Quinn Gets Education-Reform Measure

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — The Illinois House is embracing education reform that significantly changes school focus on teacher performance.

The House voted 112-1 Thursday to send the bill to Gov. Pat Quinn after Senate approval last month.

The measure would make it more difficult for teachers to go on strike and easier for them to be fired for poor performance.

It was negotiated in secret for months among lawmakers, education reformers and administrators, and business groups.

The Chicago Teachers Union initially agreed to the proposal but now says it opposes language that addresses current litigation and specifics about Chicago teacher strikes.

Democratic Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie of Chicago says the groups began negotiating changes Wednesday and could have an agreement that would follow in later legislation.

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  • Jim

    If the unions are against it then it must be actually for the kids!

    • jbc

      Jim, You are a true dolt!

    • Teacher

      Jim, that GED must have really paid off. Another bitter loser against teachers. Why don’t you give it a try? You wouldn’t last a month.

      • jeffrey

        Hey Teacher what have you created, invented, made your mark on? You went into education so you can tell people what others achieved, invented, discovered? Anyone sitting around mocking peoples opinions and calling people you don’t even know losers is a self important ass. No matter how many degrees you’ve purchased, or had purchased for you. I wonder what Da vinci got on his ACT?

  • chris

    Jim? Are you a teacher? Do you see anyting in this bill that says Improve School Resources, reduce class size, Impove infrastructure?

  • Teacher

    Jim’s not a teacher. Jim’s just bitter.

  • Edie

    What a great idea. At least children will have a chance to get a good education. Strikes, and bad teachers makes children dumb and they are unable to fill up an application. Their idea of education is rip the system off and get paid for not teaching the children at all. Reduce class size? Children need more space to learn what is important in society.
    Please get this done fast so children will get a good education.

    • jbc

      How do you propose to teach 34 10 year olds? Now add in 4 students that are mildly to moderate LD’s. Add in the 4 or 5 that do not have IEP’s because your AIO will not sign off on them. Now add on to that the 10 to 15 that do not have pencils or paper daily because they lose their supplies. And who fills in the gap for their supplies? You do on your dime! Add to that the fact that their parents never got past 8th grade before getting pregnant and their academic backgrounds are not the strongest to begin with. Give me a strategy on how to deal with that daily sweetie and THEN you can talk trash about how I don’t do my job…nimrod

  • Ann

    Years ago people went into teaching because it was the desire of their heart; now people go into teaching because they get three months off a year and generous perks. If teachers were familiar with the private sector, they would realize that they get much better pay and perks than most privately employed people, and yet they are ungrateful. I do in fact have a teaching certificate and did teach. It was not the desire of my heart and it isn’t fair to stay in a job just for the perks.


    The good teachers don’t need a union to hide behind. The unions need bad teachers so they can continue to collect their dues and raid their pension funds. The shame of it all is it’s people way above the teachers setting the curriculum and making it mandatory to keep moving children up a level to protect their ratings. It’s worse than a ponzi scheme and the out come is just as bad.When you have 10th. grade students reading at a 3rd. grade level it should be evident the entire school system is failing. The Wisconsin,Ohio,and other states leaders that received the wrath of the liberals, unions, and under educated college students(looking for a fun day), for reigning in the pensions and health care costs from the teachers unions that are bankrupting all their states, aren’t as shady as the Illinois politicians nor as fully trained in backroom politics. It is fully under stood world wide that when it comes to theft,crime,graft and corruption Illinois is the world leader. Illinois politicians want the same cost cutting measures but don’t want the negative news time that the media will give the teachers,their corrupt union leaders, and the “Lets protest it will be a fun day!” college students.The media time might cost them the next election. Heaven help us they might not get back in office.

    • jbc

      With all of the typos and poor syntax and copy and pastes that you made in your post you have no room to critique anyone.
      If you are such a bird brain to actually believe that our economy is in shambles due MY $57k per year then you really need a reality check.
      CTU did not start three wars, CTU didn’t give banks bail outs, CTU didn’t lend bozos like you money for a condo that you could not afford while working fast food. The Government did.
      Aren’t you late to your am shift at the quickie mart? Time to make the coffee!

    • jbc

      I would give up my tenure and go on my record anytime!
      “teachers unions that are bankrupting all their states” How friggin stupid are you? It’s not the banks that bankrupted us, nah. It;s not the 3 wars that are costing us BILLIONS. It’s my $57k per year that is doing us in. You are a twerp and a moron. It’s a shame that you get the opportunity to be such an ignoramus on a public forum.


