Man Who Kicked Wife, Sent Baby Over Balcony, Gets 21 Years

CHICAGO (STMW) — Jeremiah Elijah Williams was only 5 weeks old when the man who claimed to be his father sent the newborn crashing to his death from a third-story porch.

On Tuesday, Jason Range was sentenced to 21 years in prison for the 2009 incident that stemmed from a heated argument between Range and his wife, Jeremiah’s mother.

Range’s wife had confronted her husband, possibly to tell him she was moving out of their apartment in the 8200 block of South Maryland, police said at the time.

During the argument, she grabbed a car seat with Jeremiah inside. Range kicked his wife — causing the car seat to fall from the third-floor railing and the baby to fall out of the seat and hit the ground, authorities said.

Although Range told police he was Jeremiah’s father, the boy’s mother said another man fathered the child. That man, D’Angelo Smith, also said the baby was his.

Smith said it was hard for him to accept the fact that he cannot hold the child again.

“He was only five weeks old. His life had just begun,” Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Nina Ricci said, reading from Smith’s victim-impact statement.

“Life has been so different and difficult. It has been very hard to continue as if nothing happened. I can’t get the image out of my head, seeing my child in a coffin as well as burying him. No parent should have to do this.”

Range, 22, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, aggravated domestic battery and battery.

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  • Freezerburnt

    ..And the “Father of The Year” award nomination goes to…

  • chicagoannie

    Yet ANOTHER case of a woman getting with a man who was NOT the father of her child(ren).

    Women – do your job as mothers – keep your kids safe, raise them right and make them your priority. Don’t bring unrelated men into their lives. You have many years to run around AFTER your kids are grown.

    • JA

      You’re right, chicagoannie–women should be forced to either stay with the father of their children or live alone until their children are older. Well said!

      • carey

        Force a woman to stay with a man just because she had a baby with him?? Seriously?? That’s a crazy thought!!!!! In this situation, it doesn’t matter who’s baby it was, the poor innocent baby was killed!!

      • Chichic

        What does that have to do with ANYTHING??!!!! why would I want to grow into an old bitter hag like both of you’s?

        chicagoannie: sometimes even the RELATED men in the family harm the children. ever heard of incest? sexual molestation from uncles, cousins? keep your stupid comments to yourself.

        JA: i’d like to see you being forced to stay with the father of your children even if he beats on you and cheats.

        the point was a baby was murdered, no matter who the father was or who the mother was sleeping with.

  • JA

    Thank you for your amazingly thoughtful words, Leroy.

  • chicagoannie

    And….21 years in jail is far too little time for killing a child. Baby Jeremiah’s life expectancy would have been 76 years…that’s the sentence Range should serve.

    • MIMI

      That’s absurd! You are suggesting that the young man intentionally did harm to the child. Why did both men believe the child was his ? What incited the anger which lead to the child’s death? What could have both of these two people done differently on that day? The mother was a liar as well as a cheater-CLEARLY. What a great example she is as a mother. I’m not negating what happened, it was tragic but the fact that his sentence was so extreme had nothing to do with justice and evrything to do with him not having a paid attorney!

      • Ed Gould


        What difference does it make who the father is/was. The kid was a living human being. He deserved to live just like you. The fatherhood of the kid should have been settled in court with a DNA test. The mother was not an innocent bystander in the mess either. She should have been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter.

        She was the instigator in the mess. She was responsible for keeping the baby safe.

  • Tom

    To the people who wrote the above comments. Think about the baby. Forget the mother and this fool who may or may not be the father, who will be out of prison before he’s 50. PS- Leroy Goldberg. I hope that something far worse then falling off a balcony happens to you.

  • Cheryl Nichols Broughton

    Why was the baby’s carseat on or near the railing to begin with!??!

  • tom sharp

    Let’s just hope this thing didn’t reproduce. He should be sterilized and locked up for life. The fact that he can be out of jail in about 10 years again begs for the death penalty.

  • dante

    Wow 21 years he should have gotten death.And that poor child may god hold him in his arms for ever more rest in peace sweet child


    GET A LIFE .

  • cmorr31

    “…but that comes as no surprise..” Just what is THAT supposed to mean??

  • cmorr31

    “…but that comes as no surprise..” And just is THAT supposed to mean??

  • carey

    This is a very rude comment!! It’s not just a womans responsibility to prevent pregnancy!! There are ways that RESPONSIBLE, REAL men can prevent this from happening!!! You however, are probably not one!!!! Take that & keep it in your pants!!!!!!

    • carey

      This is meant for LEROY!!!!!

    • Pothead

      Leroy’s right, there are no REAL men over there. Just a bunch of thug gangster rapper wannabes. When all they’ll really ever get is 3 hots and a cot.

    • Tammy

      Any woman who chooses to be sexually active, and is not ready for a baby, should be on birth control. No excuses, that IS the woman’s responsibility.

  • carey

    My comment is for Leroy.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    Real men??? Giving them too much credit by calling them men carey.

  • Centurion

    QUINN HAS GOT TO GO! This leftover piece of rat droppings needs to be on a gurney with needles in his arm. Who needs the death penalty when we can feed this piece of garbage and let him hang with his homies for the next 20 years

  • iris

    Let me see now, hopefully this baby could have lived to 70 or 80 plus years.
    This jerk gets 21 years, he’s 22 so when he gets out he will be 43 years old. I say he should have gotten life without parole. My opinion..

  • Sean

    Pothead…lol..I love your name…lol…

  • dan

    Sad about the innocent child-the real problem here is the black vag!na spitting out too many kids with multiple fathers. Yes I know hispanic vag!nas have a similar issue and even white vag!nas but by far and large there are just too many black children born without proper family structure.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    It’s a known fact that the black vagina has a constant need to be filled. The black vagina is also not choosey when it comes to filling it.

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