Police Offer Daley Security Detail After Term Ends

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago Police Department is considering giving Mayor Richard Daley and his wife, Maggie, a security detail after his term ends later this month.

Daley wound not say whether he asked for the security or whether it was offered.

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“I have been mayor for 22 years .. former mayors received security,” Daley said. “The police department will handle that, not me.”

Daley did acknowledge that he has received threats both as mayor and as Cook County state’s attorney before that. The mayor told reporters that he does believe security is appropriate.

“The department is currently evaluating the need to provide a security detail for the mayor after May 16,” said Lt. Maureen Biggane, a police spokeswoman. “A final determination has not been reached.”

Daley’s term ends on May 16 when Rahm Emanuel will take the oath of office.


    His majesty Mr. Daley is about to receive $185,000 a year in pension,he can afford to hire his own body guards. I guess he doesn’t have much faith in his anti gun laws now does he? There aren’t enough CPD officers on the streets now due to the budget mess his Majesty has put the city in. Let him call 911 if he has to like the rest of the common folk.He should only have to wait 30 minutes or so to get help. If he gets his “butlers” will they continue to escort and spend time with him at his $Million dollar home on the lakefront over in Michigan? Another shining example of the liberal,elite,I have mine,Chicago Democrat.

    • Paul

      Amen to that. Daley is a public servant. When he’s done serving he needs to get a job like the rest of us. He deserves nothing.

    • ak

      U R on the money…$185K + healthcare benefits…not justified based on his performance over the past 5 or so years…this is entitlement to the extreme…a prime example why there is no political will to address municipal pension and entitlement plans….

  • Bill

    Do as I say,don’t do as I do! I’m royalty!!What’s good for me isn’t good for you! Typical liberal elitist attitude!

  • James Johnston

    I want a bodyguard too. I’m calling my alderman and demanding the same thing as “Citizen Daley”. Everyone should call and demand the same protection.

  • Adam Rodriguez

    I agree with everyone else. I have nothing against the family, but politicians should not have bodyguards after they finish their position. Let them call “911” like the rest of us. We don’t have bodyguards, they shouldn’t either. We can’t carry guns, they shouldn’t either…..

  • jack

    HE`going to get $ 184.000 plus pension per yr
    HE has over $8million in campaign fund
    HE going to get $54.000 for each speaking engagement
    Jane Byrne never had security guards
    He claims all former mayors had security guards
    Former mayors that had security was his father and sawyer
    Chicago is the only city that provide security for their mayors when they leave office
    JUDGES and S/A don`t have security when they leave office
    HE still wants free rides for his family to go to the ballgame
    Get the guys in the trucking scandal and 11th ward mafia to protected him
    How about the rest of citizens who are threthen ever day they don`t have security
    With the parking meters costing so much maybe thats why he wants security
    All these people losing their jobs and homes and he wants a freebie
    THE MAN is nothing but greed and arrogant

  • tom Sharp

    Make the security earn its pay–This would be a great test for al Qaida to see if they can avenge bin Laden: Kill the entire Daley Family including the kids (we don’t want any Daleys in Chicago government ever again. Then we’d get the added benefit of no one left to get his “survivor benefits on the inflated pension!

  • Ben Adamowski

    Do you mean chickenship little needs bodyguards,do they carry guns? Well do they Daley you crooked s o b.

  • Larry

    You all forgot another perk.he wants a new car for himself and his wife.Nothing cheap but nice.This guy has balls bigger than 16 pound bowling balls.


      Larry,I think all retiring Mayors for the City of Chicago should be required to only travel by a Chicago cab or they wont get their pension check. His Majesty will next want a yacht so he doesn’t have to sit in traffic driving over to his $ million dollar lake front home in Michigan. I think with the Iron fist he’s had in Chicago during his reign,the balls are up around 18 pounds now.

  • not a hater

    It has nothing to do with Daley being a Democratic or Liberal-Indeed he does not deserve bodyguards – Mr itwaswhatitis– you sound like a wacko hater, Ryan was a Republican- has nothing to do with Democrats, You sound like a police officer who’s cry’s about everyone else but when they do wrong they want a pass..


