Police: 11-Year-Old Boy Holds Up Store With Knife

KINGSBURY, Ind. (AP) – Authorities in northern Indiana say an 11-year-old boy wearing a hooded sweat shirt and brandishing a knife robbed a convenience store of $60.

Police say he fled on foot but was arrested while running toward his home. The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department told The Associated Press it had no information on charges Tuesday.

The Family Express store is near Kingsbury, about 15 miles southeast of Michigan City.

The department tells the South Bend Tribune the boy entered the store Monday evening, walked around for about 15 minutes and used the bathroom.

They say he went up to a store clerk with a knife in his hand, and she took a money tray from the register and put it on the counter. They say the boy took $60 before fleeing.

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  • Arjay

    I think the police should let the store clerk kick his dumb ass,and THEN send him to adult prison. I wonder how many minutes he would last.

    • a m


  • Hal

    Aw man and the clerk didnt even have a gun to shoot him–now our tax’s will pay for his attorney–his hospitalization and if sent to prison his room and board for god only know how long–then some other poor soul will either be robbed or killed and it starts all over

  • GrammarCop

    the problem with dimwhitz idea is that the parents are already out of the picture I.E. Prison, deadbeat dads/crackhead moms, etc

  • f-money

    stfu keith

  • hoosier looser

    Why is there a skull and crossbones front plate on that cop car in the pic ???

    • Ricky Bobby

      Because he likes to party…

  • Maria

    why all the racist comments?!?! No where in the article did they mention race. But, I pray for the young man, no one but him and God really know why he felt that he needed to rob. I pray him and his family all the best. Much love and God Bless!!!

    • John

      It said he had a hooded sweatshirt on, proof enough for any racist loser.

      • Jamall

        What is your problem?

    • Gregg

      Yes, you support the little gangster. How about praying for 7 years in youth detention, and then adult prison?

  • jo koll

    He’s already on his way to being Indiana’s best and brightest

  • shiverzzzz

    I know the young man. His parents are wholesome christian people who are very involved in his life. There is structure in the house. The parents are educated people who are not unlike your typical American family. He has problems and needs real treatment.
    It honestly disgusts me to see the judgements being doled out by you pius cowards sitting behind your computers. You see a story on the news and think that you can just diagnosse the situation based off of the few lines of text. You don’t even have a glimpse into what is really going on here.
    What he did was deplorable. I agree with that. But you can’t say much more than that if you don’t know.
    I implore that you all stop ripping into this and pray for all iinvolved.

    Keep in mind that this is an eleven year old. He is sitting alone in a room, scared about what is happening. Put your own child in that same situation (in your mind) and think about how you would respond. I know I would be livid for sure. But I would also be scared, ambarrassed, feeling like a failure as a parent (regardless of how much I have in fact put into my position as a parent), feel like my trust in my child had been broken, and would just want for it all to go away. So please just lay off, and pray. Just pray.

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