Fleeing Narcotics Suspect Swallows Drugs, Dies

CHICAGO (STMW) – A West Side man is dead after allegedly swallowing narcotics when officers attempted to arrest him Wednesday night in the Garfield Park neighborhood.

Police attempted to take the man – identified by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office as 26-year-old Paris Turner – into custody about 6:30 p.m. in the 0-100 block of South Whipple Street, police said. The area is a known narcotics area.

The man resisted arrested, appeared to swallow a bag of drugs then collapsed while running away, police said.

He was initially taken to a local hospital, police said. Turner was pronounced dead at 7:29 p.m. at Mount Sinai Hospital, according to the medical examiner’s office.

Sources said it appears Turner overdosed on the drugs. An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday, the medical examiner’s office said.

An officer suffered minor injuries during the arrest and was taken to an area hospital of treatment, police said.

Harrison Area detectives are investigating.

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  • dontdodrugs

    Didn’t your momma tell you not to eat drugs, boy?

  • s9

    This is what happens when drugs are illegal, creating a black marketing, and when drug abuse is treated as a criminal problem instead of a medical one. It’s time to realize current policies don’t work and start helping Americans.

    • jim

      Let’s change the laws to suit you and all the do nothings of society. We can call it the “Fall of the Roman Empire”. Life acording to You.

    • unsympathetic

      Yep-this is what happens when drugs are illegal, people that are not smart enough to know better,take to much(or just the wrong kind) and die. Do you really suggest that ALL drugs be made ‘legal’?

  • Leroy Goldberg


  • Pothead

    So how’d that work out for ya ?

  • Jim

    Again, let’s blame everyone else. I’m sure the family of this DRUG DEALER will sue the City for chasing him. No pity for these type of individuals who willing destroy other people by selling them drugs on the street..But, again let’s keep blaming everyone else.

  • WoogaG

    We getting to the bottom of this cuzo this was some foul play involve to many witness say the police was harassing my Lil all day… I love u Paris


      Woo Gag,”We getting to the bottom of this cuzo”? You will be able to find it in the bottom of the toilet with the rest of your droppings.”this was some foul play involve”? Yes,selling crack and heroin is foul and way too many of the homies are playing with it. “to many witness say”? Would the too many witnesses be his supplier,customers,cuz’s,and other relatives? “the police was harassing my Lil all day”? Your Lil what? Could it possibly be the police had him under surveillance due to all his 1000’s of drug deals in the last 5 years? Please stay off the computer,your dribble is just way too annoying.

      • Pothead

        Mornin’ ITISWHATITIS , I find her dribble to entertaining and wish she would post some more. I would like to prinit it out and show the grandkids what happens if you don’t go to school or don’t have a daddy or possibly both.

      • Fred

        HaHaHaHaHa,That’s hilarious.

    • Jerome

      @Woog, Please spit the sh!t out of your mouth so we can understand you. Dumb ass.

    • Pothead

      All of the readers do not speak ebonics. Please retype in the queens english.

  • KayDev

    You people are racist. Your lack of sympathy for humanity is disgusting, especially when it is directed toward a people who if they knew how intelligent they were, we would rule the universe. I was always told you people lacked common sense, now I see. I don’t think it should matter what the man did to die or the reasons that lead to his death, all that matters is the level of respect for his soul and his family that you give. I’d bet none of you have the balls to say this to “us” people without the sheets covering your identities… Yo ass would get blasted in da hood<— now there's some Ebonics I'm sure you could share with your grand kids as well :)

    Oh and, it'll be extra "uncle Tomish" if these were comments coming from a black man…smh

    • Tyrell

      @Kay, I was going to respond to your black ass racist babble. But Pothead already said what needed to be said. And as far as ruling the universe, Somalia and some other African countries are a perfect example of what happens when blacks are running the show.


      Lack of sympathy for law breaking drug dealers? Yea, I guess he was forced to deal drugs by the white man again,and I should feel sorry for him. “a people who if they knew how intelligent they were,we would rule the universe”? What is that statement supposed to mean?Are you saying you’re too dumb to know you’re not intelligent? Or too intelligent to know you’re stupid? You’re very confused on the term of intelligence,it must be because of your low IQ. That’s probably the white mans fault too isn’t it? “you people lacked common sense” and now you see? This dead intelligent drug dealer was showing his common sense by swallowing his drugs he was going to sell to the other intelligent folks in hie neighborhood,there’s some real common sense isn’t it? What he did to die was the intelligent act of swallowing his drugs,can you say drug over dose? Do you under stand that? Is it too far above your IQ that you can’t grasp that common sense? I have the balls to say anything to anyone when they are too stupid to see what the thugs and trash like your dead drug dealer are doing to society every day. The only sheets that have ever covered my body are the ones in my bed that I sleep in at night. You probably don’t know what those are,they are supposed to cover that mattress you sleep on. Yo ass and the ass of all your homies can’t hit the broad side of a high rise let alone the other low life in da hood. You can read about it every day,14 shootings,no deaths,9 shootings no deaths,yea,you scare me. Ebonics,the highest state of showing your intelligence isn’t it? IT BE FO DA LZE PEPEL DONIT? Please leave your Uncle Tom out of your unintelligent dribble he’s trying to save your sorry ass neighbor hood.

