Man Sues Funeral Home Over Mother’s ‘Humiliating’ Burial

CHICAGO (CBS/WBBM) — A man has sued a Chicago funeral home and a cemetery over what he claims was the botched body preparation of his mother, and a humiliating burial experience.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports, Byron Morrow has sued Taylor Funeral Home, 63 E. 79th St., and Mount Hope Cemetery, 11500 S. Fairfield Ave.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Bernie Tafoya reports

Morrow claims that after his mother died on April 5, the funeral home improperly embalmed her, leaving brown liquid leaking from her skull.

Morrow says he was also told his mother would need an extra-large casket and burial vault or a double grave site. The woman weighed 230 pounds.

At the April 9 funeral, the gravesite ended up being too small for the oversize casket, and ended up being damaged in an attempt to force it into the grave, the suit said.

The suit claims Morrow’s family was humiliated and insulted due to the negligence of Mount Hope.

The suit seeks more than $50,000 in damages.

Representatives of Taylor and Mount Hope were unavailable for comment.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Carrie Corbett

    How would you feel if that was your mother?

    • Hey Bendo

      Those aren’t your hands anymore, dude. They belong to me now. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

    • Teresa

      :) :) :)

    • ben dayhoe


  • jimmy

    Its PEOPLE !!

    • Seriously

      Don’t explain the joke.

    • Bob Smith


  • pizzle

    230 pounds isnt dainty but it certainly is not ‘proportions of a whale’ nor is it morbidly obese

    • Bill

      It’s also not big enough to require a double casket.

  • Philthface

    That was the classiest comment I’ve ever read.

  • Dr. Spank

    Everytime I get a patient that states she is 230lbs, I know that really means 300lbs. Those women never tell the truth about their weight.

  • Brian O

    They needed Funeral Advocates. Planning a funeral is usually so one sided, not any more!

    • Shawn Clark

      thats why you should do it WAY ahead of time, i have. if its a child or something else its a different story but once your an adult that is your responsibility to do. and also pre-pay for it.

      • Me

        Pre-Pay my funeral? No way!!! I’m not leaving my insurance money behind for my husband to spend on a new wife!

      • sage


      • ByteRider

        Women just love watching us poor guys suffer.

    • kal

      Especially if your loved one is obese or doesn’t fit in a standard casket. Lawsuit is typical remedy in America and we wonder why prices are high…lawyers=vultures=democrats.

      • kalsanidiot

        Are you stupid? What the heck does being overweight have to do with democrats? That’s the most ignorant comment I’ve ever read. I hate to tell you this, but 230 lbs sounds a little light to need an oversized casket anyway. Sounds like the funeral home housed some crooks and they deserve to be sued for the cost of the funeral at least.

  • Hank

    How about burial at sea??

    • WJS

      Do I look like Osama?

      • Ned Schnittt

        How big is your beard?

    • Tuddy Johnson

      You are wright lady. He needs to sue for more than 50,000, because they were very wrong for doing that.

    • Roni24

      I believe there are a lot of red tap and laws about officially buring at sea. But I’m not 100% on that.

      • sage

        there is a lot of red tape no matter how you do it. the idea is to have it on paper as to how you want it to be done, and arrange for it all in advance, as a responsible person. put it in writing, get a funeral home or an attorney involved, and be responsible. why should anyone else be responsible for your own deceased body.

  • Keith Stone

    what is the world coming to 230 is fat. Motivation goes along ways

    • swiftcall

      It’s way obese, especially if you are 4’9″. That’s basically round.

    • swiftcall

      and she was 4’9″

  • Ryan

    I don’t know why most everyone assumes they can make a judgement, one way or the other, as to which party is at fault here. The news story only states one side of a story: may be true, maybe not, probably somewhere in between. People are so quick to assign blame, especially on businesses and corporation, without just waiting for the outcome of litigation and “the rest of the story”.

    • fantum

      “everyone assumes they can make a judgement”

      Is that a judgment?

      • ChurchSox

        I want to be the secret ingredient on Iron Chef.

      • dude

        It’s a generality, but look at these comments it is an observation and is very applicable to almost all the comments so far.

      • Timdaniels

        Judgement or judgment – depends if your British or American…

    • brent clarke

      Question of fact for the jury, res ipsa Loquitor. The thing speaks for itself. If there was fluid leaking out of the head, and the casket was damaged during internment, then there is a question of fact to determine negligence and or breach of contract on the part of the funeral home. As to damages, question for the jury.

      • Ugh

        You are a 1L, aren’t you.

      • Stolid

        Res deez nutz on your chin.

      • Alan

        Good call Ugh. Definite 1L.

      • Bill

        1L is first year law student

      • Joe

        Hey, One L,

        It’s “interment” not “internment.”

