Walter’s Perspective: Sears, Motorola And Business Bullying

May 10, 2011

Are you making plans to go shopping at Sears, in this great state of Gov. Pat Quinn?

He is offering Sears multi-millions of our tax dollars in tax breaks, because the honchos at Sears are saying, “Tax breaks, or else… we’ll move to a state that will give us a break.”

It’s a company game called “business incentive,” although what it is, is business bullying; business extortion.

And Gov. Quinn is playing it with Sears, after last week playing it with Motorola – $100 million in tax breaks for Motorola, to add to his $162 million last year in profits. That’s right, profits.

Now, a Sears tax break to add to its $374 million in profits, or else the bullies are moving out.

And doing what, Motorola and Sears? Making 9,000 employees move out with you? Or firing them, and becoming poster companies for big business bad boys?

I don’t think so, Gov. Quinn. How about just one time, governor – try to tough it out.

  • jeffrey

    Hey Walter, where is a better place for those tax dollars? Sanctuary cities? Oh I know education system to keep graduating kids who can’t read. You are an elitist ass who obviously is not concerned with job security!

  • john

    Raise taxes so businesses look for relieif elsewere… then give even larger tax breake to keep them form moving. Only a liberal Democrat could think that is logical.

  • What!?!

    So, because companies don’t want to pay the ever increasing taxes that the state of Illinois imposes on them, they are the bad guys in this? Believe it or not, companies are in business to make money, and one way to do that is to limit overhead expenses (which includes taxes). Illinois raised corporate and income taxes earlier this year, because our state is running a budget deficit and the politicians just cannot keep themselves from spending money that they don’t have. In turn, by raising those taxes, they made Illinois less desireable for companies to do business in. Walter, instead of trying to make companies look like villians, why don’t you do an investigative report on why this state cannot balance a budget, or how we got so far into debt without anyone in Springfield doing anything about it!?! We have a free media in this country so that this kind of reporting can be done, and not to run an op-ed article like this that wasn’t well thought out.

  • Laurie

    Has it occurred to anyone that if these taxes are bad for the big businesses in IL they are probably also stifling small businesses? Small businesses that don’t have the power to bully anyone? Just like the hundreds of exemptions from the federal health care laws, only the big businesses get the breaks. Doesn’t seem like the Dems are on the side of the little guy after all!

  • franklin808

    Let them go. We have enough business in Illinois that cannot afford to move and will continue to pay taxes. I never shop at Sears anyway.

    • Truth B Told

      I hope Sears does move to another state. I don’t shop at them very much either, but I am sick of these puking democrats bleeding business’ (large or small) with taxes. Quinn and the other puking democrats need to be taught a lesson. I hope more companies pull out of IL to show them that enough is enough. IL cannot continue to tax, tax, and tax business and people. The only people that support higher taxes are the ignorant and the welfare recipients. So, Franklin, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

      • Jolena

        The one thing you seem to forget is there are a large number of people employed by or contracted to Sears that would not have a job thus causing this pos state to further fall into economic hard times those people like me would be unable to pay taxes, spend money or otherwise put our money into the coffers of this state. Just something you might want to think about a little more.

  • MJB

    Keep Voting Democrate Illinois……..

  • CorporateCulture

    It’s not only bullying, it’s GIVING IN. Quinn is afraid of his own shadow. Madigan finally got himself a great puppet.

    Does anybody know what US corporations DO pay taxes? Does anybody have a listing?

  • Danny boy
  • Edie

    We want to know how much these honchos are making a year and what are their perks given to them by the headquarters. May be Walter should do some investigation on all the big shots salaries and other incentives they get. The state is broke and they need to contribute to the well being of the people who shop at their stores.
    The price at their items are so high and only Walmart is lower.
    Are they gona lower their prices? and When?

  • Don

    Hey Skippy, maybe taxes are to high. If Gov. Susi-for-brains didn’t raise taxes, (especially in the middle of a depression), we would all be better off. Keep in mind, government does not create one real job, only privet companies create jobs. But they can’t when the taxes (which is another name for legalized theft) punish success.

  • john mittlesteadt

    great to have walter jacobson and bill curtis back as a team. i now live in tennessee and watch chicago television online. back before i got my pc isure missed you both. jm

  • Sears Canada, TJX report, Tuesday | Zomeet News Network

    […] it tax breaks, by threatening to leave the state. And Quinn is playing right along. Read more on CBS Chicago […]

  • John Buckley

    Everyone told Quinn that raising taxes would chase business out of Illinois. Now the big guys are threatening to do exactly that…unless. What about the smaller guys who don’t have the clout? Small businesses together provide as many jobs as the big guys and more of the growth. But now the tax burden falls on them. Quinn and Madigan are clueless.

    Quinn and the Democratic stranglehold is killing Illinois!

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