Quinn To Fight Efforts To Pass Concealed-Carry Gun Law

CHICAGO (CBS) — Gov. Pat Quinn on Tuesday vowed to fight any type of legislation that would allow Illinois residents to carry concealed weapons in public.

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At a news conference surrounded by gun control advocates and survivors of gun violence, Quinn said he would veto any concealed-carry bill.

Quinn said he has campaigned against allowing “private citizens carrying loaded concealed handguns in public places .. I don’t think it’s healthy.”

Supporters of concealed carry rights say the legislation would be a deterrent to crime.

  • Jim

    A criminal vowing to fight our right to bear arms? He must be trying to pay off the gangs for their votes too!

  • srdib

    what a joke this state is. cops cant protect us, let good and true citizens take care of themselves. show me one state that has had a problem with concealed carry since the law was passed in that state? NONE. and this bozo of a gov says he doesnt trust the citizens to carry a weapon? maybe we shouldnt be trusted to vote for a clown like this again, either!

  • Tax Paying Disabled Vet

    Let Gov Quinn and the other (FAT CATS) give up there security details, or have them just carry pepper spray, and a whistle. Let them scream out stop crook, when something happens to them because, they have the same protection the citizens have. Then we can seriously come to the table a talk about this, because all of us will be equal. The criminal element never sleeps or go on vacation, the police can’t be everywhere at all times. So Pat Quinn be brave and save the citizens of Illinois, after all it’s your job.

  • Mr. Justice

    We don’t care what you think Quinn. You were hired by the citizens of this state to do what we want, not what you want. The vast majority of citizens what Conceal Carry here in IL. We have the right to protect ourselves according the the 2nd Amendment. Why do you think there is so much crime in Chicago and in IL? It is because the police can not be there in time. Thus, the thugs have their way with murder, robbery, rape, etc. How can this idiot be against Conceal Carry when 48 other states have conceal carry? The state of Wisconsin actually has a form of open carry for their citizens, though they don’t advertise it. WAKE UP PEOPLE ! The police do their best, but they cannot be there prior to the crime happening.

    • Dan Hoboken

      48 States? I wasn’t aware that there were that many. So what makes this state any different? Do we have a lower crime rate than the other 48? Do we have more Police protection? Oh, wait a minute … We have an idiot for a governor!

      • Mr. Justice

        Dan, thank you for your comments. You are correct we have an idiot for a governor. Unfortunately, the Communist State of Illinois, also known as the “nanny state” thinks they know what is best for the citizens. I believe most of us on here are against gun violence or violence of any kind. However, when one is faced with violence, one should be able to protect oneself, family, and property. The arrogance of Quinn, Daley, Rahm, and the many other politicians that have their own security details, is past amazing.

  • Mimi Biskus

    We already have too many guns on the streets and a lot are already concealed.

    • PoeticJustice

      So all of these guns that are on the street, are concealed among the thugs we meet. You care not that they carry a glock, while the law-abiding cannot walk the block. Wondering whether that thug will shoot, may leave your loved one in a suit.

      Dressed for a funeral.

  • Joe

    Mimi, your a goof. I’m glad that I didn’t vote for Mr. Potatoe Head.

  • Ponder This

    The ancient right of self defense is basic and does not owe its existence to a popularity contest vote. The same is true of the fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms for self defense and other lawful purposes. Evidently Governor Pat Quinn does not believe in these protected rights.

    • Mr. Justice

      You are correct! How can these stinking politicians and some judges totally disregard the 2nd Amendment? I hope others will join me and thousands of other citizens, by joining the Illinois State Rifle Association. I am presently not a member, but I did call their office less than 30 minutes ago, notified them of this story, and told them I would be sending a check and membership application down to them this afternoon. IT IS TIME FOR US TO TAKE BACK THAT WHICH IS OURS !

  • Junior

    Maybe the Gov. should have his security detail leave thier weapons behind. What makes him any better than the people who elected him? So Quinn gets to have the peace of mind that he has the protection of handguns where ever he goes,but,the rest of the residents ,,,,, well,,,,,, you dont!! This is why I moved to Indiana 5 years ago. Oh by the way,, I have a permit to carry and we’re doing just fine over here.

    • Mr. Justice

      @ Junior. Great comments! I guess you were the smart one in moving over to Indiana. I hope to move over there within two or three years. I am so sick of the politics here in IL and the arrogance that these politicians have that they are better than anyone else. Glad you have your CCW. I have my Utah Non Resident CCW, and strap on as soon as I drive across the line. Tell your IL friends and relatives to contact their State Representatives and State Senators and tell them to vote for CCW here in Illinois. Much appreciated.


