2 Women Stabbed At Mother’s Day Cookout

CHICAGO (CBS) — What started as a Mother’s Day cookout in the South Side’s Park Manor neighborhood ended with two women being stabbed.

Around 9:15 p.m. Sunday, children began fighting at the cookout in the 7300 block of South Langley Avenue, police said.

A 26-year-old woman became involved in the fight, and ended up stabbing two women with a knife, police said.

The two victims, whose ages were not immediately known, were taken in stable condition to Jackson Park Hospital and Medical Center.

There were no reports of charges as of just before 10 a.m. Monday.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • ADifferentBreed

    Teaching the kids the right way to fight I presume. These baby makers do not deserve to be called mother’s.


  • Mr. Justice

    I agree with you. The gun ban seems to work very well against Law Abiding Citizens, perhaps we can institute the Knife Ban too.

  • HeadUpHigh

    Whoever you are,,, this is a Very Racist Comment!.. Yes, I agree with you that this is sick.. But to be racist about it..Do Not Make it Better!.

    • English Please

      correction: “Does Not Make it Better”.


        Actually,the fact is,nothing is probably going to make it better. And the wheel goes round and round.

    • srdib

      english please

  • HeadUpHigh

    ADifferentBreed, I couldnt have said it better.

  • iHateWhitePeople

    Tyrone is an idiot!

    • Gregg

      @IHate, Thats funny, I find his humor to be quite clever. I don’t think he is an idiot at all.

  • Craig Ducketts


  • zelvis

    Our cities have serious problems. Minority communities also have serious problems. But what good does it do for a bunch of judgmental idiots to weigh in with their snide comments? These problems aren’t going to fix themselves, and the people who need to learn better ways to live their lives aren’t reading this. Whether or not you think you had anything to do with creating the problem, you have to be part of the solution, because this stuff affects all of our lives in the end. What are you doing to be part of the solution? Not much besides writing self-superior comments on the internet, I’m guessing.

    • Mr. Justice

      Actually, I do not “have to be part of the solution”. It isn’t going to get fixed by the government, social services, etc. The only way to change one’s actions is by changing their hearts. And don’t tell me people do not know right from wrong.

  • tunafish charlie


    • Tyrell

      This is just so typical in the black community. If you have a disagreement, fight. If you are really angry, then grab a weapon and try to kill. I just don’t get it.

      • righttrack

        That is the result from numerous generations of inbreeding and drug consumption/addition. Remember that the blacks blame (or thank – depending on your point of view) the whites for the introduction of crack cocaine into the ghettos.

  • Tyreese

    @Lysol, I agree, the stupid black ho probably doesn’t even know who her kid’s father is. SOS

  • Jamall

    @Tyrone, That’s hilarious,HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa. Good post.

  • LittleOldLady

    @Bigsand, What kind of terrible thing is that to say to your fellow commenters? What really is your problem? Please get some help!

  • Mr Wizard

    Just another normal day on the south side.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    I just loooooooooooove to read stories like this one. Even though it just confirms what I already know I never get tired of it.

  • Pothead

    YOU TOO YOU MOFO HO !!!!!!!!

    • Oh Henry

      Wow! You are one dumb person. A little man who hides behind his computer and has no guts to really venture out to the real world. We are sick of your verbal vomit you piece of white trash.

      • Pothead

        Cry me a river little man.

  • Debbie W

    Since people are able to express their opinons on these blogs, I’m finding Americans hate each other more than any other race on the planet, America it’s own worst enemy. Too many evil comments.

    • Tyreese

      @Debbie, It’s not the comments that are evil, but rather the behavior of so many people in the black community. A simple disagreement should never end in bloodshed, but many people don’t think twice about it. It’s not about hate at all. It’s just sickening, reading about these vicious fools, day in and day out. Something needs to change.

      • dcg721g

        Crime does not only occur in the black communities of chicago but all communities… Depending on the ethical back ground of the community reveals the type of crimes that occur within that community…. The problem why these crimes continue in black communities is because they are given less attention when it comes to solving these issues giving the average criminal the okay to continue criminal activity within the area… while in the more upscale community there is more police presence, less tolerance and severe punishment issued to offender when crimes occur,,,

    • ADifferentBreed

      I wasn’t aware that American’s were a race?

      • US Citizen

        The master race !


    What a wonderful way to celebrate Mothers Day. Oh people,people,let’s show a little love here for a poor,lost,disrespected,uneducated,held down,and probably a crack head Mother just for sticking up for her little ones.She can’t be a really too bad of a parent, but I wonder why she is cutting some one up in front of her children. Could it be that instances in front of the wee ones such as this is teaching them the way to go through life as they age.Maybe this is a reason why the wheel goes round and round and round.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    Love the stories, love the comments even more….this is so much fun.


    EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES The ONLY people that can have any influence in regards to affecting the current problems with the black community are BLACK people. Hispanics for Hispanics, Whites for Whites. Hey dcg721g, I am a nurse at Roseland Community Hospital, and when I arrive at work, the whole AREA is packed with Police cars, so your statement is as stupid as you probably are. The white neighborhoods, generally speaking don’t NEED alot of police presence

    • dcg721g

      Believe what you want but my personal experience reveals otherwise… note I said upscale community, when it come to law inforcements and tolerance within the different communities how it is handle varies… While I myself living in a area considered to be a lower scale community; my building was broken into five times… the fifth time the individual was making an atempt to break into my apartment… police came out did a walk through my unit and brush it off, I was so upset at the time, I didn’t realize he didn’t even give me an police report and that’s like saying it didn’t happen… When my sister call the police living in an more upper scale neighborhood, believing someone was breaking into her garage, she in turn told the dispatcher that it was okay and it was a false alarm. The dispatcher replied that the police would be out there anyway just to be safe and she was given an report without asking for one… Roseland Community Hospital area is pack with police presence to assure you and your co workers have a safe passage to and from work,.. you only think white people don’t need alot of police presence until young and middle age women are mugged or raped or individuals start to disappear and become a missing person…. my point is crime happens everywhere no matter what the race is… But what I find really amazing is that being an educated woman, with all the racial slurs and ignorent jokes printed on this blog, you took the time call me stupid because of the statement I made base on my own personal experience… really?

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