Columnist: Don’t Fire Hendry

CHICAGO (CBS) — A columnist warns that firing Cubs general manager Jim Hendry would be a bad move, no matter how the team comes out at the end of the season.

Fox Sports columnist Ken Rosenthal says the Cubs are “on the right path” no matter how this season turns out, with Satrlin Castro, Darwin Barney and Andrew Cashner poised to make the Cubs competitive in seasons to come.

If Hendry is fired, scouting director Tim Wilken and farm director Oneri Flieta, who could bring in more top talent, will also likely go, Rosenthal wrote.

Furthermore, even if the Ricketts family does not like the way Hendry spends money, there is always the option of hiring a “strong club president” to maintain financial discipline, Rosenthal wrote.

Rosenthal reminds readers that during the days of Tribune Company ownership, Hendry was at the helm as the Cubs won three NL Central Division titles – in 2003, 2007 and 2008.

  • Flash

    Ken, if I wasn’t nearly done with my morning cereal and at work, I would write about 5 pages about how rediculously wrong you are. I’m irritated just thinking about it.

  • Jake from da Burbs

    I like Ken Rosenthal. He is generally informed and is an interesting to listen/read.

    However, Ken is talking about things here he has no idea about. He is so far off on this topic, he shouldn’t even start. I’m with you Flash, I could write a dissertation as to why Hendry might be the worst GM in Cubs history and of the most fiscally irresponsible of all time. And thats not an exaggeration considering the payroll increases that were authorized during his watch.

    3 playoff appearances (2 of which 1st round sweeps) in his going on 10 years is NOT acceptable for a huge market like Chicago with one of the highest payrolls in the league. If Cashman misses the playoffs once, he’s already on the cooker in NY to be replaced.

    “On the right path” is completely subjective and arbitrary. Castro is the only star we have. The ONLY one! We dont know what Barney or Cashner is. Colvin is looking more like a good 4th outfielder than a cornerstone OFer. We have no pitching stars who are ready to burst onto the major league scene to make a big impact.

    Also, I dont understand what Rosenthal is meaning when he recommends the hiring of a club president to handle financial matters. They already have a clown named Crane Kenney in that position and giving him the keys to the Ricketts vault is just completely stupid beyond words.

    Hendry needs to go… its simple and I will not support Ricketts until it happens.

  • Cubs Realist

    “3 playoff appearances (2 of which 1st round sweeps) in his going on 10 years is NOT acceptable for a huge market like Chicago with one of the highest payrolls in the league”

    LOL..really? How many playoff appearances did the Cubs have the previous 30 years? Yep, you guessed it… 3

    “Fire the GM” usually doesnt require much thought..While I dont agree with Hendry’s fiscal irresponsibility, the truth is that hes the best GM the Cubs have had in 3 decades

    • Meatless Meatball

      Yeah, he *is* the best GM that the Cubs have had since the ’80s. That’s fair.

      But it’s not saying much. Just because he’s not as miserable as other Cubs GMs have been doesn’t mean he deserves to keep his job. Honestly, I think Jerry Angelo is an absolutely abominable GM (particularly on the offensive side of the ball), but he’s had a lot more success under his belt than Hendry has over the last decade. Think about what Hendry has done: he gave an absurd contract to Alfonso Soriano, one under which the Cubs are still tied. He brought in two big-name managers who failed to bring a championship to the North Side. He watched as the Sox won the World Series while his Cubs struggled to fourth in the NL Central. He gave Aramis Rameriez a contract no one else wanted to give him, outbidding himself for the rights. He scored Kosuke Fukudome, which, yes, many thought was a big coup; but he could have brought in a younger talent for less money.

      There are plenty of other examples, but the fact remains, Hendry has been as disastrous as a GM can be in a big market. Think about it: every other GM in Chicago right now has a track record resembling success, from Kenny Williams (who may not be perfect but has a ring on his finger) to the afore-mentioned and much-maligned Angelo (two NFC Championship appearances and a Super Bowl appearance in 5 years ain’t so bad). Heck, look at GarPax! The two-headed monster got lucky, granted by getting the pick that landed D-Rose, but other roster moves are paying pretty good dividends right now, don’t you think? Now, compare to Hendry and see what you think.

    • Jake from da Burbs

      Understand that my assertion that 3 playoff appearances in 10 years is not acceptable is prefaced by the fact that we’ve consistently hadthe highest payrolls in the league.

      Also, you have to consider the vast dichotomy of the Cubs payroll vs. that of the other teams in the NL Central.

      AND I haven’t even mentioned the fact that this team has ended the season in 4th, 5th or 6th place in their division more times they’ve even made the playoffs.

      AND he’s somehow survived two major high profile managerial changes too.

      I understand the history of Cubs futility but when you consider his performance in relation to his peers and in relation to payroll and market levels, he has been horrible.

  • tom Sharp

    He is one example of the deals made by Hendry that proves he sucks: Cubs signed Garza and Silva or just about the same annual pay that the Phillies gave Halliday and Lee. They got the gold mine and we got the shaft!

    • Glockster

      The Garza deal was a bad deal for the Cubs but a good one for Hendry. It was definitely a “let’s be respectable this year so I can keep my job” desperation move.

  • Glockster

    Rosenthal is way off base here. Hendry is the reason the Cubs are in this mess in the first place. His ability as a GM to put a winning team on the field seems tied directly to his ability to (over)spend excessive sums of money on players, those who deserve it and otherwise. Those days are in the past, and so should Hendry’s days as GM.

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