Planned Parenthood Loses Funding, Court Challenge In Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (CBS) — Planned Parenthood now says it will have to turn away 9,300 Medicaid patients at its clinics in Indiana, since state lawmakers have voted to eliminate all of the group’s public funding.

On Wednesday, a federal judge refused to block a law signed by Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels, which bars the state from entering into contracts with any organizations that perform abortions.

The group says on its Web site that it is “deeply disappointed” in the decision by U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt not to grant a temporary restraining order to block the law. The American Civil Liberties Union had filed for the order on the group’s behalf.

“The ruling means that Hoosiers who rely on federal funding have lost access to their crucial and lifesaving preventive health care at Planned Parenthood of Indiana,” Planned Parenthood of Indiana chief executive officer Betty Cockrum said in a news release.

Planned Parenthood says the law will cost it $1.4 million, forcing it to lay off 52 people and close 13 clinics.

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels had called previously for a “truce” on social issues, but was called on by former U.S. Senator and potential 2012 presidential candidate Rick Santorum to sign the bill, CBS News reported last month.

Speaking to CBS News political analyst John Dickerson last month, Santorum characterized Planned Parenthood as “an organization that has a very sordid history and founding and one that I still think focuses in on activities that a lot of people have moral objections to.”

Planned Parenthood became the object of conservative ire after the agency was targeted by an undercover sting operation by anti-abortion activist Lila Rose. The edited videos showed people posing as sex traffickers about getting abortions and contraception for underage sex slaves, and allegedly getting advice on it from Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood said they reported what they believed to be real sex traffickers to federal authorities, but Rose claimed the sting proved that the organization was protecting sex traffickers involved with underage girls.

The U.S. House of Representatives ended up passing a bill banning federal funding for Planned Parenthood, although the demand was dropped to avert a government shutdown.

Several other states are also mulling eliminating funding to Planned Parenthood.

The decision Wednesday is not the end of litigation in Indiana. The two sides will meet again June 6 for an injunction hearing, as the ACLU continues to fight the law on behalf of Planned Parenthood.

On a related issue, Indiana lawmakers are also working toward passing a law that would dramatically restrict abortion rights in the state. The bill would ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy unless there is a substantial threat to the woman’s life or health, and would force abortion providers to tell women undergoing abortions that life begins at conception.

Indiana State Rep. Eric Turner (R-Cicero), a sponsor of the bill, told The Associated Press last month that he hopes the bill would make Indiana one of the “most pro-life states in the country” and would achieve the goal of having “less abortion in the state.”

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  • The Truth

    Good! The monies should come from “private contributors” not from the government.

  • Jax

    Federal funds are already banned from covering abortion services by the Hyde Amendment (limiting use of federal funds for abortion coverage to cases of rape, incest, and threat to the life of the mother).
    Planned Parenthood provides crucial health services to people of all income levels – 1 in 5 American women will utilize their services at some point in her life. Cutting off funding to PP will only increase the number of people who go without cancer screenings, contraception, and STI testing; it will NOT reduce the need for or number of abortions. This is an irresponsible political move designed to pander to extremists who do not care about health.

    • Bob Barker

      Accounting tricks don’t wash hands.

  • Chicago Mom

    Good. It makes me sick to think that even one cent of my money goes to a place that provides abortions.

    • Michelle

      Yeah, what you don’t understand though its been said time and time again is not one cent of your money DOES go towards abortion funding. That is the law. This money goes to help women and children get their basic healthcare needs met. But why lets facts get in the way of hysteria. My patience with conservatives is at its end.

    • ChicagoDaughter

      Now your money will go to support all the welfare babies from mothers who didn’t have access to affordable birth control. Great trade-off.

      • The Truth

        Why don’t you train them to keep their legs closed? That type of birth control really does work. None of us should pay for the poor choices others make.

  • Chicago Son

    Hey Chicago Mom… It makes me sick to think that even one cent of my money goes to educate your privileged little kids, and protect their fannies and yours from crime and fire.

    It’s sad that so many like you are really just “pro birth”, not “pro life”… Once they’re born, forget about ’em – but make sure they’re born. You are so NOT Christian – Jesus would be embarrassed to have you in His flock.

    When you start supporting children and the poor, with the same fervor you have in your abortion protests, but you won’t even go there…

    I don’t believe life starts at conception — I don’t believe that an embryo has a “soul” — if that were the case, then the fact that better than 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, basically God’s personal form of abortion, I don’t believe that God would be that careless with so many “souls”…

  • luckigirl

    Chicago mom… to read your comments are disturbing. Do you realize how many women have been forced to have babies instead of procuring an abortion? Do you realize how many children are in the system because these women weren’t allowed to get contraceptions or screenings that all women should be entitled to? PP is not just a place for abortions, and has never been offered as just that. Its a place where a woman and/or men can go and get the correct information they need to make informed decisions. Its people like you with such harsh comments that don’t seem to realize that decisions such as the one that was made, does more harm than good. Although people like you don’t respect a woman’s right to choose either, until your choice is taken away.

