Concealed Carry Sponsor Not Pleased With Quinn’s Veto Threat

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WBBM) — The state House sponsor of Illinois’ concealed carry measure isn’t pleased with the governor’s decision to veto the measure should it reach his desk, but he’s not necessarily surprised.

State Rep. Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg) says his measure is the closest it’s ever been to passing a chamber. It needs 71 votes to pass, and he says he’s a couple of votes away. HB148 will likely be called for a floor vote this Thursday.

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Phelps worries the governor’s threatened veto may have cost him a couple of votes.

“It didn’t help anything, I’ll tell you that,” says Phelps. “I’ll be honest with you, you know me I’ll tell you like it is. But that’s why they did it because they know it’s close. They’ll do anything and everything they can to beat this, because they know it’s close.”

The House Agriculture Committee agreed to amend the bill to prohibit concealed carry on college campuses, inside government buildings and other public places. Business owners would also be able to decide whether they want to allow guns in their buildings.

Phelps says he and fellow downstate lawmakers have gotten the short end of the stick this legislative session, and have very few public policy victories to tout. For example, Phelps says civil unions passed and the death penalty was abolished, both of which he adamantly opposed.

Now many downstate lawmakers want concealed carry, and they might not get it. Phelps says if the governor wants to play politics with this issue, then he can play politics with another issue: the budget.

“I can’t speak for all my caucus, but I can tell you one thing right now. It’s going to be hard for me to pass anything without this,” says Phelps. “Downstate needs something to hang their hat on.”

  • Centurion

    The citizens of Illinois can revisit the concealed carry law…WHEN QUINN IS OUT OF A JOB!

    • Mr. Justice

      I appreciate your comments, however, we need Conceal Carry now. Crime is escalating and will continue to escalate as gas and food prices increase. I want Quinn out as governor as bad as the next guy, BUT we cannot wait any longer. If 48 states have Conceal Carry, why is Chicago and Illinois so arrogant that they think the law abiding citizens do not need it here. We do need Conceal Carry. Thank you

    • scott frazier

      This bill should be passed look at all the past crimes in Illinois and then find out how many of those could of been stopped if the victim of a rape,robbery,murder could have had a gun in there purse or jacket.Its time we let the people of Illinois protect themselves.The police are awesome at what they do but the time it takes to call them and have them get to you is way to the people that are against this wait till the day that it is you or your children at the other end of this.I know you will be wishing then only if they had something to defend ore detour the person at hand.

  • Gary

    In Chicago, only the criminals are allowed to be armed. Take a hike Quinn. You work for the people, not the other way around.

  • Andre

    Pray that the Lord will to remove him from office!

  • Joe Harris

    I’m starting to think this is just a democratic play game, make the ones down south look good so they can get elected again.

    • Mr Wizard

      This has gone through my mind every day. As pro 2nd Amendment/Concealed carry as I am, I can’t help think what better way to get on the good side of voters than to know full well Quinn won’t sign the bill but the supporting Democrats can say, “Well we supported and voted for it.” Nothing would surprise me in this state anymore.

  • Tom

    I would feel much safer on IL. streets if law abiding citizens were armed.

    • Vicki

      My husband and I lived in Indy for 9 years. They have conceal carry there. We were able to get permits and it was wonderful to be able to carry IF you wanted to. You had a CHOICE.

      Not to mention, there were a few times in the news where a robbery was about to happen, but an armed citizen who happened to be there was able to stop it and take control of the situation until the police got there. Lives were undoubtedly saved.
      I’m all for it. In this day and age, you’d be stupid to think that nothing will ever happen to you.

      • Mr. Justice

        Fantastic comments. Yes, we need Conceal Carry here in the communist state of Illinois. I am very passionate about this issue.

  • Joe Harris

    You know I was just thinking how many of our brave citizens over the centuries have died, shed blood, and come home crippled, for our freedom, for our constitution. Then these politicians swear to abide by that constitution, but they don’t. What has gone wrong with our great society? Maybe it’s time to start all over again.

  • Guest

    If everyone is supposed to be equally unarmed why are there so many shootings in the city? Until all criminals are removed of their weapons how can they stop the law abiding citizens from having them also? This is not equality, it’s discrimination against law abiding responsible citizens.

  • Mr Wizard

    The thing to do is call/fax/email your Reps and tell them to please support the right to carry bill. Remind them that 48 other states have proven the anti-gun myths are just that… myths. Contact them today

  • Mr. Whoopee

    Why don’t you gun morons just leave the state you hate, and go play with your guns somewhere else. We don’t need your whining here. People love to complain about Illinois, but they don’t have the balls to pick up and leave. Losers!

    • bill s

      i bet you would feel a little different if an armed man was pointing a gun at you and threatning your life. you might want to act like a sheep thats your own choice but i value my life.

    • M899

      Mr. Whoopee HOW DARE YOU. out of all the gun control comments you are the worst I have encountered. all the crime in this state, how would you feel if your loved one was hurt or worse killed on the street, and she has an opprotunity to defend herself but our politicians wont get with the 21st century???? You have probably never held or fired a gun in your life. if you have then you would know 3/4ths of good law abiding citizens are very responsible with carrying a firearms. This is about the freedom to defend ourselves, and IL needs to stop trampling on our rights. thats right yours and mine. next time do some research, get some statistics on the measure before you call others losers JUST TRYING TO FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS TO FIGHT BACK LOSER.

