CHICAGO (WSCR) The Chicago Bulls will bring a lot to Tuesday night’s game agaisnt the Atlanta Hawks: the NBA’s Most Valuable Player and Coach of the Year, as well as a Second Team All-Defensive player.

But Atlanta will have something that the Bulls don’t, or at least something the Bulls don’t have as much of: playoff experience.

“There’s no replacing that, I think experience is important,” Steve Holman, voice of the Hawks radio broadcasts, said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “And over the last four years…I think this is the Hawks’ 40th playoff game coming up [Tuesday] night, that they’ve had in the last four years, and many of these guys have been together for that whole time. I think there is something to it.

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“But you do have the best player on the floor, in Derrick Rose. I think the Hawks are thinking that maybe they have the next two or three best after that.”

The Bulls and Hawks will square off in Game 5 of their Eastern Conference semifinal matchup on Tuesday night. The winner will put the other team on the ropes, just one game away from elimination.

“I think at this point, like I say, it’s 2-2. It’s who goes out and does it,” Holman said. “It’s a two-out-of-three series and it’s going to be interesting. I do think our guys, I will say this, can play looser that the Bulls will [Tuesday] night, because, frankly, nobody expected our guys to be here right now, in this position.”

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