Woman Goes For Guinness Record With Great Dane

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Great Dane from the western suburbs is a world record contender for the tallest living female dog anywhere.

As CBS 2’s Megan Glaros reports, when Nova stands on her hind legs, she stands a head taller than her human, Ann Suplee.

Suplee thinks Nova has what it takes to break the Guinness World Record for the tallest living female dog.

“Currently, there’s not a record for tallest living female. We’ll see what Guinness says,” Suplee said.

Even Nova’s vet thinks she has a good chance.

“All Great Danes are big, but she’s the biggest girl I’ve ever seen,” the vet said.

Nova lives with Suplee, a pit bull mix named Rocky, and a quiet iguana named Iggy.

And of course, there’s lots of love for Nova, even though she takes up most of the house.

“This is her favorite spot – my bed,” Suplee said.

So how much room does that leave for Suplee?

“I don’t get much,” she said. “Not at all.”

Down in the kitchen, you’d better watch out.

“My brother made pork chops one time. We hadn’t eaten them,” Supley said. “”We came in – they were gone. She really likes pork chops.”

Supley is careful to point out that whether Nova wins or not, she’s big enough.

“I think at this point, she’s done growing,” Suplee said.

  • Mariah

    I got a bigger dog than that. It is a St. Bernard and it is fat and big. May be we too will get to the Ginnes records to show on youtube and tweeter what we have acomphished. Dogs are breed to show their strenght and those puppy mills that are selling dogs on ebay are nothing but trash. They are sick and we do not want to buy a sick dog at all. But once we get it they will not return our calls. Is there any way to stop this thing going on? We want healthy dogs just like the one is on TV

    • teremist

      Puppy Mills make money from people in a hurry to get a certain type of dog. Laws vary by state, check with your local State Attorney and humane society.
      NEVER buy from a puppy mill. If you must have a certain breed, carefully research the breeder, ask for references, and check with the AKC. Then personally inspect the breeding facility. Ask for records of veterinary care, shots, and health certificates. GET A WARRANTY. Typically you must get your new pup checked by your own vet within 7 days, and certain things like hip dysplasia are covered.

      • guest

        People shouldnt be allowed to rush into decisions like that

        same with people who have kids,there ought to be a license

      • Richard Larson

        Wrong venue for this kind of comment. PETA fans can butt out as far as I am concerned.

    • Ethernet

      My dog is bigger than your dog

  • Devotion

    No offense or ‘gloating’ or anything.., but my 13 month old Great Dane girl is going to be bigger than Nova.. My girl Dynasty is already 35.5 inches at the shoulder and 157 lbs. her dad was 42 inches (and 237 lbs) at the shoulder while the mom was 41.5 inches (and 228 lbs). There are a lot of Dane girls out there that are Much much bigger. Sorry Nova :(

    • The Ump

      Don’t you know, everyone on the internet has a bigger dog than hers or yours. It’s easy when you don’t have to prove it.

    • Sarah

      You got a big girl there,Devo! I love great danes! I’m hoping to adopt one this month or up coming month. Still scrambling around for the right stuff for the new pup! :)

      • Supley

        To all the beautiful tall girl pups out there have your human jump through hoops, do the paperwork, emails, calls, etc to get the title of Tallest Dog Living – Female. It took some effort, trust me. If Nova does get the title even for a little while it has been a great adventure. We are having fun! Have at all you tall dog owners!

  • Ethan

    I second what Devotion said,Nova isn’t the tallest female Dane- my mother owned and bred Great Danes and our largest female was 39 inches and 200 lbs. Good luck Nova, but sorry honey there are a lot bigger gals out there.

    • Supley

      Ok but did they ever go through the task of attempting the record????? I did!

  • Marie

    i own 3 dogs: 2 great danes and 1 mastiff. (Bella,Sadie and Roxie) Bella is my tallest female and she is 38 inches,Sadie is 36.3 inches and Roxie is 33 inches. I am a huge “Giant” breed fan, (Dane drool,folks, gotta love it) I hope Nova gets recognized but not known as the “Tallest Living Female Dog”. 36 inches is actually the norm for female danes, while some maybe a lil less and some a little more. Good luck Nova!

  • Ellen G.

    Tall girl- YES, you betcha!
    Tallest female dog- Nope!
    I’ve shown and bred Great Dane for over 20 years now and I have had my fair share of “Beefy Gals”. We went to a Dog Show in southern Illinois once and met a Fabulous Harlequin and her owner,a 38 incher folks! (yup, a female Dane!)
    I’ve once had one of my girls reach 186 pounds and 40 inches at the shoulder and one of her pups grew to be 40 inches as well! Nova is a stunning Mantle girl and I wish the owner the most sincere luck. I hope to meet you one day,Nov!

