CHICAGO (CBS) — Uncle Fatty’s Rum Resort in the South Lakeview neighborhood has decided to call off a planned party celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden.

The bar at 2833 N. Sheffield Ave. was planning an event called “Osama bin Laden is Rot’n” for Friday night.

The e-mail announcement for the event is not available online, but it was quoted in part by the blog Chicagoist.

It invited guests to come to the bar “decked out in your favorite American-style swagger that represents your love of your country for no cover charge.” Drinks named “the Floating Terrorist” and “Osama Been Shot,” the latter described as “a blood red shooter made with vodka and grenadine,” were to be offered, Chicagoist reported.

But the bar later decided to cancel the party after some people responded angrily to the announcement, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The bar decided its joke was ”taken too far,” and now recognizes that it was “perceived as inappropriate,” the Tribune reported, quoting a news release from Empower Public Relations.

There is no mention of the party now on the Web site for the 3-year-old bar, nor on its Facebook page.

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