CHICAGO (WSCR) Throughout the regular season and into the playoffs, Derrick Rose has been the best player on the court night in and night out. But it’s his attitude, and his commitment to winning, that lifts his teammates to his level.

“I always try to compare the point guard position to the quarterback position,” Dennis Scott, of NBA TV, told Boers and Bernstein, who were filling in for the Mully and Hanley Show. “When your quarterback, when your point guard leads by example. When he’s the first one at practice, he’s the last one to leave. When he’s the first one in the weight room, he’s the last one in the weight room. He’s the first one in wind sprints. He’s the first one to listen to the coach [while] playing defense.

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“And the coach knows he can get on him more than anyone else because he can take it. That alone, if your teammates don’t follow suit, then most times they get traded because they’re not on the right team.”

The Bulls have followed Rose’s example all season. They play, they win and sometimes they even lose, but they do it all as a team. That was especially clear on Tuesday night, when starters Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah were bench in the fourth quarter in favor of Taj Gibson and Omer Asik.

Despite being on the bench, both Boozer and Noah were completely engaged in the game and cheered on their teammates.

It’s been the mantra of this team all season that winning is all that matters, and that’s a focus that comes directly from Rose.

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