    I guess some one at CBS doesn’t like my comments to Gov. Quinn on this issue.They have disallowed 3 of my posts now,lets see if they will post this one!

  • Mark H.

    I for one applaud Gov. Quinn’s opposition to H.B. 148, which is a shoddy and dangerous bill. Let’s not fall prey to that most American fallacy that violence cures violence. A hand-gun is exactly this: potential violence wrapped in convenience and ease.

    What conceal and carry legislation proposes is putting this violence at the finger tips of more people, in more places, in the naive hopes that only bad people will get shot. There is no way for this equation subtracts violence. It does however sell more guns so, if you have stock in Smith & Wesson, I would suggest paying your lobbyists overtime.

    • M899

      you mean in the hands of good law-abiding citizens??? are you crazy mark? think of all the training we would have to go through. 8 hrs of testing by the IL state police. then a federal backaround check to make sure no one has felony records. Plus $$$ to the STATE to update backaround checks and the mentally disable list. granted some sectors it will not deter the bad guys. BUT to let good honest citizens like me and my wife be able to defend myself? God forbid I hope my wife and I will never be in that situation but, to prevent us from doing it? cause you are worried there might be “wild west shootouts”? (which has not happened from anyone C.C ever recorded). WAKE UP

      • Mr. Justice

        @ M899……… Great Comments. People like Mark unfortunately have the “victim’s mentality”. They think the police will be there for them, but the exact opposite is true. How can 48 other States be wrong? No, it is time that we stand up for the 2nd Amendment. I applaud you and your wife. Be Safe!

  • Thinker

    The following states allow the right to keep and bear arms: Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri. Wisconsin allows open carry in parts of the state. Illinois. Well, neither open carry nor concealed carry by everyday people is allowed. Yet, Chicago and Illinois, gun bans and all –no concealed or open carry — have the highest murder and armed robbery rates. That means that the gun control people whose strategies don’t work, Governor Pat Quinn included, have no clue about the causes of violent crime and ought to just be quiet.

    • 2nd Amendment


  • M899

    Thanks Mr. Justice, as I do applaud you and your family. I just hope we can secure the 71 votes we need to override our “governor”‘s veto for too long him and chicago politics have bullied the state, it is time for good press on C.C and to shed light on the good that would come from this. ITS EDUCATION PEOPLE the more we are educated, the more better we all are as a whole. be safe as well.


    I believe Gov. Quinn is a little misguided in thinking that legal concealed carry, by law abiding citizens,having a loaded gun in public places would be unhealthy. I’m sure the shooters in the 14 + shootings in Chicago this weekend were operating under concealed carry when they shot the victims.Does Gov. Quinn think that situation is unhealthy ? Mr.Quinn needs to get out of his elite,liberal,protected world and get down in the streets with the common folk for a while to see why the law abiding citizens need to protect them selves,even in public places. The Chicago gun laws have done a fantastic job cleaning up crime and stopping the killings haven’t they? Lets pass more anti gun laws,and take the rights of law abiding citizens to protect themselves away Mr. Quinn and then you can be secure in knowing the only ones left with guns will be the gang bangers,drug dealers,and felons. Oh, and also the way out numbered Police officers. Just how do you sleep at night Mr. Quinn ?

  • Daniel Donaldson

    Yep, because we all know that criminals will obey this law.

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  • Junior

    Who wants to be a victom? Who just wants thier fate to be in the hands of the worst that society has to offer? And to all of you who oppose the right to bare arms,,, if you were being robbed, raped, mugged, assulted,or someone was trying to murder you for the $25 in your wallet,,,,, let me get this straight, you would NOT want the right to defend yourself and just fall victom to these crimes? Are you willing to bet the lives of your children, your wife and yourself that the person who is attacking you is not going to kill you? And, if a person who had a permit and was carrying a handgun came upon you, the person being assulted, you would not want thier help because ,, well,, you are against the right to carry a handgun? No one wants to be a hero. No one wants to pull and use thier handgun. But,, the right to carry a handgun is like having a fire extinguisher. Its the one thing that you want to have around, but you pray you never have to use.

  • Major

    Amazing that Pat recalls a campaign promise to veto any CCW, but forgets his promise when it comes to income taxes. Please don’t pick and choose your promises Pat.

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