Woman Goes Into Labor After I-55 Crash

WILLOWBROOK (WBBM/CBS) — For one mother, this Mother’s Day will be one she’ll likely never forget; she went into labor after she was involved in a seven-car pileup on the Stevenson Expressway.

The crash happened around 2 p.m. on Interstate 55 near County Line Road. Illinois State Police said a pregnant woman was involved in the crash and went into labor at the scene.

Rev. Anne Utterback, pastor of the Lemont United Methodist Church, was among drivers stuck on I-55 after the seven-car pileup. She had just pulled onto I-55 from Kingery Highway in Willowbrook when she saw the pileup ahead of her.

“You could see the smoke up there and, so, you know, I took out my chaplain card and I followed one of the ambulances up and asked the officer if they needed any help,” Utterback said.

Officers told her about the pregnant woman.

“Her water broke and she went into labor and they called the ambulance and so she went off to the hospital,” Utterback said.

Another woman, who was stuck in the traffic tie-up, asked police for help. She had a newborn in the car and the vehicle was getting hot. Police escorted her and the baby out of the traffic jam.

Police said there were no fatalities in the car crash.

  • Joe Rellik

    This sounded like a preventable crash. 90% of all crashes are due to driver error or a violation occurs first. This is what happens when you taiil gate. Use a four second following distance and add an additional second for each adverse driving condition.

    • Dillon Johnson

      I was in the accident…. 2 cars collided and then 4 of us cars stopped in time and didnt hit eachother… a 7th car did not brake and hit my car full speed and threw all the cars in to eachother… her car went up in flames

    • Dillon Johnson

      and what sounded preventable?… the part u know nothing about, or the nothing that they told u in the article? There are no details in this article hotshot…. u actually dont know everything

  • Peggy Johnson

    Thank God for no fatalities in the crash! What Joe Rellick says is so true. It just takes one person to mess up to start a chain reaction. Hope all the folks, moms & babies are doing well now.

  • Tammy

    I am soooo grateful there were no fatalities and to the lady that went into labor i pray a healthy baby…and if you had the baby today…Happy Mothers Day…

  • senorbooloo

    actually if people would remember the “rules of the road” from drivers ed. the law states clearly the distance between cars should be one car length for every ten mph you are traveling. so if you’re going 40 mph the car behind you should be 4 car lengths. thats the law and helps avoid accidents. but not many do it or dont remember it from the drivers test. some need a reminder. by then its too late. they already hurt someone.

    • Dillon Johnson

      well genius… actually 4 of us cars didnt hit eachother because we had proper following distance…. 4 of us stopped in time and didnt collide until a 7th car flew up full speed 2 seconds after we came to a stop and slammed into my car and caused everyone to be thrown into the car ahead of them….. no different than being at a stop light and something slamming into ur car

  • Vinny

    Distractions are the #1 cause of accidents…get off the phone put down the book bottom line watch the road. Accidents aren’t caused by ppl speeding the 9 times out of 10 the ones who are speeding are the ones who are actually paying full attention to driving. I see ppl stopped on ramps trying to merge I see ppl doing 30 in a 40 talking on the phone. Yet the distracted drivers don’t get the tickets. Sometimes I think ppl get thier license out of a cracker jacks box.

    • Dillon Johnson

      yea, i seriously think that 7th car was on her cell phone or something, the car that went up in flames rear ended my car full speed, 2 seconds after 4 of us had already come to a complete stop and avoided any collisions

  • Leslie

    I saw the accident from the other side of I55…It could have been worse…Thanking God for no injuries…one of the cars was totally burned! Scary and the traffic tie up on that side of the highway was bad….People need to slow down and keep their eyes on the road…hope no one was texting!

  • Dillon Johnson

    One car cut off another, 2 of them hit….. then my car and 3 others stopped in time and did not collide… about 2 full seconds after we came to a complete stop… the 7th car came flying up full speed and slammed into the back of my car. That caused the chain reaction and cuz the 4 of us who had stopped in time, to then all collide. It was a solid accident, people from every car went to the hosiptal, and the 7th car went up in flames after about 10 minutes. Popping and flashing 100% engulfed, fire and police had to clear the area because it was expected to blow

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