At Least 2 Dead, 10 Wounded In Violent Thursday

CHICAGO (CBS) — The sunny, unseasonably warm weather Thursday had its drawbacks, as gunfire across the city left at least two people dead and 10 more wounded in a period of about seven hours.

First, five men were shot and wounded around 1:50 p.m. Thursday, in the 3600 block of West Flournoy Street on the city’s West Side. The men, all in their 20s and 30s, suffered either gunshot or graze wounds, police said.

Two men were taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, including a 33-year-old man who was shot in the right leg, a 27-year-old who was shot in the right shoulder and a 21-year-old man shot was shot in the right hand, police said. A 24-year-old who was shot in the lower left leg and had a graze wound to the torso was taken to Stroger Hospital of Cook County, as was a 33-year-old shot in the right arm.

About a mile and a half to the west in the 4700 block of West Harrison Street, two men and a woman were shot and wounded an hour and a half later.

Around 4:20 p.m., the four men got out of a brown sedan and opened fire at the three. The 18-year-old female victim as shot in the right knee and taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, while a 21-year-old man who was shot in the left ankle, as well as a 24-year-old man who suffered a gunshot wound to the left hip and a graze wound to the left calf, were taken to Loretto Hospital.

Around 6:25 p.m., a man was shot and killed on near his Southeast Side home.

Julian Montejano, 32, was shot through the chest about 6:25 p.m. in the 10500 block of South Hoxie Avenue, authorities said. Montejano, who lived a few blocks south on Hoxie Avenue, was pronounced dead at Advocate Trinity Hospital, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

About 7:30 p.m., a 12-year-old boy was shot in the hand in a possible drive-by incident in the West Pullman neighborhood.

The boy was shot about 7:30 p.m. in the 11600 block of South Prairie Avenue, police News Affairs Officer Phillip Armstrong said. He was shot in the left hand and was reported in good condition at Roseland Hospital.

The violence also affected the city’s North Side. Around 7:50 p.m., a man was shot in his lower back near Lawrence Avenue and Sheridan Road in the Uptown neighborhood. He was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in good condition, and the gunman was arrested, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Another man lost his life in a shooting around 8:30 p.m. in the West Englewood neighborhood.
The unidentified 21-year-old man was shot during an argument with an armed suspect in the 6400 block of South Hoyne Avenue, police said. The suspect fled on a bicycle and is not in custody early Friday, police News Affairs Officer Hector Alfaro said.

Except in the Uptown incident, no one was in custody in connection to the shootings Friday morning.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.


    freaking ANIMALS!

  • ribo espino middle name ramses

    you know the hood is solar powered right?
    just black out the sky
    ya know… the matrix

  • j west

    where is jesse,al and the rest of the so called black leaders…. maybe this shooting and killing is not important enough to address. then maybe the 1st lady so worried about fat kids won’t have to worry any more, they’ll all be dead!

  • heep

    it is so cool to live in Chicago, you always have some action going on some where in the city…Save chicsgo Code

  • steven

    is this grand theft auto san andreas? oh no this is chicago a REAL place where crimes like in videogames happen and never get solved. its a war down there and the dead rack up everyday, time to get the MPs to start rolling through the hood these guys got their “7 stars” already. time to law down the law on these menaces to society.

  • MLSJ78

    Oh, so RED NECK HONKEYS are non-violent? Is that what you are saying? The most treacherous, flesh eating, theiving race of them all. GET REAL! All races ARE JACKED UP IN SOME FORM so dont go pointing the finger at others a$$hole!!!!!

    • gul

      It’s nothing like ignorance coming out of a racist mouth. Chicago is not all black so you are saying that all crime that happens in Chicago is because black people live in it. Where do you live in Shangrala??

      • Jimbo

        @gul, More than 90% of violent crime in Chicago is commited by negros. Are you unwilling to accept that fact or unable to?


        These were all white shooters and victims weren’t they? I also believe the 8 shootings the other day were all white,the 14 the day before also,the 15 the day before also, and also and also and also,Etc. etc. Etc. same old story,every day,every month,every year.Those whites on the South side just can’t get along with each other can they?

      • Bruce

        That is hilarious, but so pathetically true. I just don’t get how the negros that are commenting here, just don’t understand people’s frustration with the young negro population in this city.

    • srdib

      another example of the high quality of education in chicago. MLS, your stupidity is showing. what red neck honkey, white mo-fo’s are involved in these shootings? not all races are jacked up. you dont see the killings like you see in the black communities. its your own kind killing each other and those that witness it, keep silent about it. so why dont you do the same? STFU!

  • Tony Ellis

    God help us all.

  • Patricia

    It is really a shame that we allow ourselves to live within communities knowing those responsible for many of the deaths/shooting taking place, and only when/if it strikes home do we want to take part in being responsible. I say onto those individuals – speak now before it causes more grief and pain to anyone.

