Emanuel: ‘The Whole City Is Excited To Start Something New’

CHIACGO (WBBM) — Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel will take office in just one week, and he says “The whole city is excited to start something new.”

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller reports, Mayor-elect Emanuel will soon be dropping the “elect” part of his title.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Steve Miller reports

“I think the whole city is excited to start something new, hit the reset button, and chart a new course in writing a new chapter to bring the type of change that we need to the status quo,” Emanuel said.

Whether it is the safety of the streets, Emanuel says, or the quality of the public schools, “there are city finances at every level.

“We need to bring the type of changes to the status quo because it’s not working for our city or our taxpayers anymore,” he said.

Emanuel made his comments at a South Side walk for breast cancer on Sunday.

  • albert lopez

    I bet the crime rate on the south side of Chicago does not lower under his leadership as mayor.

  • mike

    @ albert lopez:
    What the hell is he supposed to do other than what the police can do. He can’t control how people act!

    • Therese

      I agree with you whole heartenly, he is going to be the mayor and not God.

  • Dee

    Oh boy, another call for “hope and change”. Let’s hope that works out better than the original liar who coined the phrase.

  • yuly springs

    Everything begins at home and with the family. In my neighborhood, we al have ethical good families and we wwatch for each others well being. We walk the alleys to make sure nothing bad is going on .


      Keep up the good work,I hope you are packing a 38 or 45 while walking the alley.



  • tom Sharp

    The biased media strike again: On one hand everyone (including CBS and other media) agrees that the “status quo” sucks and massive change is needed in all facets of city government, education, etc. On the other hand, all the media continue their relentless blind praise of the lame duck mayor and his appointees that have run the city for the last 20 years. Time for the media (including CBS) to step up and tell the truth about da ex-Mayor and his education, police, and budget heads that have put this town in the sorry shape it is!

  • NO lies

    well Dee— here we go again hate-The President has done a great job and he got bib Laden-now lets get our troops home- Over Four r thousand have died for Cheney oil- First its the birthers then its the schoolers- Now its the Death certificate When does it stop never you know why and I know why because Bush was the worst yet nit a peep from the haters. get over it the black man is in the white house.


      Oh my God ,What have you been reading,or worse yet who have you been listening to? Yes there are nut cakes on every issue in today’s world,but please get your facts correct before your dribble runs from your mouth and shows your IQ. Yes, a 1/2 black man is in the White House and it was the white Independents that put him there,and that’s not wrong. Quit blaming Bush for all that’s wrong with this country today,he has been gone from office for over 2 years now. Get over it and accept the true fact that the current problems in this country and the blame for getting us there, are to be placed on the current administration and the $ trillions$ they have been spending the last 2 years. I certainly hope you have gotten your change you were expecting,no one else besides the elite,liberal, Democrats did.

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