Thunderstorm Warning Issued For Southern Counties

As of 5/7/11 6:56 p.m.: Severe t-storm WATCH has been canceled for Will, Grundy, Kendall and LaSalle Counties in the Chicago area, but continues for Kankakee.

CHICAGO (STMW) – Central Illinois and several several southern counties should brace for severe thunderstorms, winds and hail Saturday night.

A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 10 p.m. for most of central Illinois, including Will, Grundy, Kankakee counties and counties south of Chicago, according to the National Weather Service’s website.

Additionally, a flood warning remains in effect in northwest Indiana for the Kankakee River in Jasper, Lake, Newton and Porter counties, the weather service said.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected Saturday night, and some could produce large hail and damaging winds, the weather service said.

The storms are expected to move out of the area late Saturday, and Sunday is expected to be mostly sunny with high temperatures in the 60s.

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  • Geoff

    I hope my basement will not flood and everything will get soaked.
    Please stop the climate change. We all know this is due to the heat and the changing weather we are having. Tornado alley is far away but also may hit.
    We are praying that we will not get so much water and our homes will be ruined for sure.
    Saturday and Sunday are the only days we get off and if the water fill our basements we will have to get all the sand out of our house.
    Please pray to God in church for a good weather to come our way.

    • Peeulosi

      Complete assumption and wacko “green” brainwashing. UP until last week the Worst storm ever was 1925. Where was your Global Goring since then? It killed 700 people, the Tri-State Tornado and was on the ground for 219 miles and STILL has the fastest speed forward at 73mph. YET we are to beiieve that driving cars and farting can turn a planetary bodie’s temp up and down to suit a sinister IPCC poltical end? No thanks. Keep your Change. Truth is, These storms have happened and in worse form long before the new Globalist Religion. Even in a recent PBS special on the Revolutionary WAR, Hessians letters sent home to relatives were found. THEY were hired as mercenariness to fight us by the BRITS. They described horror and Terror hiding from the “Worst Thunderstorms” any of them have ever seen as they hid from our forces in the NY State Woods. This is all Weather, plain and simple. Not caused by excess moisture. Even NOAA explained that the ocean currents and Wind Sheer causes this way more than “Climate CHANGE!!!” boo! ..Now, go Genuflect to your photos of Obama and Gore.


        Can I get an AMEN? And also a new President and Congress? While you are getting rid of most all of those Bozo’s,see if you can possibly send Mr. Gore(I’M MAKING $ MILLIONS $ ON THIS) and Mr Moore( I HATE $ MONEY $, BUT GIVE ME MOORE) down to live with Mr. Chavez,seeing as how this country isn’t up to their elite,uneducated,wishes and dreams.

  • Bill

    It’s 55 degrees outside now.Wheres the warming?Oh,I know,your liberal excuse is always……you took it out of context!Don’t challenge our theory because we are right and you are wrong!!!! It’s a political agenda!How about the cows in india releasing all that methane and a few termites too!

  • swizzle

    I always find it funny when uneducated individuals rush to denounce Global warming when its not hot outside. Its clear they are too stupid to understand that the extra rain and snow we had this year is a result of Global warming, if you doubt that go look it up and see for yourself. @Bill, you need to go back to school.


      Mr swizzle,Just what do you have your “swizzle” in ? I do believe it might be your butt. I’m so impressed with your dribble, you must really be educated. Oh,I have to cut this short, excuse me but it’s getting hot ,rainy and kind of humid outside and I need to adjust the thermostat on my carbon foot print air conditioner. Oh goodness,do you think Al will be mad at me for having my air conditioner on?

    • peeulosi

      Haha, Swizzle *stick it. The Climate is ONLY what you and the liberal Green Demons say it is eh? Go read “COOL it” a good book that may help you sleep at night. Sure the planets warmer, but your Libbie Hero’s answer to it IS…… GIVE US MORE of your money. No thanks. Rearrange work days and hours first. Change over infrastructure to electric or hydrogen Cars. Let people work at computers from home. THERE is a host of things that can be done BEFORE you do the Mandatory punishments that the Dems do for all things.

  • Joe Patroni

    If it weren’t for “green brain washing” we would still have cars buringin leaded gasolie with no emissions controls. Ever stand next to a restored 50s-70s car? You can still smell fumes and gasoline vapor odors even when the motor is not running.

    • peeulosi

      No, Joe, it wasn’t GREEN Brain washing, it was science and common sense. But the problem is…every other nation, especially our fine brothers in South America, China and India, all have horrid gas/smoke belchers. Ever see the Standards for Mexican Trucks?…there are NONE. Nobody says don’t try. BUT carbon causing the glaciers to melt? Carbon making Tornadoes “appear” out of nowhere and flood our buddies basement up there? All this has been seen before. It’s nothing new. Guess what?…YOU can’ t turn a planetary body’s temps UP and down like a thermostat, even if Your’re Oblamea

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