Star Athlete Charged With Rape

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (CBS) — People who know him in Evanston call him a teddy bear. But police in Coral Gables, Florida call a former local star athlete a rape suspect.

He’s 19-year-old Jeffrey Brown. He’s behind bars, accused of raping a woman on campus at the University of Miami. CBS 2’s Pamela Jones talked with his attorney and family. They say he’s not a rapist.

“He’s dumbfounded that he’s in jail,” said attorney Thomas Durkin. It’s how Durkin says his client is reacting to being arrested.

“He did not commit a crime. End of story,” Durkin said.

But police in Florida arrested Brown. Investigators say he forced himself on a victim who was too drunk to defend herself.

Investigators say it all happened at a dorm on campus. They say a young woman who lived across the hall from Brown came home violently ill after a night of drinking. Police say when she couldn’t use her own restroom, she went to Brown’s room.

Detectives say the woman used Brown’s bathroom, and that Brown later helped her back to her own room where she tried to recover.

At some point, police say Brown returned to the woman’s room and knocked, under the pretense of checking the well-being of the woman. The woman allegedly told police she woke up to Brown removing her blanket and her underwear.

The victim reports Brown penetrated her.

“The police report is incorrect,” said Brown’s attorney, “The allegations are incorrect.”

Durkin says this case should never have gone this far. He believes the publicity stems from Brown’s status on the University of Miami football team.

Durkin says Brown was an honor roll student in Evanston and comes from a religious family. Relatives are supporting him, but have declined interviews so far.

The victim in the case has told police she was too intoxicated to get away from her alleged attacker, but that she did tell him “No.”

Students we talked to from Evanston Township High School say they don’t believe the victim’s version of what happened.

“Oh, I don’t believe that. I think she is lying,” said Casey Digan.

Police say while Brown was in custody, he sent a text asking his roommate to throw away his underwear. Police collected the underwear, as part of their evidence.

Brown’s attorney says he is cooperating fully with the investigation. He says Brown went to the police station because he was told he could retrieve that cell phone, but ended up in handcuffs instead.

  • Joke

    Star Athlete?? Jeffrey Brown?? Who the f*ck is that? This article is a joke.

  • no bueno.

    wow. why would u want some undies thrown away? if u didnt do anything wrong? and ya where/ what was he a star 4/at ? lol sux tho girls can get u eff’d up ask Tupac.. forcefully touching the buttox sent him to jail for a while… im no better than any other man but i would not force myself on a drunk girl and take her undies and what not offf. no bueno. happy cinco de mayo tho

  • Leroy Goldberg

    It’s not his fault really. They just can’t help but act that way, it’s in their DNA.

    • MrDent

      I believe if it is part of our DNA it stems from the mixing of blood from slavery..after all your race was and still is a back to the Caucus Mountains..after all we have seen the violence caused by the white man..after all the 1st white settlers from mother britain were criminals themselves..and lets talk about how the laziness of you alls race..but no that would take to long on here..and if you didn’t know the oldest human remain was of African that lets you know you have some black in your DNA pool as well..get over yourself…

      • R.V.

        Talk about laziness, Percentage wise( the percentage with in their on ethnic population) black people are more on welfare than any other ethnic population, Yes black people were good at working but that is long gone. And about the DNA we all have some common DNA within our genotype. But that doesn’t mean we came from Africa. To this day there is no exact spot to pin point the origin of the human specie.

    • peace2011

      You are a racist pig

    • R.V.

      I think you are right. High testosterone (androgen hormone) leads to high libido, bigger body frame, and lastly an animal instinct. Black people have this hormone highly expressed from their DNA. They can’t help it they tend to act out their animal instinct (hormone driven without rational chain of thinking) and in this society it means breaking the law. Cheap quick thrills. That explains why the highest incarcerated ethnic population is black.

      • R.V.

        And about the welfare system, Like I mentioned before within there ethnic groups blacks have a higher percentage on welfare. Let me explain it to you. If you get all the white people and see their percentage on welfare, and get black and do the same the blacks come out on top. The number of people in the white group will be bigger just because there are more white people in the country. Look it up wiki.

      • R.V.

        On June 30, 2006, an estimated 4.8% of black men were in prison or jail, compared to 1.9% of Hispanic men and 0.7% of white men.” U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics.[36]
        I am talking about crime in general (drug related, violent, sexual, theft)
        It is a proven fact here I give you my source.
        Where did you get your?
        I’m not racist just informed.

      • Tired of Morons Who Post Irrelevant Comments

        Interesting R.V…but maybe you should take the time to check your facts instead of spouting your b.s. and trying to pass it off as intelligent conversation. Statistically speaking there are more white men in jail then black and in terms of welfare although often misrepresented by undeducated people like yourself the percentages are as follows.

        The percentage of whites and blacks on welfare are about the same. I believe the most recent stats released show that 38.7% of those on welfare are white, and 37.2% are black. Whites makeup around 66% of America, and blacks makeup around 13%. This means that whites are underrepresented, and blacks are overrepresented.”

        Just because you have the right to free speech doesn’t mean the rest of us want to hear anything your saying. Please take the time to know what your talking about especially when it incites such blatant racial rhetoric!

      • Tired of Morons Who Post Irrelevant Comments

        To clarify my statement statisticallyt there are more white men then black in jail for the crime of rape

  • jlg

    Being a woman, perhaps women should be taught to have a little more respect for themselves than go out and get so drunk you can’t remember (except the parts where it incriminates others). She couldn’t use her own restroom? I just hope some woman, somewhere, reads this and it makes her think twice of drinking excessively.

    I am not saying he wasn’t a participant in this, but I wonder if she is just too embarrassed in front of her family to has turn it into this. Come on ladies – show your self some initial respect so these situations don’t happen.

  • Maura Bowen

    U sound stupid “It part of their DNA” really?…..I personally know Jeffrey Brown and his DNA is of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost! Until you looked into the eyes of Jeffrey then keep your dumb comments to yourself! I know the God that we serve is not going to let justice be done and Jeffrey will be free and the Devil will be sent back to hell once again!
    Jeffrey keep your head up Man of God your church family loves u! Your Evanston Community is praying for the blood of Jesus ove this situation, we got your back T.I.G.H.T. youth ministry loves you!

    • evil dwells within our flesh

      I don’t think this person was acting in no holy spirt, even if it was consented sex, it is wrong according to the bible if they weren’t married. So don’t talk about this a good kid. And if u were a person of God don’t defend his actions

  • Leroy Goldberg

    I have some black in my DNA pool Mr. Dent?? Here I thought I liked bananas for the calcium.

    • jj

      You are so damn ignorant and shallow, I really feel bad for you cause I guess you werent raised right. Hey, I wont complain cause your ignorant ways wont get you far in life.

  • peace2011

    This young man was setuip, the drunken female should be in jail for making up such alie.

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