Walter’s Perspective: City Hall Won’t Be The Same

CHICAGO (CBS) — This is it for me, last chance to comment on Mayor Daley being Mayor Daley, last chance after 22 years.

It’s hard to imagine him leaving his office and not coming back, not there anymore for me to watch and find out what he’s up to and to keep track of what he says he’s doing but isn’t — or says he’s not doing but is.

After 22 years following Mayor Daley around and trying to figure him out, believing him or not believing him, liking him or not liking him; laughing at him and laughing and crying with him.

After all these years, I’ll be lonesome when he’s gone. I already am, sensing am emptiness without Rich Daley and his emotions, his mayoral highs and lows and hots and colds.

City Hall won’t be City Hall without a boss man who’s hard on the outside and so soft inside.

Like most reporters, my attention now is on Rahm Emanuel, mayor in the wings. But the mayor I’m feeling is the one taking flight.

  • not these lies again

    corrupt mayor will be gone.

  • Mary

    and will be replaced by 1 equally if not more corrupt,people have to stop voting for the machine guy,you can’t get different results until you change what you’re doing..

  • tom Sharp

    Term Limits of ONE!!!!!!

  • Cheers

    You said it right Walter. Daley has been the greatest Mayor in history of US. Chicago woul dbe no where near what it is today without Daley. City Hall just wont be the same, the city won’t be the same.

    • Dr. Giggs

      Cheers you got to a drunken Ir******n to make a statement like that,with all the money he took Chicago is nowhere were it should be,and you belong in the same jail cell with Daley and his gang,he is nothing but a pos.

      • Gregory Lewis

        DR. GIGGS You have to consider CHEERS comment was made in relation to the fact that Chicago is known for Al Capone, Gangs, Murder and the likes, so naturally with a mayor like Daley the picture is complete. I just thank God the olympic review committee saw through the shanna laylia and didn”t allow that buffune to embarrass the City of Chicago, and the people of The United States, in front of the entire world. THANK GOD.

  • Bonnie

    Don’t worry Walter you want be lonely for long. Get ready Rahm Emanuel is about to give all of us a lesson in Corruption 101. Smaller spaces are for better control. When Burke a old old old time machine goes way back was kept on in finance I felt a ok here we go. Burke is know friend of Emanuel, and notice Rahm appointee’s to office positions don’t appear to be clean cut guys either. Smells of a little bit of crows pie with a taste of red wine to me, but what do I know. This city would not be Chicago if we didn’t have a Taste of Corruption and you could not give juices commentary’s.

  • Darlene

    Walter. I love you. Rahm is starting with a clean slate and it will be your job to report on the new mayor’s shenanigans and you’ll forget all about Mayor Daley who will remain in the background and still run the city.

    You will see that one Mayor is no different than the other. It’s called business as usual.

  • ST. Casmir

    All I got to say to Daley,his family and his lackeys,GOD IS WAITING FOR ALL OF YOU,and I’m sure he will find you and others GUILTY!!!

    • Gregory Lewis

      ST> CASMIR
      THE DEVIL IS WAITING TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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