Cop Hit By Bus While Chasing Suspect At City Hall

CHICAGO (STMW) – A Chicago Police officer was “grazed’’ by a CTA bus while chasing a man who allegedly yelled a profanity targeting Mayor Richard M. Daley as he was leaving City Hall office for the last time Friday afternoon in the Loop.

The officer was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital with non life-threatening injuries, police said.

About 4:45 p.m. in the 100 block of North LaSalle Street, 30-year-old Janusz Kopycinski allegedly yelled “f – – – the mayor,’’ and was also spitting at people, police said.

He tried to run away and officers gave chase. As police were in the process of “grabbing’’ him, one male officer was struck and “grazed” by a CTA bus that was northbound on LaSalle Street,according to police.

Kopycinski was arrested at 5:02 p.m. and was charged with three counts of resisting arrest, two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of reckless conduct, All are misdemeanors, police said.

Kopycinski was arrested in 2007 for battery to police.

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  • T

    What a bunch of baloney. He should never have been chased but asked to leave the building. What happened to his rights?

    • Fast Ed

      He has the right to spit on people????? Would you allow me the right to spit on you????? What if his spit contained the AIDS virus? —— Sorry pal, people have the right to avoid being spat on. And running from a cop is indeed “probably cause”.

      • qwrty

        You can’t get HIV from spit, Fast Ed.

    • MM

      You guys are frickin morons. If a cop is approaching you because of your actions, and you run away, he has every right to chase you. Idiots.

      • Gregg

        Fleeing from a cop is a felony, don’t any of you watch Cops?

  • Kelly

    Dimwhitz sums up what you are a “dim wit” freedom of speech is not about beligerence and disruption this guy was a whack job and should of been arrested. What kind of person wishes harm to another human being you pal have issues. Fast Ed what the heck are you talking about he lost his right when he decided to get out of control in a public venue disorderly conduct is a crime along with reckless conduct so they had every right to chase him down. It is sad that we are in a society that sides with criminals instead of law enforcement that are doing their job shame on you both!

    • ChicagoCitizen

      I’m with you Kelly, how the hell can these people condone this idiot’s actions? They are all what is wrong in the city. This guy should have been beaten for his actions. Hopefully he got what he deserved after they got him out of the public eye. Again, excellent job by the CPD.

    • Somkey Kielbasa

      Hey Kelly, are you another arrogant nose in the ask blarney stone too?Now go back to what you are good at and thats getting drunk.

      • KELLYSUX


  • Kelly

    Oops my apology Fast Ed you were the only one with any sense, I meant “T” so sorry for the mistake.

  • find your self

    Why is it when someone say somthing about daley it’s a crime the jokes is on the police no one said anything about the 2 police officers that raped that young lady so what one got hit by a bus maybe the rest of them will do their job the right way and stop making a fool out of tax payers money

  • Larry

    If he spit on someone, then fine. If he just said something, then no. The cops always make it look like they’re in the right. He probably didn’t spit and they were probably just chasing him for saying something. Stupidity. Typical “I’m the cop, and I’m going to win no matter what” attitude. Waste of tax dollars.

    • Jackie

      Yelling profanities in a public place is illegal. You need to have more respect for the police. They are the authorities, not the low life criminals.

  • boo boo

    Chicago is a mess, cititzens good luck to you. You hate your police and they dont want to help you now. You will sue them, you will video them so they are afraid a frivolous lawsuit will arise so they risk their safety by not handling offenders correctly for fear one you insane citizens will complain about how a offender is treated. Horrible horrible situation, and it will end up exploding in the cities face.

    • Tina

      Excellent point, people need to support law enforcement. Only criminals hate the police !

    • Dub

      You make the police out to be so innocent. If they wanted to be respected, they should stop treating good people like criminals; it’s a two-way street.

  • Bill Lanfear

    Kelly, Larry and Fast Ed are “spot-on” !!! What is wrong with the rest of you ??? Free Speech is a constitutional Right ! Totally Agree, however, “Assault” is not an inalienable right ! Go back to school, Morons !!!! Lol !

  • Joe Patroni

    Hey Boo Boo. If you don’t like being a police officer, quit. There are twenty million of us uneemployed who will take your job in a second. I would be so grateful to be a police officer and not fear a video camera, law suit or a complaining citizen. I would gladly serve…

  • find your self

    Good one joe go for it we need some one like you in there instead of half of the stupid ones we already have go for the job and i pray you get it good luck and god bless

  • Somkey Kielbasa

    Horray, Horray FOR THE pole lock I feel the same way about Daley nothing but a arrogant crook and his family is no different.

  • richwesley

    maybe he ran in fear of being induced or coerced into sexual acts that he may have been pressured into.give it to the guy could have been spitting not spitting at to get the bad taste of our city government out of his mouth. and i suppose officer friendly should have payed a bit of care prior to playing chicken with a 20000 pound vehicle or maybe needs to revisit the physical testing to ensure abilities

  • zarathrusta

    Maybe the guy just wanted a ride home.

  • tom Sharp

    I hope the cop intended to give the “name-caller” an award!~ The stupid love affair between Daley and the media has now reached ridiculous levels. You’d the the budget was balanced, the schools were above average, and their was no crime or nepotism in Chicago. Congrats to the name-caller! As for the cop, maybe less donuts would get your ass past the bus!

  • Charlie Sheen


  • ChicagoCitizen

    What is wrong with you people? How can you have so much contempt for law enforcement? How can you support criminal activity? Are all of you criminals? They are the only ones who should hate the police. Maybe if all of you supported law enforcement, the criminals would find it more difficult to operate, rather than knowing the public will give them so much support.

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