taxes and insurance premiums) will be $3753.72 per month.

      • ME POPO

        If you were receiving social security you would max out at 2,366 a month!

      • Gee-reg

        He served his friends and familly well by stealing millions from the city

  • Jerry

    Who elected (and continue to elect) the people who write the laws that create / allow this kind of abuse? Keep electing more liberals and see how much better the finances get. How many years of HISTORY do you need to realize their answer to EVERYTHING is to TAKE our money and distributr it to themselves and others in the name of fairness?

  • Betty

    I wonder if Maggie’s mammograms will be covered with her retirement health care from the city, because mine aren’t. Yes, there is a law in Illinois to have them covered, but the city as a self-insured group “opted out” so we have no preventative care with my husband’s retirement coverage. Less pension money to pay if we die sooner, I guess.

  • Jerry

    Simple as taxpayers we are being raped once more!

  • Do unto others....

    It’s funny how Daley and Rob Emanual want to cut if not even get rid of city pensions. Would that include theirs, god forbid that time comes. Keep taxing the hard middle class workers for every thing the dart lands on the board. But as long as the government raises keep coming in. Hey hire people to work for the government. People need jobs and clearly this area of work is not taking a hit in anyway. Was the government voted one of the top 10 places to work.

    • Jerry

      Yep, did you noticed in these times of cutbacks our wonderful legislators increased our state income tax 75% because we are so in the red they had no choice, then our compasionate governor hired over 900 more people.


        Jerry,Keep in mind,our compassionate governor hired those 900 more people because it was payback time,some of his cronies and relatives needed jobs,and the number one reason is he needs another 900 voters for the next election so he can continue his scam on the people of Illinois,The Land of Ill-Repute! Don’t blame me for his scams,I didn’t vote for the thief!

  • Saundra Brown

    And I’m having a time trying to round off my retirement pension to a mere $5000 a month after 44 years of teaching from pre-K to the college level. This does not make sense!! Mayor Daley should adopt some teachers and help their retirement pension payments.

  • Chicago

    The people in the State of Illinois need to realize that it’s the politicians that are the cause of the pension problems.
    Daley is just one example of this.
    It’s NOT the Policeman or Fireman that have worked for 30 years with only one pension that is stealing from this corrupt system.

  • Jim

    Why don’t politicians get the equivalent to minimum wage? If they feel that you can live off of that then they should be able to also.

  • Rick

    what a Liar he is he contradictes everything hes says. The Politicians are ruining this state they are all for themselves. I hope he goes to prison

  • MJB

    Welcome to Illinois…. Democrates and Unions….. Makes you Proud

  • MJB

    Note to mention the ex govenors and politicians that are goinng to prison or are in Prison

    • John

      Do you ever proofread your comments?

  • working man

    Hay M J B we have a good life in the U.S.A because of unions. with out them some rich S.O.B.s would haveyou working for $20 a day.

  • billy

    give me a break, he worked for city mayor for 20 years and made 200k per year, that is nothing. if he were cep of a fortune 500 firm for 20 years he would have been made millions annually, give the mayor a break he deserves his pension for being underpaid all those years!!

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