CHICAGO (CBS) — A Great Dane from the western suburbs is a world record contender for the tallest living female dog anywhere.

As CBS 2’s Megan Glaros reports, when Nova stands on her hind legs, she stands a head taller than her human, Ann Suplee.

Suplee thinks Nova has what it takes to break the Guinness World Record for the tallest living female dog.

“Currently, there’s not a record for tallest living female. We’ll see what Guinness says,” Suplee said.

Even Nova’s vet thinks she has a good chance.

“All Great Danes are big, but she’s the biggest girl I’ve ever seen,” the vet said.

Nova lives with Suplee, a pit bull mix named Rocky, and a quiet iguana named Iggy.

And of course, there’s lots of love for Nova, even though she takes up most of the house.

“This is her favorite spot – my bed,” Suplee said.

So how much room does that leave for Suplee?

“I don’t get much,” she said. “Not at all.”

Down in the kitchen, you’d better watch out.

“My brother made pork chops one time. We hadn’t eaten them,” Supley said. “”We came in – they were gone. She really likes pork chops.”

Supley is careful to point out that whether Nova wins or not, she’s big enough.

“I think at this point, she’s done growing,” Suplee said.

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