  • KayDev25

    I’m guessing now that Sarah Paline is your aunt…you sure told me. Now I think I deserve to stay on this horse I’m riding. I’m a 4th year resident at Johns Hopkins with a scolarship that’s worth more enough to buy you. Oh and my friends, are also of the black decent and some may even be your boss, sir. As far as children, I’ll leave that for you, your friends and your family that make up public aid. FYI, there are more whites on Public aid than blacks moron!!!! Google that if you’re not accustom to visiting a library like “us” folks. I’ve never seen that many libraries in a trailer park either sir. You probably never visited the south I’m sure…you people live like animals there just like mine


      KayDev25,I see you have added a 25 to your moniker,is that your tested IQ there at Johns Hopkins? I’ll bet your scholarship was from the same organizations that funded Mr Obama’s schooling at Columbia and Harvard correct? I’m so happy for you and all your black decent friends over there at Johns Hopkins,but alas,none are my boss.I’m my own boss,always have been,and I earned it with hard work,not government handouts or grants. Of course there are no libraries in the working mans trailer parks,they are all in the Federal Government granted, subsidized, and endowed ghettos.They are there to go along with the welfare check cashing currency exchanges,the drug clinics,the welfare offices,the unemployment offices,and the section 8 housing. The public aid isn’t enough to cover their Mercedes,BMW,or Cadillac payments that the whole family needs to make,so drug sales and stealing is their only answer to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to. About the only intelligent item in your dribble is the fact that there’s a lot of black and whites living in poverty down South in the rural areas,but they certainly don’t qualify to be called animals like the animals all around the Chicago area. With all your higher intelligence and high priced schooling,that you and all your friends have,also all your love for your fellow man,why don’t you join what’s left of Acorn,get in the hood and turn things around for the poor blacks that have been held down for too long.Not by the white man for over a 100 years,but by their brothers in the hood?

  • Pothead

    Why don’t you go help the brothas and sistas if your so well off ? Why is it the white mans fault that so many of them lack an education ? Or the ability to take care of themselves ? We didn’t raise them. I’m not for sale.

  • Pothead

    Is Johns Hopkins training you to pull caps from black a$$es ?

  • KayDev25

    @Tyrell last comment and I’m done…You’re people ruined an entire nation dummy! Your people also dominated the world and arranged it how you understand. Instead of learning different languages of people, your people named the English language as “superior”. While your countingthe death toll add up all the innocent people killed in war…I bet you voted for Bush too huh. Just because you people can almost try to justify your killings, it’s still wrong in every nation. Now, the only reason whites gained some type of government, which was learned from the African kings and queens that already established government while you were still living in caves and eating raw foods, is because you had help from the people you enslaved. Now please, if this were a real argument/conversation I’d gladly entertain it. But since you get all of your facts from the media from other dumb ass sources, I’ll end this now. Go ahead and keep watching and I’ll just open my book and keep reading brotha! Oh and yes I know what a sheet is, I can tell you all about them in 4 different languages. My sheets were made in Egypt and yours? I’m guessing America?

    • Pothead

      DING DING DING…….We have a winner. That is the dumbest comment I’ve read today.

  • KayDev25

    How do you like your meat guys? Medium rare?…Who’s the animal now? Oh and my only white friend, mom just died from Crystal Meth. Guess what, she made it!

    • Pothead

      ONLY white freind says it all. Carry yo a$$ on outta here.


      Did you use your higher than ours free education over at Hopkins to help her with the formula?


        You know what,you don’t need to answer,I’m sure the formula was wrong due to your higher education,and she croaked because of it. Not like this drug dealer did,but for the same reason. Illegal drugs! What is a high class,educated,person such as your self doing hanging around with the white trash any way? Just practicing your Ebonics I suppose?

  • Only14

    This is so disrespectful on so many levels. If I white man did all of this. I bet a black person would never not judge the person or write disgusting comments about this family cause half of you cracks don’t even no whats going on. I love you cousin Paris.

    • Pothead

      COME ON !!!!! ENGLISH PLEASE. Can anyone tell me what it’s trying to say ?


        I love you cousin Paris. evin if youse be a dum azz fo swallin doz drugs. nowz yo gon an soiz my drugs!

      • What?!?

        Translation: If there was ever a white man that was so incredibly stupid that he ate a lot of illegal drugs, black people would show him respect and not comment about him in a negative way (most likely because he bought the drugs on the west or south sides of Chicago, and he was a good customer). Then there was something about loving to eat crackers in Paris, or something like that. Who knows….silly me, I took English and Spanish in high school….guess I should have taken Ebonics instead.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    The lively art of conversation….isn’t this just wonderful?? KayDev25 are we having fun yet??


      Mr. KayDev25 has left the building. He said something about needing to study for his Ebonics class and mumbled something about cramming for his Black Panther History class. He was having a ton of fun,but was late for the study hours at the library so he had to run. On the way out the door, he dropped his cheat sheets on the History of the African Kings and Queens and the investments they made with the gold they received from the slave traders for that black trash they sold. Now he’s probably not going to get an A on his Hopkins test.

  • kassy

    francis be strong your only child gone…paris u did what u did..RIP

  • Nese527

    Are you guys really arguing over this. This is NOT amusing at all, what if this was your family member. Its idiotic how racist you all are. smh RIP Cousin <3

  • King

    I love u Paris… R.I.P P.A.T

  • Nese527

    Its amazing how people can make all of these comments and HIDE behind a computer.

  • The Boss

    How do you laugh at a death? This is terrible. When does death become humerous? Get serious. People are so racist it is terrible.

  • King 3.8

    This is what you call keyboard banging NOT FOR IT. Let The Man RIP.



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