Quinn Has No Plan To Cut Gas Tax

CHICAGO (CBS) — Once again, Chicagoans are paying more for gasoline than any place else in the United States. The average price for a gallon is now $4.45. More than a few drivers are wondering why pump prices keep rising and they don’t want complicated explanations for industry analysts.

Many of them, reports CBS 2’s Mike Parker, want the government to do something.

Pizza deliveryman Jerome Streeter spent seven hours making food runs all afternoon, burned up $40 in gas, and has barely made enough in tips to cover the cost. He thinks Gov. Pat Quinn should take a cue from former Gov. George Ryan.

During the spring gas price crisis of 2000, when a gallon cost $2.13 Ryan railed that “Nowhere in America are people getting squeezed more by high gas prices than they are right here.”

Ryan then ordered a six-month rollback of the state’s sales tax on gasoline.

Currently, drivers pay 19 cents a gallon in state tax–in addition to county (6 cents/gallon in Cook County) and federal taxes (about 18 cents/gallon.) Plus, cities and towns impose their own taxes–in Chicago it’s 5 cents. Also, Illinois imposes a 6.5 percent sales tax on top of the gasoline tax.

That adds up to about 60 cents per gallon in taxes.

“I think something like that should go on,” said pizza man Streeter, “these state taxes, man, it’s just ridiculous.”

Motorist Eric McCauley calls a rollback “an excellent idea. It’d be nice if they did it now with prices going up.”

On Tuesday, Quinn brushed the idea aside without comment. He said he wants, instead, to pass legislation enlarging the role of the utility watchdog group he helped found.

“I think we should use the power of the Citizens Utility Board … give them the ability to look at oil prices,” Quinn said.

Quinn did not raise the most obvious problem with a rollback, the multi-billion dollar Illinois budget deficit.

One motorist we spoke with did raise the issue, however.

“I thought the government was broke. How can we give away money if we’re broke?”

The 2000 tax rollback cost the state, an estimated $175 million in lost revenue.

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  • ronnyo

    Then more loss of jobs–for the city for sure! You guys need to really pay attention now!

  • ony

    Quinn is an a-hole he’s not getting my vote on his reelection year in 2014! its seems so far from now but I won’t forget

  • bob

    There’s no way Quinn’s going to do anything to help the gas price crisis. He just raised taxes to pay for pension increases and pay raises for public workers. Look at all the towns now that the elections are over. Pay increase stories every day in the news for public workers. Driving allowances for dept heads will get increased soon but we won’t hear anything about that. Currently many towns give these clowns nearly $700 a month regardess if they drive their vechicles for the town/city or not. They get to keep it. So with the gas prices skyrocketing they’ll most likely increase it so their pals don’t have to pay anything out of pocket to drive to work or go out to lunch.

  • Smash Crasher

    Democratic IDIOTS. Just keep pulling that “D” lever you fools. I guess a 69% income tax increase wasn’t enough to steal what little money you have left, was it? Just think, when you’re scrimping by in retirement, the parasites YOU ELECTED will be collecting their hundred thousand a year pensions while you’re eating cat food. You Democratic clowns in Illinois deserve to be penniless. You deserve to die broke. You deserve to live like hand-to-mouth little rodents, scurrying for that last morsel. You deserve to live paycheck-to-paycheck. How stupid can you be? You’ve been raped by these lying corrupt politicians for 100 years and still going strong.

    You are the most politically IGNORANT electorate in the country other than Delaware, whose similar morons also elected a majority of Democrats. You elected these leeches. Now live with it you pathetic, ignorant feeble-minded lemmings.

    • Monica

      I agree with you 100%. Unfortunately, because of these Democratic idiots – who will vote for the Quinn’s & Obama’s again – make us realistic people suffer as well. As long as the media stays liberal, these idiots will not have a mind of their own & realize what they’ve done.

  • Clay Denton

    The real story here is the speculation in oil futures that is increasing the price even while supplies are up. Do you guys report that? No – the “Culture Wars” and “tax outrage” are a much bigger audience draw. I don’t know who you reporters can sleep at night when you’ve allowed NBC news to become the Jerry Springer Show.

  • Jim

    With his track record I’m shocked Quinn hasn’t RAISED the gas taxes and made up some stupid excuse for it such as “we need to maintain our superiority in tax distribution and distance ourselves from the other states in taxation responsibilities”. I agree that oil speculators are the #1 issue, but some are/were hoping that the state can throw us a bone!

  • Vicky

    Brady carried all but three precincts in the last election……2 were small precincts downstate and the numbers were close, but in the Chicago/Crook County precinct it was carried by a large margin. Now you know where the dead (and brain-dead) voters are on election day.

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