        And you sir are the last type of person we need teaching your words,names,misinformation, and bile to our children. Your dribble and name calling attests to your lower scale IQ.I’m not sure where you’re getting your information but it’s lacking and I believe so is your IQ. The banks were given free reign to write mortgages to people that didn’t have to prove they even had a job let alone prove they could pay the mortgage. I’m sure you are aware that the Federal Government with its liberal push to put every citizen in a home,let Fannie and Freddie back these mortgages that had no chance of ever being repaid sold on the open market with triple A ratings,when they knew most were junk. Were the banks at fault for the mortgage mess that ensued? Sure they were,but so was Wall Street,the mortgage companies,and the Federal Government with it’s lobby filled cash war chest politicians. You really need to get educated and look at the unfunded pension liabilities that almost every state has with Illinois having the second highest debt total,only trailing the bankrupt liberal run State of California. It’s not only the teachers unions,it’s all the public supported service unions also that are contributing to bankrupting this state. In your higher educated position,I would think you may have had some history courses and would understand the difference between maybe the Civil War, WW I, WW II, and the Korean War versus what has gone on in Middle East. Have they cost America “BILLIONS”? Yes. they have but they are not nor ever have been a War. Are you at all remotely aware that the liberal sitting Democrat President and his liberal Democrat Congress, have spent more money in the last two years than all presidents combined since George Washington? Yes,I know it’s all President Bushes fault isn’t it? It’s not your “$57k” per year that is doing us in. What is the amount you pay for your insurance and pension? What does the Illinois taxpayer pay for your insurance and pension? I’m sure your “$57k per year doesn’t include those contributions does it? If It does,you need to relocate,you are in the wrong school district. The janitors in the schools in our district make more than you. I wont lower myself to call you names,your use of name calling only shows your inability to accept the truth and be an adult. Do you call your students names? Probably so,and also your neighbors.You have spent way too much time with the children,you act like one.The shame is on you for not understanding and knowing what you are talking about. My regrets to the parents whose children will be sitting in your class room tomorrow. MAYBE YOU NEED TO FIND ANOTHER LINE OF WORK,OR MAYBE RETIRE, BEFORE YOU ARE FIRED FOR BEING LACKING IN THE EDUCATION AREA. That may be possible real soon,the politicians are coming after you.

  • teacher

    Why didn’t any of you go into education? I would guess you couldn’t handle the graduate work, or you got a 14 on the ACT. If you only applied yourself

    • Teacher

      Little d, capital V in da Vinci.

  • Pat


    Did you say perks? Are you referring the to right to spend your own money to keep up class bulletin boards, the right to be spit on, cursed out and disrespected, or the right to spend hours of personal time trying to keep the kids educated and motivated.

    Please clarify, and by the way, where do you work and get less?

  • unions should be outlawed

    teacher, are you afraid that you are going to lose you guaranteed yearly raise , lifetime pension and free medical benefits all on the taxpayer dime? Or is is that you may actuallly have to work more than 9 months out of the year and work more than 8 hours a day. Must be nice to be in a union without fear of being fired no matter how terrible of a teacher you may be.

    • jbc

      Your computer privileges at the mental institution should be curbed.

  • Teacher

    Unions should be outlawed,
    Education is power! I am afraid of nothing.

  • IAFF Local 439 member

    Teachers work hard. If you spent 30-40 years in a profession and obtained a doctorate degree on your own time while working for the same employer all those years you “joe worker” should get a living wage in your retirement too. Don’t bash teachers. If it wasn’t for teachers and UNIONS the rest of you would all be working 7 days a week at minimum wage jobs. You would have no weekends. No safety in the workplace, and no workers comp or health insurance. ALL of those benefits that virtually everyone enjoys were brought to you only thru unions, strikes, and workers fighting for all of us. DON’T BLAME UNION WORKERS FOR THE CURRENT FINANCIAL MESS. WALL STREET CREATED THIS CRISIS INTENTIONALLY SO THAT THEY COULD GO AFTER UNIONS. Read between the lines people, you’re being duped by corporate interests.


