Catholic Charities Wants Right To Send Gay Couples Elsewhere

CHICAGO (CBS) — Catholic Charities says it might stop its adoption services if the state requires them to place children with same-sex couples.

The organization is seeking legislation that would allow it to refer same-sex couples to other adoption programs because of religious reasons.

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Catholic Charities worries it and other religious agencies could be sued or have their state contracts canceled. At a news conference Wednesday, they said that would be a “catastrophe” for Illinois children.

A proposal that would have restricted gay adoptions failed in an Illinois Senate committee last month.

The proposed amendment to an unrelated bill would have allowed faith-based groups to turn away gay or lesbian couples joined in a civil union who want to adopt or become foster parents.

It said the agencies are responsible for referring couples they reject to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services so they can find out about other agencies.

It came up for consideration in the Executive Committee of the Illinois Senate, but was defeated and held in committee.

State Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago), the openly gay lawmaker who sponsored the successful legislation to legitimize same-sex civil unions in Illinois, said the proposal was a direct attack on the civil unions law, which takes effect June 1.

Those siding with Harris called it discrimination and say that faith-based adoption agencies receiving taxpayer funds should not be allowed to discriminate.

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  • Really?...

    They are worried about same sex couples adopting children but yet they don’t seem too concerned with having pedophile Priests around young children. Maybe they should focus their attention on keeping these sickos away from our children and stop covering up for them by moving them from parish to parish.

    • Kelly

      I so agree with you. This article represents the hypocrisy of what is the Catholic Church perfectly. Deny children loving homes and the opportunity to be part of a family, but don’t worry at all about the lives of all the children the Catholic priests destroy with sexual abuse and the minds they destroy preaching hate and intolerance. The Catholic Church is in the process of self destructing and it can’t happen fast enough.

    • Beverly

      What does Catholic Charities charge for adoption? Years ago my husband and I adopted children through Lutheran Family Services since Catholic Charities was charging thousands of dollars. When I asked our social worker at Lutheran Child and Family Services why all they were charging for was legal fees I was told, We want the best placement for the child.” If Catholic Charities wants to dig in their heels and refuses to change, they should get out of placement like Boston and D.C. did. Better a child in a loving gay home than passed around from placement to placement and suffering further trauma.

  • Yeah, really

    Why do you say “they” don’t seem to concerned about pedophile Priests? The people running the adoption centers have a great amount of concern for such matter. Additionally, maybe you should look into this matter a little closer. The amount of reported abusers is a very small percentage of total Catholic Priests and the sample size goes back over 50 years. (there was one report of a settlement recently where the Church paid for abuse that allegedly happened in the 50’s and the Priest died in the early 80’s -hard to verify the truth behind that action). Anyways, the only reason why the Catholic abuse cases get more attention then any other religion is because there is a central body to attack. If you read the papers close enough you will find just as many, if not more, protestant church leaders committing improper offenses. All religions church leaders are human and as such, when looked at in the whole, contain some bad apples.

    • Really?...

      Abuse is abuse no matter who is committing the act. Covering up and turning a blind eye to the abuse has become a common factor with the Catholic church. My point is that being gay doesn’t make you a unfit parent anymore than being a priest makes you a pedophile.

    • Kelly

      The Catholic Church does not report the abuse. That is and has been a huge part of the problem. They ignore the issue, pass these abusing priests from church to church and allow them to continue their path of destruction. It sounds to me like the Catholic Church has done an excellent job of brain washing you. You should inquire a bit more closely at the enormity of the financial settelements the Archdiocese has made with victims. Anyone that drops money in a collection basket at a Catholic church on Sunday is supporting the abuse becasue the Archdiocese has paid out so much money in settlements they no longer have the money to keep their program running.

  • jane

    I know same sex couples with children and they are more caring and loving then most other parents. They truly want and love their kids, shame on anyone who wants to take this from them and put children with abusive parents instead. When have same sex partners ever been in the news for child abuse?

    • SRS

      That’s right Jane! Think about it people? The past couple of weeks there have been many of stories of children getting abused and or killed by parents who are heterosexual…it breaks my heart knowing that there are lots of loving couples out there gay or straights who would LOVE to have a child in there home to shower with love and guidance. Shame on you Catholics…leave the judging up to God!

  • Dave Dook

    Haters gonna hate. Catholic hate is the only remaining acceptable prejudice in America. Imagine if I said this type of hateful stuff about Jews or African Americans? I’d be lynched, it would be like a holocaust was unleashed upon me.

    • Really?...

      Dear Dave: I was born, baptised and raised Catholic. In no way shape or form am I hating on the Catholic Church…. I do however have a problem with the way they have handled all the sexual abuse that has gone on by the hands of their own priests. I think it’s kinda ironic that they judge a gay couple for wanting to be parents but yet do not judge their own as harshly for committing sexual crimes against children. It’s the pot calling the kettle black…..

      • Ranman

        They don’t judge a Gay couple for wanting to be parents, they believe the Gay lifestyle is unacceptable with their Christian Beliefs.

  • Craig

    This is not descrimination. It’s looking out for children’s welfare. The last thing kids need is to be given, is the impression that it is OK to be gay.

  • Lyndia

    Craig, being in a gay home does not give the impression that it is ok to be gay. I know of a man that was rai8sed in a home with two fathers. He is married with children and very successful.

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