CHICAGO (WSCR) There are a lot different elements to the Kentucky Derby that make it one of the most popular sporting events in the United States: there’s the pageantry, the mint juleps, the hats and maybe most importantly the gambling.

Each running of the Derby has different horses, jockeys and trainers and each race runs a little bit differently. This year’s race, like some in the past, could be determined by what the weather does to the track.

“I think when you do look at the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby I think post position, certainly, is an important play,” former Chicago Blackhawk Eddie Olczyk said on the Danny Mac Show. “I think the track condition, from talking to people that are down there, they’re expecting some thundershowers somewhere in the afternoon. So I think track conditions are going to have a big play in what kind of race it’s going to be.

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“I think that if the race does become off, meaning muddy or sloppy or maybe even a wet, fast type race track, I think you have to look for horses that are going to be relatively, I don’t want to say on the lead, there’s a lot of speed in this race. So I mean I would look for horses that, that in the their past performances, that have the ability to be able to come or rate, come off the pace, becuase I think there’s going to be, if you look at it, there’s going to be, in my estimation, there’s going to be four or five horses that are going to want the lead and I don’t those horses are going to be around there at the end.”

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