Tanning Salon Owners, Teens Object To Proposed Regulations

CHICAGO (WBBM) – Teenagers who enjoy the site of a healthy tan.. thanks to help from a tanning parlor may be out of luck in Illinois with the introduction of legislation banning the practice

Legislation has been introduced in both houses of the General Assembly that if passed would prohibit anyone under the age of 18, even with parental consent, from using tanning salons.

The bills are in light of information from the International Agency for Research on Cancer which likens tanning beds to cigarettes in terms of causing cancer.

Research from the organization showed skin cancer increased by 75 percent for those under the age of 30 who regularly used tanning beds.

Local salon owners argue they offer a controlled environment that is better than outdoor tanning and that the government needs to stay out of the industry.

  • srdib

    what is this country turning into? now the govt wants to tell people who can tan? how are you going to stop these under 18 yr old teens from laying outdoors to get a tan? now we are going to have to have tanning police. ( a job i wouldnt mind having, “scuse me miss, need to see those tan lines!) if the parents allow it, then let them do it for petes sake.

    • Jeremy

      Are you really that dense, or are you just trying to overstate yourself to make a point? No where has ANYONE, EVER, said that teens should, or even can, be banned from getting tans outdoors. The proposed laws would only restrict the use of beds, which have been conclusively shown to significantly increase the risk of skin cancer when used regularly by this demographic. There is more than enough opportunity for legitimate debate about valid perspectives on actual ideas in our political system without people like you turning the process into some kind of Jerry Springer style ordeal where everything must be made to sound as EXTREME as possible.

      • srdib

        and tell me professor, how is the sun any better? its worse, you @*(@_#! i was using that as a point of how far the govt wants to go on this. jeremy, isnt it time to go feed your cat? its not a matter of whats right and wrong, its a matter of choice. if you were to feel the need to step in front of a metra train, i wouldnt stop you, as a matter of fact, i would applaud your decision, one more of your kind off the earth.

      • Jeremy

        See, the thing is though, and if you’re to assume I’m a proffesor and a cat owner because I’m educated (I’m actually neither) I’m going to assume you’re a hillbilly with a pet pig. So, now that we’ve been formally introduced, let me say that you’re doing it again. I never said the sun wasn’t worse. It absolutely can be. But that’s not the point. The point is that these girls are making decisions they are not fully prepared to make, and should not be punished later on in life because their parents weren’t responsible enough to teach them about the dangers, and to have enough self respect to care more about their health than shallow vanity. The same kind of people who apparently also teach their children that it is OK to hate a complete stranger so much for having an opinion different than yours that you would actually wish him harm and death just to silence him. Violence and hatred are the tools of those who don’t have valid points or common sense. I wish you a long and happy life full of joy and continued learning. I think you could probably use more of both…

  • Lisa Ladonski

    I don’t think that teens belong in tanning salons to begin with. If they want a tan, they should go outside! Have you seen some of these women who have been tanning at salons since they were 16? They could be biker chicks and not need the leather jacket.

    • srdib

      lisa<< and the sun is better??? its the opposite, but apparently you havent looked into the facts. so just do your own thing and educate yourself before you offer an opinion

      • srdib's #1 fan

        How can you tell others to “educate yourself” when you have horrible punctuation and spelling habits?

      • srdib's #1 fan

        Besides nobody has to be educated to make an opinion. Maybe you should pop a few Quaaludes and chill out for a while.

  • Mark

    its a good thing but for the wrong reasons. A non-cancer teen becomes a tax payer, and a dead one don’t. its all about $$$$$$$

    • Illegalize everything

      Right on Mark

      • Dee

        Let’s spend taxpayer money on something a bit more useful than becoming communists please. Another waste of taxpayer resources even debating something so stupid.

  • Illegalize everything

    Government wants us to smoke and tan for the tax dollars.If it is so bad for us, make it illegal. You cant have your cake and eat it too. Put some more businesses out so we can all rely on more government support. We are doing away with the middle class, and as I go through the half empty strip malls, I see one smoke shop and one tanning salon staying alive. Of course there is a hot dog stand selling healthy dogs and fries. Oh yeah, the dry cleaner polutiing the soill with the powerful cleaning solutions. Then there is the loan store in the corner of the mall charging loan sharking interest. Remember tobacco and tanning salons pay additional taxes., the others do as much damage, but no one suffers but the consumer. When does this stop? The little guy and the medium guy are gone. Big corporations can pollute, use sweat shop labor overseas, but the little guy pays. Go figure

    • srdib


  • mom

    It’s sight of a healthy tan, not site. Great editing.
    As far as the topic at hand goes, if my teen wants to waste her money at a tanning salon that’s her business and her problem if she over does it. We can’t protect them from everything.

  • Laurie

    So a girl can have a out patient surgery at any age, with no restrictions and without a parent’s knowledge… (an abortion). Yeah, THIS makes sense!! What happened to “It’s my body?” Let the girl cook herself to a crisp… it’s her right.

  • lmg

    I see both sides. Government should not tell us what to do. Parents/Guardians should at least try to educate those under 18 about the risks involved.

    Yes, I have had 2 Mohs surgery (the Dr. has to be specialized in this) for skin cancer near the corner of my eye/nose. Yes, i used tanning beds, yes with using lotions. It still didnt help because of my genetic background. I wish the youth can see the scar that runs down from between my eyes along my bridge and then down to the eye. My skin was sort of shifted. because it was stretched. I am allowed insurance wise to see a Dr. anytime for skin cancer in this area because i am labeled with having a second surgery.

    Youth are definitely smarter than many of us 30 yrs ago. Anyone should simply make the right decision. Another form to sign after they look at a photo of someone having this surgery … they can do what they want. Should the government do this?

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  • JDoll

    Hilarious – Jeremy

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