      You’re correct to a point Mr. Union Member. Most teachers work hard,but many aren’t qualified for the job,or are qualified and don’t care any more. When 25 % of the 10th. grade students in CPS only read at the 3rd. grade level,we have a problem in our education system. The Federal government and the States are currently throwing more money at the problem than at any time in our history,and it’s getting worse. I’m sure you are aware of the rubber rooms in Chicago,New York City,and probably every other major city in America right? If not ,those rooms are where the teachers who are too incompetent to teach report to every school day so they can continue to collect their money. You see,most teachers can’t be fired for being incompetent and so bad that they can’t let them into the classroom.They have a life time job with out working,just report to the rubber room. I’m not bashing teachers,just their union insurance and pension costs all the taxpayers provide.All the states,including this Land of ILL Repute only want the teachers to pay a fair share,because funding it all is adding to the bankruptcy of most states,especially miss managed ones like Illinois.It’s the Federal and state supported unions that are the problem,not the private unions. The private unions have their place, but face it, the union wages are a major reason America no longer manufactures hardly anything.Look what the union wages, benefits,and protections did to Chicago’s steel mills. Look what the UAW has helped do to Detroit and Flint. Unions did serve a purpose back in the early 1900’s with eliminating children being used in the work place.12 and 16 hour work days,and yes 7 days a week. Unions only protect you in the work place safety because they don’t want to deal with OSHA and pay the fines.The high union wages,along with the high work mans comp cost has driven a lot of companies to go over seas and the result is what you are seeing coming from China. America can no longer compete as a manufacturing country any more,and the unions, graft, and corruption have also lead to that outcome. Your belief that virtually everyone enjoys health care and pensions is way off base. If that was the case,the Obama Care Insurance fiasco wouldn’t have been necessary would it? Neither would Social Security. The decline in all non public union members is increasing every year and has been for a couple of decades. Look at the union halls sitting mostly empty,and some even vacated. Isn’t it strange that the taxpayer funded public unions are adding members at a record pace. Why the disparity? Wall street could care less about unions,they have no ax to grind with unions ,their greed is for money,they don’t care if it’s union or non union ,it’s just money to them. It’s the Democrat party that cares about unions,seeing as the majority of all union campaign funds go to the Democrats. Don’t you wonder why the head boss of the AFL CIO has made more recorded almost daily visits to the White House in the last two years than any one else? The Democrats want to keep the unions backing and votes,and the unions want the pork to keep coming,it’s called payback.Yes,Wall Street was a major reason for this financial mess,but the largest share of blame rests on our Government. It was the Government that bailed them out so they could continue sucking the little guys blood. The current sitting Government has spent more money on wasted projects.bailouts, and non stimulus phoney baloney projects than all the sitting Governments combined since the first day Washington was in office. Doesn’t that just blow your mind? So,yes it’s not all the teachers or unions fault,there’s plenty of people to blame for the mess this country and state is in.

  • Teacher

    Winning…..well played.

  • a parent

    Sorry, I only have a high school diploma so pardon me if I sound stupid .

    Last year my child had 40, yes 40 students in her classroom teacher came out in tears on many days, I offer to help but am told no I must have a degree to even help and a background check to visit the classroom more than 3 times in one school year (not that a background check is a issue) . I provide everything on the the supply list 300 pencils, 20 folder, 30 notebooks, and the teacher flat out told me its not that my kid will use that much its for the kids who parents wont, and asked midyear to send more.

    Teachers need help, all states care about is if there school looks good on paper with the ISATS, my kid comes home and tells me that her classmates throw things at the staff, calls them names and get away with it, my child has special needs and needs a 504 even the teacher says it but no time or funds. So I work with her and she makes Honor roll

    Unions Help the teacher help the kids

    • jbc

      You area good person. Your child and teacher is lucky to have a parent like you. I wish I could clone you around the city, Keep doing what you do. Your child sees your example and takes it in.

  • Vicky

    All school districts are not created equal; at least not in ILLAnnoy. If you move to a nice, upscale neighborhood you get good public schools; the rest are up a creek without a paddle. Wonder what happened to all of the $$ from the lottery that was supposed to be helping our schools?

  • joel

    Here we go with another round of “Blame the Teachers”. Instead of supporting the educators who face multiple obstacles, we’ll blame them for all of the ills in the world. Well, certified teacher weren’t responsible for the financial collapse in 2007. Teachers didn’t spill oil all over the Gulf. Teachers don’t hold health insurance money away from those who need medical care. Last but not least, Bernard Madoff wasn’t a teacher. These problems were cause by self serving business people. Now, many people are looking to business leaders to save our education system? Really? Welcome to hen house,foxes!


      Joel,What’s your point? And where are you going with this statement? What does Bernie Madoff have to do with the Illinois Teachers Unions? I’M also pretty sure the BP oil spill had nothing to do with the pinhead Illinois Governor trying to reign in the states share of the teachers insurance and pension costs. The governor also wants to be able to fire incompetent teachers just like any other work sector of our society with out the mostly corrupt unions. There are no business leaders trying to save our education system. If there were,and they could run it like any profitable business runs,it wouldn’t be failing year, after year. When our current education system needs to have rubber rooms because we have incompetent teachers so bad they can’t be put back in the class room again,yet can’t be fired,some changes are way over due. Throwing more and more money at the problem has proven that’s a failure also. If you are a home owner,look at your last 5,10, or 20 years of real estate taxes and see what your school district costs are and what the dollar amount is now and what it was. It’s no wonder we are all going broke.

  • Carl

    Haha all right Quinn! At first I thought he wasn’t going to do anything, but finally we are doing something about our horrible budget problem. I personally went to grade school, high school, and college here in Chicago and let me tell you something the teachers are pretty horrible. There may have been actually 3 teachers that I liked out off all the schools I attended. Most don’t know where Africa is located, and they just don’t care. The one in college, told me about their spouses and how rich they were because their spouses were heirs or lawyers/doctors – during class time. Face it, teachers are some of the laziest people in the world. They teach for MONEY, not to help your kids. The stupidest thing to do is to send your kids to a chicago public school, I wish my parents would have just stayed in Europe.

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