    There were so many Civil Rights Leaders that paved the way for everyone … how on earth did we fall so far behind of what was placed before us – how? No, we are not where we should be, but we’ve come a long way from where we were, and the work is not over people! The alarming rate of deaths taking place with our young needs to stop and our government is not solely responsible for this change. We see it; we need to report it – simple!

  • Mikey

    how did the weather have its drawbacks? You mean the MORONIC DOMESTIC TERRORISTS decided to kill some people. Who needs Bin Laden, we do a better job killing each other over nothing… And what is with the picture? from 2008? I guess it is a scary pic, and conveys violence and people hiding etc. so just attach it to any shooting story from here out, nice job CBS.

  • Jonny Balls

    Go ahead and shoot yourselves, that just saves me tax money on prisons and welfare. It too bad you animals aren’t better shots. …Don’t shoot the innocent kids you dirt bags.

    • NIZZER

      very well said

  • Jmason

    It going to be along HOT summer, With shot almost everday and noting really be done about it. And we can’t have guns. But the ass hole with guns can go around shotting and Kiilling as they want.

  • Pothead

    There is no ” E ” in honky………….. dummy.

    • NIZZER

      give him a break pothead, he fluncked 1st grade, white mans fault oyu know

      • MrDent

        and you is Y O U not oyu..but between you and truth i’d love to meet and greet…


      There is also no $$ in a–hole.

  • Tom

    I love the photo (above) that depicts people taking cover from gunfire between two CPD cars. I mean, what photo better shows the true essence of Chicago.The Chicago Tourism Bureau should put the photo on it’s web sight and post it in airport terminals around the world encouraging folks to visit Chicago.

  • joe5

    Is this the most wondelful city in the world Mr Daley was talking about? This is a third world city as far as I’m concerned. This city resembles a city down is mexico where you got people drinking and urinating in public. Food cart vendors selling food on the streets of chicago is a third world city

  • R A

    All of u people should get a life

    • Mr. Justice

      @ R A, people do have a life and would like to keep it. Many of us are sick and tired of this violence. However, it will continue and even grow worse as the jesse jacksons, al sharptons, etc. do nothing in the black community but continue to blame the white man or history.

  • Out of the Fray

    This story is a lie. Guns are illegal in Chicago. There is NO concealed carry allowed in Illinois. Our fine politicians based laws making it all illegal.

    WHAT? Some don’t obey the laws?


    • Mr. Justice

      Love your comments.

  • flhtc

    Don’t worry your aldermen can conceal carry. Maybe they will come out to streets and protect you . This considering they don’t trust anyone else with a gun. Only in Chicago…

  • Jim

    The powers to be told the police anbout 6 years that they cannot stop people anymore because it looks like racial profiling. Crime is out of control in these comminuties because the people and criminals got what they wanted, a police force not allowed to make street stops.
    You want to stop all the shootings? Tell the police to stop everything in site and take all the guns away from the criminals, or continue the way it is.
    We pay our police to protect us. Let them protect us, Please!

    • ChicagoCitizen

      The police seriously need help, the National Gaurd is the best resource we have. You are also right, the concept of profiling is one of the best common sense methods to identify a potential threat. Forget about being called racist, and just clean up the trash !!

  • Jim

    As we enter a new political era in Chicago let’s use a different excuse than what Democratic politicans have used for years. The politicans have always had the ability to pass the blame on to others, so let’s stop blaming the teachers and the police for disfunctional human beings willing to shoot each other for no reason. We can only hope the Bulls do not win the championship. Can you imagine the carnage on the south and west side of Chicago.

    • Mary

      it is not a new era,it is more of the same,just another dem machine guy w/a different name. nothing will change until we stop electing the same machine
      (democratic) guys.

  • Chivi

    Remember who is leaving office. Mayor Daley. Everyone is telling what a great job he’s done. Well he’s leaving his great job behind. But then again he has his hands full with all the corrupt cops. Clean up your own back yard before you criticize your neighbors. He did not do a good job.



    • Rick

      @IHATE, Why do black men feel the need to fight or start shooting when they get angry?

    • NIZZERn

      I would, but carini-africa was torn down.

    • Truth B Told

      Ha Ha! That is funny. Where would you like to meet to discuss this issue?

  • Sharrone Nard

    In 1988 350,000 babies were born with crack, cocaine or other drugs in their system. They are now 23 years old. If we count from 1988 up until 2011 there were more born. These young people are intelligent, smart and charming. The problem is they have no control over their impulses. They do what is wrong and provoke other people. The sad thingis there are no studies or research done to followup with some of these kids. I believe they are in jail, the juvenile system, in school making it harder to teach other children, dead, in foster care systems or on drugs.

    • research information

      Does anyone have information on research regardig these children?

  • LaKeisha

    @iHate, Why?

  • Mr. Justice

    Oh yes! The white people in Chicago are causing all the crime, gang problems, shootings, etc. You are an idiot!

  • CrookCounty

    Chicago should be selling licenses like the Governments of Africa do. Buy your license, load up on ammo, and head south and west. It would be a boom for the tourism market here in the city, that is for sure. One way to get rid of our budget problems, as well as our ghetto problems. BOOM!

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