Bulls vs Hawks – Keys To Game 5

CHICAGO (CBS) The Chicago Bulls had the opportunity to take control of their Eastern Conference semifinal series with Atlanta Hawks in Game 4, but a late Hawks run tied the series at two games apiece.

The series is now down to a race to two games. Chicago has home court advantage for a Game 7, but would much rather not see the series go that far. Here are the keys to a Bulls’ victory in Game 5.

Secondary Scoring
-Derrick Rose has been amazing so far this series, he’s scored 152 of the Bulls’ 484 points (31.4%). But it was clear during the 100-88 loss to the Hawks that someone else needs to step up for the Bulls. Kyle Korver and Luol Deng had off-nights, and while Carlos Boozer looked good early in the game, he didn’t get many touches down the stretch. The 12-point loss was Chicago’s biggest defeat of the postseason, so all the Bulls need is for the other starters, or the Bench Mob, to provide a little more offense.

Defense, Defense, Defense
-On the season, the Bulls have allowed the second fewest points per game, just 91.3 per contest. Head coach Tom Thibodeau has preached defense to his team from the day he took over the reigns, and the players have bought into his philosophy. In their two losses to the Hawks in this series, Atlanta has managed to score 100 and 103 points. In Chicago’s two victories, they’ve held the Hawks to 73 and 82 points.

Start Fast
-The Hawks are a streaky team that relies on confidence more than anything. When the Bulls have jumped out to early leads in this series they’ve had a much easier time with the Hawks. The first five minutes of the game should be important. If the Bulls can establish a lead and frustrate the Hawks with their defense and rebounding, they could be heading back to Atlanta with a one-game lead.

  • Will

    Well first off let me start off by saying, these playoffs have been called by the refs horribly!! I hate it when the refs can dictate the outcome of a game or should I say the Momentum shift! Secondly, we must realize the Bulls are who they are. What I want everybody else on this team to do is learn their rolls and go balls out!! D Rose is your supastar everything else is a team effort. When the Bulls Roll players dont play their roll we lose like on sunday. To win a Championship with this team we have to play team offense and team defense. Stop standing around watching Derrick on offense and stop standing around watching Boozer mess up defensively!!….Atlanta is soft and they don’t want to play a physical game because they can’t. Its time to put the women and kids to bed and go looking for dinner!! Bulls now is the time to start playing team ball!! Right now.. Look at the Heat. They are starting to play team ball. Their roll players are learning their rolls and sticking to them. Its not hard and we have the most potential in the league to do so. Lets Go Bulls, clamp down and lets stop playing with these teams that have no business on the same floor with us!!

  • Will

    I dont know why I feel like this but why is Chicago period so hated on around the sports world!!! Can somebody please tell me why because its nerve reckening to see our beloved teams be cheated game after game. Call after call go against us. Why is that. Is it because we are a true grinding, Blue Collared city, We have the best food, the best player in the NBA, the best coach… Dont nobody want to see us become champions again.!! But do I feel this way alone!!

    • Patrick

      I agree bro

  • Patrick

    D Rose can’t do it all by himself. He needs his team. They need to move around, and stop waiting for D Rose to make a miracle happen. The missed call on that 3 pointer by Rose changed the whole momentum of the game. That was clearly a foul and he shouldve shot 3 free throws. The refs need to do their job. The Bulls need to play defense. But lets be real. The Bulls aren’t gonna allow another win by Atlanta. The series ends 4-2 BULLS!

  • Bingo Brown

    What’s the over-under on defensive 3 seconds that will occur in the 1st quarter? I’ll say 1.5, and then 2.5 for the first half. EVERY GAME they start off with 1 or 2 of those easily avoidable violations, WAKE UP! MOVE AROUND! They also need to stop taking it for granted that they’ll win. They win when they play solid offense and defense the whole game, not 3 quarters of it. Realize that a loss is HUGE in the playoffs, not just another loss. Sometimes they play so uninspired that people are probably saying “this team really isn’t as good as people said”. It’s so frustrating seeing a team that’s unstoppable when they play together just go through the motions and expect to win. Also, if someone is doing well in the first quarter, don’t avoid them in the second half.

  • Ricardo Tom

    Rose’s jump shot is looking really flat. Looked a little better for game four but went right back to shooting liners Sunday night. If his outside shot continues at a low percentage we are in trouble. Atlanta will continue to go under the screens and wall off the lane. Great shooters like Ray Allen tend to shoot more of a rainbow shot. Keep an eye on Derrick’s arm angle at release, it’s at a 45 degree angle when it should be closer to vertical. Really it comes down to simple physics. You can shoot a line drive but the window for success is very narrow. Rose doesn’t need to change his mechanics just needs to shoot up instead of at. Tried calling in to the score but was told he has coaches that get paid lots of money to tell him what’s wrong with his game. Then why do we have sports radio? What players and teams are doing wrong is one of the main topics of discussion.

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