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Holmes’ Morning After Blog: Tuesday Edition

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U.S. Cellular Field

U.S. Cellular Field (Photo Credit: Getty Images, By: Jonathan Daniel)

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By Laurence W. Holmes–

CHICAGO (WSCR) Spent the Monday afternoon over at U.S.Cellular Field. This time of the year, the sun goes behind the ballpark around 5:00. It seems like that’s when it gets depressing, but I digress…

I asked Ozzie Guillen about the baserunning problems of Paul Konerko and Juan Pierre. Ozzie offered up that he doesn’t need Pierre to steal 70-80 bases in a year. He just wants him to get on base. It’s sad that a player that works as hard as Pierre, may be experiencing a rapid decline in his skills. When your most impressive skill is running and you can’t do it anymore, it makes for some head-scratching moments. You may see the Sox experiment with hitting him in a different spot in the lineup. It’s an ugly side of sports when likeable veteran players start to slide.

-To speak of Pierre’s hard work, when I got to the ballpark (3:45 p.mp.) Pierre was taking extra outfield work before batting practice.

-Who would you rather have in your left field: Pierre or Alfonso Soriano?

-The Cubs game was a disaster. A four-run lead evaporates in minutes. It’s easy to blame the defense and especially Soriano, but the Cubs had chances to pile on some runs, but didn’t come through. They were 2-for-11 with runners in scoring position. Something that has been their bugaboo all year. They’re starting to look like the 75-win team I’d thought they’d be.

-Not a good sign that Mike Quade is holding closed-door meetings. The season is starting to wear on the Cubs manager. His no-nonsense, optimistic style of managing is continually challenged by a team that isn’t capable of playing to his standard.

-It’s open season for stolen bases when Edwin Jackson and A.J. Pierzynski hook up. The Rangers stole three bases off of that combo last night.

-“If Jerry (Reinsdorf) gets that kid (Derrick Rose) one more scorer…the Bulls will be unstoppable for a long time.” -Ozzie Guillen on the Bulls

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