Hours Into Job, Emanuel Issues New Ethics Rules

CHICAGO (CBS) — Just a few hours after taking the oath of office, Mayor Rahm Emanuel issued several new ethics reforms that he says will improve accountability in city government.

The changes were issued by executive order and don’t require city council approval.

The first bars new political appointees from lobbying city government officials for two years after leaving their job.

The second protects city workers against pressure to give gifts or political contributions to their bosses.

The third prevents lobbyists from making political contributions to the mayor.

Emanuel also re-issued three executive orders issued by former Mayor Daley that deal with business political contributions to the mayor, city rules barring patronage hiring and an order requiring city employees to report wrongdoing to the city’s inspector general.

“Chicagoans want to see change in the way their city government does business,” Emanuel said in a statement. “The Executive Orders I am signing today will bring that change by reining in the influence of lobbyists and protecting city employees against pressure from their superiors.”

  • matt n.

    Give me a break! Mark my words this will set the standard of Emanuel side-stepping the process by issuing executive orders to subvert the city council. “Reining in the influence of lobbyists”, what a load of garbage – this makes it sound like the Rahmster felt that lobbyists were too close to Duh mayor.

  • Fast Ed

    Way too soon to criticize. Dude hasn’t even been in power for 8 hours.

  • Rahm Sucks

    next will be an executive order forcing all future mayors to hire abusive, corrupt top cops who are fleeing the mess they left in their previous town.

  • acx

    So what’s the big deal? Daley signed the same executive orders when he was in office. Nothing new here, folks.

  • righttrack

    Kinda ironic that he issues ethics orders when he wasn’t even a Chicago resident when he manipulated the courts into getting his name on the ballot.

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  • Conservative Chicago???


    These message boards tend to be filled with comments that are Republican, they tend to be extremely conservative, and they contain ots of vitriol for Rahm.

    Chicagoans by and large tend to lean left, usually vote Democratic in elections, and voted Rahm in by a landslide.

    Has it ever occured to other people that these message boards relating to Chicago issues tend to be dominated by sour, grumpy, Tea Party suburbanites who don’t even live in our city?

    • Rick

      Where are you from that 55% is considered a landslide? What most people forget is that Republicans tend to be working on election day and then going home to their families. Only the Democrats send buses to senior buildings and CHA housing and take groups to the polls. Take a look at the working class neighborhoods and see which way the city leans. It’s a lot closer than you think. The 36 ward shoe-in, John Rice, got stomped by a virtual unknown. There were at least 100 to 1 political signs and 30 to 1 people at each polling place and still the workers saw through the Democratic BS.

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