By Laurence W. Holmes–

CHICAGO (WSCR) A lot of Bears were in town yesterday to support Rashied Davis’ charity endeavor. Davis has started a “Saturday Club” for kids to help broaden their education and social awareness. Check out his site: It was a good night. ‘Shied is doing some really good things in the community. Billy Dec opened up the upstairs at Rockit and the night was a hit.

A bunch of Bears showed up: Lance Briggs, Anthony Adams, Nick Roach, Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, Earl Bennett, Garrett Wolfe and Caleb Hanie were all in attendance. The record scratch moment came when Jay Cutler walked in.

-From what I could gather all of the guys are working out hard and trying to stay in shape, but there isn’t a ton of football activity. I don’t think that necessarily puts the Bears behind if the labor strife gets resolved. Anyone who is blaming Cutler for not organizing something is short-sighted. Lovie Smith mentioned a few days ago that he wants his players to stay in shape, but doesn’t think a ton can get accomplished by some of the “team workouts” we’re seeing organized around the league. I agree with him. Players need another set of eyes to help perfect technique. In real practices, they have the coaches eyes and the ‘eye in the sky.’ The tape never lies and without it, it’s hard to get better. Most of these videos you’re seeing are part propaganda by the players. They’re trying to show that they want football as badly as you do. It’s not insincere, but it’s propaganda nonetheless.

-There was a silent auction at the event and Bennett really wanted a Pablo Sandoval signed bat that was up for auction. I think he just liked the look of it. He didn’t win the bid and was pretty disappointed. I feel bad because I forgot to tell him that he could get his own made at the Louisville Slugger factory.

-I ran into an NFL agent last night that told me that he has been contacted by NFL teams (which is a no-no) during the lockout. The agent said that he’s sending team calls straight to voicemail. There’s no reason to talk right now, and agents work for the players. Why should they help the owners cheat on each other?

-For all you youngsters out there…Steve Stone showed why he is a top-notch analyst last night. When explaining putting down a sacrifice, he explained: “Get to the front of the box and play catch with the bat.” Simple, but perfect! Most guys stab at the ball. That’s what Brent Morel did when he failed to sacrifice in the 8th. Luckily, the Sox got a hit and a wild pitch, and got the game-winner home. Other than that at-bat, Morel had a great night with a three-run homer and a couple of dazzlers in the field.

-When Jarrett Payton decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and play football, he left futbol (soccer) behind. I remember hearing about him scoring five goals in a game at St. Viator and always wondered what would’ve happened if he stuck with soccer. So I asked him. “I think I could’ve been great and could’ve helped to make soccer a bigger game here in the U.S.” Payton said. He’s 30 now and says he’s in the best shape of his life. He still loves soccer and feels like he could play. If the Chicago Fire were smart, they’d offer him at least a tryout…it would make for a great story. If Chad Ochocinco can go to a camp, why not Payton.

-I had to turn down an invitation to be a celebrity QB in Charles Tillman’s annual Gridiron Challenge because it falls on the same date as Matt Abbatacola’s wedding. I ain’t missin’ that for the world…

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