  • Shade

    She was 4 feet 6 inches.

    • Rose Rowe

      that would make her perfectly spherical. That explains the difficulty

  • Eliot

    Oh? How much does your mother weigh? Your grandmother? More than you think, I’ll bet! My mother-in-law is 5′ 2″, tiny, and she weighs 220. You would never know she weighed that much. And she eats next to nothing.

    • Evil Elliot

      I wouldnt say shes that tiny Elliot.
      Felt like she weighed a ton last night.

    • walternate

      tiny? thats a BMI of 40.2. Its MORBIDLY OBESE. I guess you mist be in denial.

  • Mrs. Bubba

    You’re not well, you realize that, don’t you? I have my one remaining eyeball fixed on you!

    • Bubba

      Aww shucks Mrs Bubba I be good. Dern gator done nipped one o my testes clean off and I been mighty hornery ever since.
      Still ya gotta admit, catapults and fire makes for a kickass funeral

  • Alexis

    Come on folks! Show the poor dear lady and her family some respect. They’ve lost a loved one. Isn’t that sad enough?

    • at

      Not at all. Just because they are sad does not make the funeral home more liable. It is not the funeral home’s fault the mother died, or that she was overweight.

      • Welcome to the Idiocracy

        Interesting logic…no, it was not the funeral home’s fault she died or was overweight, but it sure as H3LL was their fault the burial had glitches. The family should be recompensed for the cost of the funeral.

  • henry

    So did I, until I read your comment

    • picklepleasure

      Just picture Alex Jones laying naked on a pile of communist literature and slathered in pickle relish.
      Ohhhhhh aaagghhhh!!!!
      Damn gotta wash my sheets again

  • jintz

    Kinda like Chinese Restaurants next to the Veterinary Clinics !!

  • beagal

    Having had several family members died over the years (including my 12-year-old son, and also having worked as a funeral director, I guarantee I tried to treat
    my “cases” like family.

    We are not told whether the the deceased was autopsied, the passage of time between removal , refrigeration (if any !!!!), and the “embalming” that took place.

    As with other professions, it’s a small percentage of “funeral directors” who make the rest look bad.

    Come on! 230 lbs in an “oversze” casket!!!

    • Jerry

      Since when is the funeral director not aware of an autopsy, the large y on the chest should be a dead giveaway. And as for enabling if the funeral home don’t have a licensed embalmer usually an embalmer comes to the funeral home
      And the last point don’t the death certificate list the embalmer, funeral home and method of disposition.

  • Geepa

    Can the family sue for the humiliation they’ve received from the comments on this website?

    • Larry Burdge

      SURE, This is America, we can sue anyone for anything. Haven’t you heard ???

  • Tyrell Washington

    This is TRIVIA and of no importance to anyone but the victim. We have the Globalists faking the Osama Bin Elvis nonsense to use as an excuse to take away more of our freedoms and liberty. Soon you will have to go through naked body scanners just to enter a shopping mall and I’m wondering just how dumbed-down and slave-like the American Public really is.. Will they fight back against this coming tyranny or will they sit around and comment..seriously comment..on stories about peoples mothers having botched funerals? Time to Wake up people and smell the Tyranny. YouTube “Endgame” by Alex Jones.

    • anticommunist

      Alex Jones is a fraud. He spreads communist propaganda. He is an agent of the FSB.

    • Kelly

      How dumbed-down the American public is? One only has to read your post to get a very good idea of exactly how dumbed-down some people have become.

    • GavInTucson

      Tyrell is a perfect example of just how sad our country’s become. He lets a fear-monger on the radio and a few youtube videos warp his mind. Pretty sad

    • JustAGuy

      Eventually, Americans will have to go through a naked body scanner to attend a funural. If you refuse, a TSA agent will show up to give you a thorough groping. Leave your children at home if you don’t want them felt up too!

  • Erik C Gallegos

    This makes no sense to me. How’d that woman get milllions for burning her mouth on a pickle at mcdees and this guy only wants 50 grand for a botched burial. I’d ask for more.

    • kt

      “The suit seeks more than $50,000 in damages.” So they ARE asking for more.

  • Jeronimo Dan, Maribel, Texas

    What I like is, if you got a set of jumper cables, you can pay next months rent just showing up at the funeral home, or grave site!

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  • frank

    There are no sharks at the bottom of the Arabian Sea. So this lady body as treated worse than Osama.

  • Early Ardmore

    “After I’m dead I’d rather have people ask why I have no monument than why I have one.”
    – Cato the Elder (234-149 BC, AKA Marcus Porcius Cato)


  • Toodleooass

    Because the media in the U.S. reports weight in the metric system. Right.

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