Federal Court Orders Chicago To Hire 111 Black Firefighters, Pay Damages

CHICAGO (AP) — A spokeswoman for Chicago’s law department says a federal court’s decision that forces the hiring of 111 African-American firefighters and orders the city to pay millions of dollars in damages was a “partial victory” for the city.

Jenny Hoyle says Friday’s ruling by the Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will likely cost the city about $30 million in damages paid to about 6,000 blacks who took and passed the 1995 firefighters entrance exam, but were not hired.

She says the amount is based on the pay and benefits that 111 firefighters would have earned in the last 16 years. She says the amount would have been higher had the court ruled, as the plaintiffs wanted, to hire 132 firefighters and pay damages based on what those firefighters would have earned in 16 years.

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  • jhon

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  • Bill

    Everybody is gaming the system!All backgrounds!All sides!Who pays?All the taxpayers of all backgrounds!No discrimination against taxpayers,right?????We elect these self-serving idiots who are also gaming the system for their own hidden agendas!These egotistical maniacs are playing everybody for the fools that we are!This whole us against them distraction is no different than two pickpockets working in tandem to take your money!The city doesn’t pay,the taxpayers do!This includes all backgrounds!If you have nothing to lose,it’s easy to go where the money is!The sheep will keep voting for these idiots because they keep the illusion alive that we are here to help you!Rahm just said he wants to give the taxpayers money to the illegal immigrants of All races and backgrounds so they can go to school for free!Is that fair to the LEGAL resident taxpayer who has to fund what they can their own children’s education and then their kid’s have to take out student loans????He,like many politicians are pandering to what they see as their future voters that will re-elect them so they can keep up their hidden agendas!

  • Jermain

    What is wrong with the federal court? Those nigs flunked the test. There is no such thing as a test that whites can pass and blacks can’t. Isn’t this racial discrimination against the white guys who passed the test?

    • Mike

      You are right. However, they give special treatment to blacks. It is discrimination. Hopefully the white firefighters will file a lawsuit, too. Also, to Bill, blacks pay very little taxes, but receive too much in aid.

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  • Wolf

    Hopefully this ruling wasn’t based on race discrimination again…if those hired were based on their test scores then there should be no settlement…this ruling appears to have racial undertones which makes me suspicious that no justification for a settlement was in evidence here…

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