      • Mr. Justice

        I couldn’t have said it better M899. You gotta love these anti gun people that spew their verbal vomit and think gun owners are a bunch of red necks or worse. If I read the paper correctly or listen to the evening news, it IS NOT the law abiding citizens that are causing crime to rise, but rather the thugs, rapist, gang bangers, etc. NO MR. WHOOPEE, WE ARE NOT AT FAULT.

    • Native Chicagoan

      Mr. Whoopee, I’m in the process of doing just that. Actively job searching out West. I like your advice!

    • James Sadler

      Liberals, when confronted with facts, can only name-call and spout hate. IGNORE this!!!

  • tunafish charlie

    Are you guy’s nuts are just being stuck on stupid.crime is a part of life let’s face it to have a pistol in your home i agree everyone should but more gun’s on the street.. come on….so now if a robber gets the ups on you now he has 2 guns yours and his and if you shoot at someone and a innocent person gets shoot or killed you’re going to prison and what if I’m out in public with family or friends and some guy is mad at the world and decides to shoot it has happen but you never think its gonna happen to you until it does.In the home yes concealed HELL NO NO!

    • M899

      Charlie that is why there will be 8 hours of training by the Il state police. they will educate the public what to do. plus make sure you are capable of hitting a target if not you do not get a permit. plus a robber is not even going to know you have a gun, thus why its called CONCEALED CARRY he is not going ask for your gun, and if he does are you going to give it to him?? no your gona say I dont carry. your next argument someone going nuts. yea your right it is gonna happen there will always be crazies no matter how perfect the system will be. all I can say is that there will be more $$$ put into the system for federal now not state backaround checks to make them better. there is a lot of good to come from this yet. no one looks at it though.

  • WOZ

    lets face it if Quinn can’t tax it heavily he doesn’t like it ….he sucks

  • tunafish charlie

    M899 that sounds good and reads well on paper my friend but if a robber knows there’s a chance of you packing heat he now knows he has to get the jump on you and a course he’s gonna FRISK you. so what if you pass the 8 hr test etc…people get BRAVE with guns and often fine them self’s having to back there play…that’s when the trouble begins…no its just not a good i deal as if the cops don’t have enough to deal with and no cop i know wants this and i know 3. people will be waving their gun just because you bumped there car while parking etc..Lol

    • Mr. Justice

      @ tunafish charlie…. The Illinois Sheriff’s Association is for Conceal Carry, as is the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. One cannot argue that Conceal Carry is bad for the law abiding citizens when 48 states have Conceal Carry. The statistics show, that Chicago is in the top 5 for violent crime in the country. This is not due to law abiding citizens. We just want our 2nd Amendment right to protect ourselves when out in public. The next time a woman is raped or beaten in Chicago, please tell her to call 911 instead of trying to protect herself. Keep in mind, the individual who has robbed 6 women in Oak Park is still at large. He strikes when police are not around. That is kinda what thugs do. Thus, if one of these women had a handgun she could protect herself.

    • M899

      I agree its a mixed bag with the police. most of chicago cops are surprisingly for it. most of the police associations. I dont think they will have much problem thats why if you were carrying you would have to show the permit. which is included in the first amendment to the bill. It would actually be a crime to not show it to the police officer. some are neutral some are for it. you never know whats going to happen when the situation goes down. Thats why I hope the training goes over that. But also if the criminal knows your packing lol who is he going to mess with? not you he will find someone else not carrying he is not going to take that risk. most robbers muggers and rapists are cowards when they polled criminals what they fear the most A. cop with gun or B Citizen with a gun they said B. chances are I hope we never have to pull out a gun to defend ourselves that would be very nice. but the ability to do so would be nice. when it comes down to your life trust me on this charlie people do get brave. but UNeducated people get stupid.

    • Mr Wizard

      48 other states have disproved your myths. Educate yourself before you come in here showing your ignorance.

  • M899

    ARGREED Mr. Wizard here so everyone can educate themselves it has sources and everything.

    scroll to the conceal carry part on page 49 very interesting

  • phillmarines

    MR. Quinn how dare you continue to take law abiding citizens rights away with such arrogance ! . 48 states can’t be wrong. Voters just remember.

    • Mr. Justice

      You are correct! HOWEVER, we need to do more than just remember, we need to act now and call his office, send letters, faxes, etc. to this idiot and tell him we will not stand by and allow our 2nd Amendment Rights to be trampled on any longer. I called his office yesterday.

  • JKing

    People won’t be waving their guns around everytime they get mad at someone once a few get arrested for brandishing a firearm. Quinn said yesterday that there’s already to many guns on the streets, no duh, look who has them, all the more reason law abiding citizens should be allowed to carry, we don’t all live in some ritzy gated community as it appears some of the naive anti-gunners leaving comments here must, some of us live in the real world and witness and or fall victim to crime daily.

    • Mr. Justice

      Great comments JKing. Please continue to speak out and fight for OUR 2nd Amendment Rights.

  • Mr. Justice

    @ CBS…… Why don’t you ask the tough questions of Quinn???? CBS does not have the “guts” to ask him about the 2nd Amendment. IF CBS should read these comments, they would see that the law abiding citizens want CCW here in Illinois. Maybe they need to hire me as an investigative reporter because their present reporters have no integrity!!!!! Now, let’s see if this statement gets pulled from their page.

  • Gordon

    run Quinn out of town

  • Lawmakers Shoot Down Concealed Carry Legislation « CBS Chicago

    […] Before Thursday’s vote, Phelps had said his measure was the closest it’s ever been to passing a chamber. […]

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