By Laurence Holmes–

CHICAGO (WSCR) It was good to see the Bulls play up to their potential and not down to their competition last night. Their 93-73 win over the Hawks was domination from start ’til finish. The Hawks reverted back to form too. They have been nicknamed, “Birdbrains” in the past and they played like it last night. A bunch of head-scratching shot attempts. Carlos Boozer played like a healthy man. I don’t know if that trend continues, but in a close-out game, he came to play. Now it’s on to the next round vs. Los Heat. Did you notice how businesslike the Bulls were at the end of the series? That’s how it’s done. As the Beastie Boys brilliantly said, “You gotta fight, for your right to PARTTTTY!” The fight continues Sunday.

-I knew Oprah was powerful, but the NBA around her? How much money do you think she had to plunk down to get the UC for both Monday and Tuesday? And how would that have worked if the Blackhawks were still playing hockey?

-We’ve all had a lot of fun making fun of the Heat’s dysfunction, but they have been playing better since D-Rose and the boys embarrassed them down on South Beach back in early March. The roles are more defined and everyone looks more comfortable. They still have a depth issue, but one of the guys to pay attention to in this series besides: LeBron, Wade and Bosh, is Joel Anthony. He’s gonna be that scrappy guy that drives you nuts.

-Last night was tough without any baseball to gnaw on. A night without baseball is like a night without sunshine…wait…WHAT? NEVERMIND.

-When the LeBron and crew took their talents to South Beach, they instantly became the biggest villains in the NBA. That’s right it’s time for me to go geek…The Heat are the Legion Of Doom. The Bulls are the Justice League. Good thing that Superman (Derrick Rose) is on our side.

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