Father, Daughter Charged With Growing Pot

CHICAGO (WBBM) – A West Suburban father and daughter are charged with growing pot in their home.

Police say they found three dozen marijuana plants growing in the house belonging to Andrew Aita, 49, and his daughter Kimber Aita, 23, in the 1000 block of Hahn Place in West Chicago.

The father and daughter appeared in bond court within minutes of each other yesterday. Andrew, who is charged with possession of cannabis, was given a $50,000 bond. Kimber, who’s charged with production of cannabis with intent to deliver, was given a $35,000 bond.

Father and daughter were both previously convicted of misdemeanor drug charges in recent years.

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    A father daughter routine,how sweet. He has taught his daughter well,that she need not obey the law. Nice morals Mr. Aita, And where is Mommy Aita? Already doing time? Happy Mothers Day,from your husband and daughter.

    • ben dayhoe

      Once again everyone gets it wrong! All we hear is that dads don’t spend enough time with their children and here is a guy who is fully engaged in giving his daughter a skill such as gardening and the facists come in and lock him up.. I suppose people would be happy if this was another dead beat dad that ignored his kids or failed to pay child support. This poor man should be going to parenting groups and giving speeches. Don’t give this guy a prison sentence, give him a gift certificate to the local plant nursery so he can do more constructive activities with his daughter. She is a lucky girl to have a dad who takes the time to have a llittle hobby.

      • ben dayhoe

        I feel inspired by this gentleman…my son just informed me that he has been colllecting lint from his belly button, we will begin construction on a scale model of president Obama’s left ear made entilrely of belly button lint.. I decree May as “Dad’s spend time with your kid’s month.

    • ryan

      Nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. -Albert Einstein

    • Fred D

      My, aren’t you smug and self-righteous.


        Yes, and thank you very much for the compliment.

    • srdib

      itiswhatitis<< your stupidity is overwhelming . what the heck were these two doing that was such a terrible crime? get a life, cuz the one you have isnt making it.

      • srdib

        ITISWHATITIS <<<<< one word, moron. prohibition. smoking pot saves me from taking 4 different meds for pain due to service connected disability serving in Vietnam. i have no drool running down my chin. i am self sufficient in every way. no need for a clown like you to tell me right from wrong. i wish more people would grow pot and have it legalized. why dont you take a ride to hines hospital in maywood and take a walk past the spinal injury clinic. tell those boys that smoking pot is not legal and they have to take meds that wreck their brain and make them zombies. if youre so smart, i dont need to tell you where to stick your opinion, now do i? you dont sound like a happy person to me.


        Gee Mr.,Mrs, or Ms. srdib,What is really overwhelming is that you think you can judge my IQ while you can’t even see that what they were doing is against the law. Not that it’s a horrible crime,just that they are breaking the law. When and if pot ever gets legalized,they can then grow all they want and smoke until their eyes turn green. Until then they need to obey the laws,right or wrong. Why do people like yourself always think laws are for other people and not themselves? Can you honestly say that Mr Aita teaching and helping his daughter break the law is the way all parents should raise their children? Lack of parental control and teaching children good morals is a major reason society is what it is today.I certainly hope that with your judgement you are not a parent,nor have plans to be one.I have no need to get a new life,the life I have is and has always been wonderful. If you find the need to escape yours with a little pot now and then there’s apparently something lacking in your life. You really need to glance in the mirror before the dribble runs from your mouth and clarifies your ignorance.

      • say what

        and apparently the happy life of itiswhatitis is spend mostly criticizing others and their opinions. Bravo, for your wonderful life! Repent repent!!

  • Watching2011

    The family that grows together, does time together. Smoke it if u have it !

  • srdib

    that should not be a crime, PERIOD! its ok to get drunk and pass out, or get drunk and beat up someone. but heaven forbid you smoke a bowl and just chill. this is the worse state to live in. who were these people hurting? they a big drug cartel that the u.s. cant even stop anyway. but yeah, jump on a guy for growing pot. criminal of the year. these laws are backwards. legalize pot, get it over with. not like the state couldnt uses the tax money from the growing and sales of pot. stupid stupid lawmakers.

    • status quo

      you are right – it should not be a crime – but it is…
      and it is not Ok to get drunk and beat up someone…
      yes this is the worst state to live in, But if you dont like it – DO SOMETHING, dont just sit on the puter with a doobie and complain and eat cheetos. Get out of your parents basement

      • srdib

        status quo<<<<its not easy when youre in a wheel chair. i do the best i can with what i have. want to trade places for a week? or even a day? i dont think so.

  • Sam

    Stupid law, nice to see a family getting along though.

  • limegreen

    at the very least marijuana she be decriminalized…no one should ever go to jail over marijuana…this is so stupid…..sadly though i feel it will nver be legal because its big bussiness…you might be surprised to know who really profits from this plant being ilegal…..we need serious marijuana law refroms and now…not yrs down the road after its been talked about till ya blue in the face…enuff talk…we need action

    • srdib

      amen to that. its amazing how the lawmakers dont understand the tax revenue from making pot legal. the only ones getting rich are the drug cartels.


        Mr, srdib,The law makers don’t care about tax revenue,if they did,Chicago,Illinois,and the entire country wouldn’t be as deep in debt as they are and about to go bankrupt. It’s not just the drug cartels getting rich ,it’s the politicians.Just because we disagree as to a father and his daughter breaking the law is no reason to start calling names. I never said you were a moron. I drive to Hines once a month for MRI’s to check on the locations of the pins in my back to see if they have shifted,so please don’t try to tell me the status of vets and the pain from having been in Vietnam. I have stayed away from the meds since my third surgery and smoked my last joint at Khe Sanh in 1967,so yea there’s pain at times. If a bozo(clown) wants to break the law,play the cop,lawyer and judge routine so be it,I’m not going to tell them what they can or can’t do. I’m just saying a guy breaking the law and growing his own weed with his daughter is leaving a lot on the table as a father. Help her spend time in jail,yea that’s real smart. I don’t claim to be smart,but I’m certainly not dumb,at least not dumb enough to spend whatever time I have left in life sitting an hour in jail with the low life . I’m also not so dumb as to turn over my hard earned money to the dealer in the alley. You spend your money the way you wish,It’s yours. I wake up ever morning and thank the good Lord I’m still breathing,I get to see my 5 kids and my 10 grand kids,all healthy and drug free,so yes I am a happy person. Sorry about the chair,but at least you came home.

  • mrbfd

    MJ is a wondrous, life enhancing substance. The law be damned!

    Oh, & the word “judgment” has eight letters.


      My bad,You must have won all the spelling bees when you were in school. I never messed with those bees,I was too busy rolling papers on the playground.

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