Walter’s Perspective: Finally, A Story That Overshadows The Donald

CHICAGO (CBS) — The death of Osama bin Laden is good for so many reasons. One of the best reasons is that it’s knocked Donald Trump off the front pages.

For five nights in a row now, we’ve shut up the Trump foul mouth and the TV talking heads yapping about voters liking what Trump says about Barak Obama’s college education.

Until bin Laden was killed, the media was non-stop Donald Trump. Oh, how rich and smart he is. Hardly a word about the thug that that he is, declaring bankruptcy four times because, he says, “I know how to play the bankruptcy laws.” Hardly a word about what a boor Trump is, blubbering about China, “Listen, you mother-bleepers, we’re gonna tax you 25 percent,” and, about race: “I have a great relationship with the blacks.”

Until bin Laden was killed, the media was lamenting that Donald Trump was getting too much attention, now being most responsible for giving him the attention. 

The best way to shut up Donald Trump is to shut up ourselves.

  • tom sharp

    Please take your own advice Walter!

  • Donald T

    Walter go back to playing with your Obama doll fool.

  • Reece Why

    Great job! I been trying to bring that same sentiment as i excruciatingly listened to the media and the callithump of of Obama haters parading Donald around as if he achieved something above swindling.

  • Donald T

    Hey Reece,why don’t you join Walter with his Obama doll,you can help dry him off fool!

  • gail

    Saw you tonight with your commentary..Your vicious eyes!!! maybe you should do a perspective on yourself…your DUIs

  • Skippy

    Hav another drink you has been,you should have stayed gone.

    • Mary

      if you don’t like what walter has to say,change channels.

  • chicagopolicesons

    It just shows you can not buy a good personality even if you are the donald, walter you are right.

  • gail

    Switching to Channel 7 for 10p news as long as WJ is part of the Channel 2 team..

  • Topaz

    Well said Walter!

  • mary

    its about time someone said out loud Trump is a JOKE.
    if it comes down to Trump vs Obama i will for the first time in my life vote for a Dem president.

  • Starbuck Severin Avon

    But since The McDonald will eventually come back around again, I would like to know how he will reduce the deficit, jump start the economy, what his foreign policy is besides “getting along with the blacks”, and how he will generate jobs.

  • Bud Ehrhardt

    Tthere was never a better news team than Bill,Walter & Jay Lavine! Welcome back guys and now that you are together again,lets here news like it should be told! “Honestly” Eg

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