Girl, 9, Sexually Assaulted In South Shore

UPDATED 05/09/11 10:00 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — It happens every spring, when the weather gets warmer and open windows allow criminals of all types access to what they seek.

In a horrific case in the South Shore neighborhood over the weekend, the victim of such an incident was a 9-year-old girl, who was sexually assaulted as she slept.

The incident occurred overnight in the 2500 block of East 72nd Street and was reported, according to police News Affairs Officer Darryl Baety.

The girl was apparently left at home alone while her mother was at work when the suspect came in through the window, said Baety.

“He sexually assaulted her and then when she woke, he fled the scene,’’ said Baety.

Baety said the child was taken to an unidentified hospital.

Police only have a vague description of the suspect. He is described as white or Hispanic, slim, and about 6 feet tall.

In the building where the attack occurred, residents are worried about the child victim, they fear whoever hurt her might return.

Resident Antoinette Jordan someone tried to break in last week. Some windows that line the back porch stairs have bars on them, but some don’t.

There is a locked gate leading to the back porch area. There are also plenty of cameras.

“With all the cameras around this neighborhood we’re hoping that some surveillance might have caught this perpetrator,” says community activist Andrew Holmes, who was going door to door Monday to warn residents.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Sarah

    The most important fact in this story seems to be missing. The description of the attacker.

    • Luis

      I doubt it was an Icelander. Not in that neighborhood.

    • Bren

      well thats easy it will probably end up being the mothers boyfriend or something someone close to her that knew she wouldn’t be there and the child would be alone. I’m hoping thats not true but that is usually the case. which is probably why they are not saying anything want to follow that lead first.

  • lillie

    The mother should be arrested for leaving her 9 year old child home alone and I am wondering why were the windows so easily accessible. This person obviously knows this family. This is child endangerment and neglect at it’s highest.

  • Juanita Walker

    I thought that the law states that a child had to be 14 yrs old to be without a baby sitter. I agree too that it was someone that knew she would be alone, and the mother should be charged.

  • Bud

    Ditto,on the mother being charged!!!

  • Sara

    You’ve obviously never been a poor single mother who had to go to work and couldn’t find a sitter. Be a little less judgmental

    • Luis

      If people who ask others not to be judgmental, like you Sara, were running the Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal, the Nazis would have got off scot-free.

      • YM

        WOW what a comparison. You must live a sheltered life, go out to the real world a little.



      • YM

        Good for you. How commandable. Do you live in the same neighbourhood? Maybe you can help her out..since you seem to have people helping you out..

    • Rebecca Hill

      thank you, Sara. It is so easy to pass judgement, especially if you have never had to make hard choices to feed your family.

  • YM

    Lets not just blame the mother. If she earns $10 an hrs. the temptation not to pay for a baby sitter is very high, I know some people will say , whats more important your daughter life’s or money. The answer is obvious but we are not in her shoes when she does not have enough money to pay rent and food.

  • Mack Daley

    They’re never going to describe the attacker if he’s black.
    The media just doesn’t do that.
    Mack D

    • C

      You’re an idiot

  • Kathleen

    To YM…All I can say to you is :You need to get your priorities straight.
    A child is a precious gift entrusted to a woman by God! These children are helpless & need their parents to guide them in the right direction in life, & be there to protect them until they’re adults. Their job as a parent is to guide the child through life, & teach them right from wrong, & teach them a good set of moral standards, etc. As a parent they’re also suppose to guard that child with their life if necessary! If you can’t be Trusted by God, then who is it that can trust you at all? Having a job isn’t going to help your situation if your child is raped, or is killed, or burns in the house alone, etc.
    A job will only allow you to have the material things in life, which are Second to all of the above! Yes, she needs to pay rent & buy food etc….but there are ways she can get that financial support, be it through Child Support, State asst., Township asst…or have the child’s father babysit, or a family member, or a neighbor that you trust…But NEVER Leave A Child Alone! She’s Lucky the rapist let her live…What if he killed her? How important would this woman’s job have been then? In my mind…There Are No Excuses For Leaving A Child Alone, EVER!

  • China

    “He sexually assaulted her and then when she woke, he fled the scene.” So this tells me that he didn’t rape her. He touched her. Either way it’s horrendous and my prayers go out for her and her family. I hope they catch the guy that did it.



  • Lyndia

    Why did the mother leave the child alone? I was a poor motherwith 2 children but I never left them alone. The mo ther should be charged with neglect.

  • Sick Of It

    the whole situation is horrid. The mother is an absolute monster for going to work and leaving that child there alone. She was assaulted, sexually – whether it was a full rape or whatever, that little girl will never feel safe again. Stupid parent, horrible criminal, and poor alone little child! I say that girl should be taken from her idiot moron of a mother, put into a decent home where the parents care enough to get a babysitter (and can afford it) and the mother should be forced to undergo counselling. The person who perpetrated the crime, running the streets, may or may not be caught, but is probably getting off on all the trouble this has caused. What a sick society where people think it’s okay to leave their young ones alone like that.

  • SouthSideDiva

    I agree with Kathleen. You couldn’t find a trusted relative or neighbor to watch your child while you were at work?

  • Misti

    yes it was a dumb choice the mother made, i would have called my boss an explained that i didn’t have a babysitter an asked if someone can fill in for me or brought my child to work with me since it was that serious she had to go to work. i have eight kids of my own an i would NEVER, EVER Leave them alone no matter what. i have three kids that’s in school an the oldest is ten an i still don’t let them walk to school by themselves an we stay four blocks from the school in a good neighborhood. i don’t trust anyone. people are crazy these days. all i can say to the mothers out there is cherish what you have before its gone. take care of your kids to the mothers out there.

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