  • Alexi

    How about them Irish Wolfhounds? I keep on meeting a girl IW and she is tall as a TREE! Her owner (He is my neighbor from down the block and his name keeps on slipping my mind..) says that she is 37 inches ATW ( *At the whithers, meaning shoulders) God she’s on cool dog, awesome name too! “Tundra” lovely girl :)

  • Shorty

    I have an idea for all of you haters out there that think you have a bigger dog…why don’t you do the foot work to put your dog in the Guiness! If not keep your mouth shut and let them be happy. One uppers just get annoying.

    • Supley

      Thank you !! It took some doing to put this together – finally someone notices! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!

    • Jac


  • Peter W.

    I have met this dog actually, even though she is a big girl [ and just as others said] 35-36 inches at the shoulder is pretty normal for female Great Danes. I’m a vet assistant and met some pretty giant dogs, and to Shorty no I’m pretty sure we’re not ‘hating’ on Nova or her owner but as a Great Dane owner myself [been rescuing and fostering for 10 years now] and to other Great Dane/Giant breed owners we all know they can get bigger than that. Yes kudos to Novas’ mom for enlisting her big pooch into Guiness but Guiness won’t accept dogs enrolling to be the ‘tallest’ unless they are 40 inches at the shoulder or over.
    Nova is a beautiful girl and sure is sweet, we are not saying that she isn’t. But in “Great Dane society” I’m sure all us owners are just upset that they are showing a Dane that is in it’s normal height. Again, Nova is a beautiful girl! Good luck!

    • Alexi

      Very well said Peter! :D

      • Supley

        Peter, The last record holder for this title was 39″. Maybe the 40″ was for the tallest period?? I know she is not the tallest but it is worth all the effort, and I mean effort LOL. If we do get the title and only have it for a little while thats great! We are having fun.

  • Lillith

    What a pretty dog! <3

  • Sam


  • Sofia Ergonson

    Best of luck Nova!!!!! =)

  • mommyof2greatdanes

    Good luck, Nova! I have 2 great danes myself, Kaden and Zoe. Love them both as children–and they are very very spoiled. Look up Giant George on Facebook–he’s the tallest male great dane on record. Beautiful puppy!!!

  • Steven Weissmann

    I don’t think I would want a dog that large in my home. But since you have one that big and are willing to go through all the trouble to try to get her verified as the tallest….best of luck!

    • Supley

      Thank you Steve…..

      • DipityDane

        My flash is messed up and I didn’t catch how tall she is….she is a very pretty girl regardless….my husband and I we’re just talking the other day about who might be the tallest girl Dane out there as we have a pretty “Manly” girl ourselves, lol. Our Janie, a Mantle gal, just turned a year old and is 36 1/2 inches tall….with only being a year old I have to wonder if she will surpass her housemate Dane boy who is 37 lol. She’s still a little princess to us.

  • Alfie

    Cute, cute, cute! And BTW Mariah first post), they don’t sell puppies on eBay.

    • Alexi

      Actually they do sell puppies on eBay,.. it’s very sad :(

  • Joe

    To all you who have bigger & better dogs , she is going for the world record on largest living female GREAY DANE , not irsh wolf hound or st bernadrd or any thing else it’s GREAT DANE . If you have a Great Dane that is Large & is Living & is a FEMALE , do the leg work & beat Nova . Until then stop hatting & whinnig & crying I have bigger & better !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck Nove & family

  • Supley

    Oh I want to mention that my Rocky is not at Pit Bull Mix but a boxer that is 8 years old. We adopted him at 1 1/2 years old only weighing 53 lbs.

  • JW

    We currently have two boxers, 60 lbs plus each, and they are plenty big. My wife would like a Dane, but then she can scoop the poop!! :0) Beautiful dog, good luck, don’t worry about all the haters posting.

    • Supley

      Thank you for the best wishes. Ok so you know Nova’s droppings are larger than mine. At least you can see them to pick it up!! LOL Danes are wonderful dogs.

  • Wende

    YEA NOVA!! I hope she wins and this is comin from the owner of her Papa who out grew his parents at 2 years and is proud of one of the pups he helped conceive! Sir Spencer would love to meet her again now that she’s all grown up! Good job with your efforts Ann and like you said… Even if its only for a minute, it was worth it all!

    • Supley

      Hi – If you are on Facebook search for Super Nova. I have a group on there, send me a message. It would be great to meet you and him!! Nova has not been around a dog bigger than her LOL!

  • Deborah

    To all you people hatin on the fact that Anne went through the trouble to get recognition for her dog ya’ll need to back up because I see ya’ll have so much to say about Nova not being the tallest female and that you know or have a Great Dane that’s bigger than her but I don’t see you making the effort to make them be known. So just shut up already. GO NOVA!!!!!!

  • Wende

    I tried looking for that and had way too many results to search thru. I have an odd spelling to my name so it might be easier for you to look me up. I believe I am the only one that actually does come up under my name search. Wende Corona. Thanks for responding and hope we can work out a meeting with the babes.

  • Deck man

    Well my dog can beat your dog up………
    I am joking of course. some of these people need to get a life. Keep having fun with the experience. Go Nova!!!

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