May 10, 2011

Are you making plans to go shopping at Sears, in this great state of Gov. Pat Quinn?

He is offering Sears multi-millions of our tax dollars in tax breaks, because the honchos at Sears are saying, “Tax breaks, or else… we’ll move to a state that will give us a break.”

It’s a company game called “business incentive,” although what it is, is business bullying; business extortion.

And Gov. Quinn is playing it with Sears, after last week playing it with Motorola – $100 million in tax breaks for Motorola, to add to his $162 million last year in profits. That’s right, profits.

Now, a Sears tax break to add to its $374 million in profits, or else the bullies are moving out.

And doing what, Motorola and Sears? Making 9,000 employees move out with you? Or firing them, and becoming poster companies for big business bad boys?

I don’t think so, Gov. Quinn. How about just one time, governor – try to tough it out.

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