      No Mr. not a hater,I’m not a wacko hater. I just have a huge dislike for the politicians that have that greed,greed,more money please, need. I dislike crooked Republicans like Ryan also as they are the main reason Illinois and most all of it’s cities and towns are as low as they can go . You forget to acknowledge that it’s the Democrats in Chicago and Illinois that have had the longest and most corrupt run over the decades. I would feel the same about Mr. Daley as I do now if he were a Republican rather than the Democrat he is. I do have a strong dislike for all the liberal people that all pretend to be for the common folk and little guys all the while filling their pockets,pensions,campaign funds,and slush funds with the hard earned tax payers money. Do I like the elite folks in political office that all claim to know what’s best for the poor (dumb) citizens when they have never walked a mile in the little guys shoes? You bet I don’t. Do I like Mr Blago for what he is currently on trial for ? How could any one,he’s a low life with an education that feels he is above the law and is justified in stealing money all the while pretending to be fighting for the common folk. Can you say elite and crooked at the same time? I hate to bust your bubble Mr. not a hater,but I’m not a police officer. I have never in my life asked any one, at any time, or at any place, for a pass on anything in my life. I’m just an old tired, and retired, Marine with good morals thank the lord, that has seen way too many injustices over the years not to call it as it is,not as the liberals dream it to be.

  • Mayor afraid of Vanecko?

    You and I barely have the right for the police to respond to us when we are in danger or injured. However, the Mayor Goofy wants to have a police detail at our expense to guard him and his family. Why does he have the balls to ask this? Because he spent years doling out jobs and contracts to his family and friends and cohorts and he has many beholden to him. He was passing out our money and we don’t have a right to protection. Matbe he is afraid that his nephew Vanecko will kill him like he killed that yound man. Oh well, Mayor Goofy had that squelched. Continue the insult you piece of garbage.

  • The Truth Hurts

    not a hater
    Youse rite good.

    Oh yes you are a hater.

  • Bill P

    Mayor Daley has for so long been opposed to the private ownership & use of guns for self defense. He has been outspoken against concealed carry. So let him live like the rest of us once he leaves office. Away with the public payed security detail.
    If he does not like that , let him contact his state Reps & Senators & maybe they can change the law so all of us can protect ourselves & our loved ones from the criminals he can’t seem to control.

  • Centurion

    This is Daleys way of actually owning a gun..and people to use it. Daley will get his security detail…in essence…he gets to own 5 guns…all with concealed carry permits. BUT…..YOU CANT HAVE IT. This is only for THE ELITE, THE ENTITLED.

    PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST…it is time to protest…..just as they have done in Syria, Egypt….its time to let this crooked government know….NO MORE! They removed Mubarak…..lets remove Daleys entitlement to not only gun ownership…his attitude is…he owns not the gun…but the people who carry them. Daley wants his very own slaves.

  • Face Facts

    The Police Department is considering GIVING Daley a security detail?! Umm, the CPD does NOT write their own ticket…the Mayor has to sign off on everything; otherwise, the CPD would be fully manned! This is either Daley’s or Emanuel’s doing. Taxpayers, enjoy taking it with no lubrication one last time from one of the most corrupt “public servants” that you’ll ever see.

  • bob

    Daley doesn’t want anyone to have the freedom of security and did everything in his power to prevent people from protecting themselves with the 2nd Ammendment. Now he has the GAAAAALLLLLL to demand tax payers pay for bodyguards. He’s not the president but rotten low down Mayor of a rathole he put into bankruptcy while lineing his pockets with gold the entire time he was in there. Let’s say no to Daley’s public funded bodyguards.

    Unfortunately he’ll get them as the crooked bunch wash each other’s hands. It’s only a matter of how many he and his wife get and if they’ll drive him and her around and go shopping for them like they do now.

  • sarge

    HE IS NOW A COMMON CITIZEN AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED BY GUNS he should live by the laws he worked so hard for as he so eloqently said “some day people will treat guns like cigarettes NO GUNS NO GUNS ” now is time to live by his words and if not and he insists on having GUNS near him then a lawsuit should be filed to prevent taxpayer dollars spent on this evil endvour

  • sarge

    to all the brave souls who expressed OUTRAGE at this slap inthe face of the hard working taxpaying COMMON CITIZEN,who has been and still is denied the right of self defense LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD call the the crooks and express your self better yet rember them next election

  • nauseated

    If they give Daley round the clock body guards, are they going to give all mayors in all cities body guards once they leave office. There’s plenty of other mayors in office over 20 years like this piece of trash and not all have run their towns into the ground or acted like a dictator denying the constitution he swore to uphold. If he gets it and I’m sure he will, everyone should get it as well. I guess this sleeze thinks he more important as the president. Maybe taxpayers should pay for security systems in all his houses or even a special built secure house for him to live in.

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