  • ChicagoCitizen

    This is an absolute outrage. The Indiana governor should keep personal beliefs out of governmental decisions. Planned Parenthood is an excellent resource for many low income women. All of the anti-abortion whiners should all chip in to pay for supporting children that would otherwise not have been born. Abortion is the very last resort, birth control, and I support the women’s right to choose 100%.


    Idiot prolife-ers….. my gosh what a joke…..this 2011 not 1965…get your mind right – leave religion out of it… there a need for planned parenthood.

    End O Story !!!

  • Stacey

    I agree with the decision made by the courts. There are too many people who depend on abortions as a form of birth control. This needs to end somewhere. If you can’t be responsible enough to have a baby maybe you should be going to pp before it gets to that point. Maybe if girls know that they cannot just go open their legs for a good time then go have the baby aborted they will start doing what is right. The are many other clinics that you can go get birth control at and things like that so saying that it is going to hurt people there are other outlets to turn too. It kills me as someone who cannot have a baby but would give anything to, to see someone not caring about that is growing inside of them and killing a baby. Or those who go and take all kinds of drugs and the baby’s come out needing 24 hour care. It is a sad shame.

    • StaceyII

      It is a sad shame, Stacey… And what are YOU doing about it? Are you supporting raising our taxes so that we can better provide for these mothers and children in poverty that you are now insisting should be born? Or, you just don’t really care about that – they can fend for themselves… Right? You’ll climb the walls about someone “killing” an unborn baby – but you just don’t really care about born children (and their mother’s) starving to death… And naturally, one woman’s infertility issues is somehow related to another woman’s unwanted pregnancy, right? So nice of you to make decisions for EVERYONE. That seems a “sad shame” too…

      • StaceyII

        Yah, Stacey!!! I forgot — thank God you’re not a Christian because Christ would be completely embarrased by you — but that really doesn’t matter… Forget about that whole civilization and society thing… The fact that you have kids, if you actually do, is rather sad and I can hope that you get your wish, and that they never get any support from society… I can’t even believe the trash you wrote — because I’m certain that EVERYONE who needs an abortion falls exactly into the scenario you’ve described… I’m embarrased for you…

      • Stacey

        Why should I or anyone else provide for anyone but myself. I am not out there having kids that I cannot afford to have. Who is going to care about my starving to death? I go to work everyday to make sure I have what I need to make it in this world. I do care about kids but why should it be put on my shoulders? My issues with being able to have a baby or not has nothing to do with someone’s unwanted baby. Before I was married and in the spot to have kids I took procations so I did not have a unwanted baby. I did not think to myself “oh it’s ok get pregnant cause I can just go and have an abortion”. You say I am making decisions for people…Maybe thats because they need some hand holding to make the right decisions for themselves

  • montclareresident

    The “outrage” over what has happened in Indiana is based on faulty logic. There are plenty of free clinics that provide contraceptives and pap smears with private money and if you have Medicaid (low-income women qualify for this) you can go to almost any hospital or doctor and receive these same services for free. The fact is that Planned Parenthood is using public money to subsidize their bread and butter (abortions). And if you think that Planned Parenthood is a devout non-profit on a shoe-string budget then look at some of their larger funders (warren buffet and the gates foundation) and look at their president’s salary (nearly one million dollars).

  • Bobby

    I’m a Democrat, though I don’t have to “vote democrat” on every single issue. And this is one, I hold near and dear to my BEATING HEART. Good Job Indiana!

    • Bobby'sBrother

      You go, Bobby!!! Nothing like a man to tell a woman how to handle her body… Nothing like one person telling any other person… If you had your way – I have no doubt your wife(s) would be wearing burqas. You may be a “democrat”, but you’re weak, and a poor excuse for a Christian – but I’m just making a leap of faith there…

      • Bobby'sBrother

        Buy a live, Mr. Justice…

      • Mr. Justice

        Are you really that stupid? Bobby didn’t tell a woman how to handle her body. He just doesn’t want tax payer money going to planned parenthood. Nothing wrong with that. Go buy yourself a beer and cry over it.

  • iHateWhitePeople

    go kill yourself chicago mom!

    • The truth

      Keep your legs closed or buy birth control you idiot !

  • Katie

    They are estimating that cutting off this $3 million in government funding from PP will cost Indiana $68 million in Medicaid expenses for unintended pregnancies. Seems like sound legislation to me.

  • eric

    I am a Roman Catholic Christian and not only pro-birth but pro-life. I understand how you could be frustrated with the seeming or real lack of zeal on the part of some pro-lifers when it comes to helping the mothers and children after birth. But there are people out there who help out after birth. The Catholic organization that I volunteer with, St.Vincent DePaul Society, deals with single mothers frequently and we help them with their bills. Just the other day I gave a single mother who was pregnant $200 for rent so that she could have a place to stay for a month. And I am not rich, but, rather, a college student living at home with my parents with my own bills.

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