Unlicensed Driver Cited After Crashing Into Restaurant

HANOVER PARK, Ill. (STMW) — An unlicensed driver apparently failed to brake and smashed into a northwest suburban pizza restaurant Wednesday afternoon.

Yury Carias, 25, of the 500 block of Glendale Lane in Hoffman Estates was driving in t e parking lot of Adamo’s Pizza at 2021 Irving Park Rd. in Hanover Park when she failed to brake. The car went over the wheel stop and sidewalk before striking the front plate glass window of the restaurant, a release from Hanover Park police said.

It happened about 1:20 p.m. and when police arrived, officers found a 2003 Dodge Stratus partially inside the restaurant, where it had come to rest against a table, the release said.

Two customers were inside at the time but neither was hit by the vehicle or injured due to the accident, the release said.

Carias was also uninjured and was taken into custody. She was issued a citation for no valid driver’s license and released after posting $150 bail.

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  • Spayyourpets and neighbors

    I always wondered about the unlicensed illegals that drive the streets. Did they get a driving licence in their native country and now it is not valid, or they never took any driving lessons or tests. Seems dangerous to have so many unqualified drivers. I am pro immigration but I think we should be choosing the people. In the past it was the best and brightest of the world. Now its mostly people who don’t believe in laws. I am in my mid twenties and see the newer generations as a huge drop in culture. Its not just the immigrants but all Americans. Simple math if you ask me. The most uneducated and uncultured tend to have the most kids (on tax payer dimes) while the educated continue to get married later and have less kids. it is a matter of time before the last remnants of culture leave and leave the united states as a third world cesspool.

    • genxandy

      Wow, you are really negative. Maybe you should have just kept your opinion to yourself.

      • NIZZER

        Yeah genxandy you dumb ass

  • http://lschaibley.wordpress.com lschaibley

    You are so right. The illegal immigrant problem is going to turn this country into what the illegals are all escaping from. Then what are they going to do? I don’t know if this young lady is an illegal or not, but to all those who are advocating giving them drivers licenses, regardless of their immigration status, what good is it going to do if they don’t know how to drive? And how did she get a car in the first place? Don’t we have a law on the books that says you can’t sell a car to someone who doesn’t have a drivers license?

    • skeptic

      Unfortunately, no there is not a law on the books about needing a drivers license in order to own a car. According to the state, they believe that a person that does not have a license should still be able to own a car so that they can have someone else drive them around.(yeah right.)

      • http://lschaibley.wordpress.com lschaibley

        Typical of our lawmakers. Protect the irresponsible. LOL Maybe we need a law like that. Maybe we need a law that says they can’t buy a car if they don’t have insurance and a driver’s license and the dealers need to be able to check on both before letting that vehicle out of the showroom or lot. But they will always find a way around those stipulations.

  • Mike

    I would bet that the driver is illegal. I had an accident with an illegal. She was arrested. but all they have to do is pay a fine (not much more than a ticket) and they’re back on the street. The first writer is correct. They don’t pay taxes and they don’t pay for their kids. We should have stronger borders and deport illegals. They don’t contribute when they work jobs and don’t pay taxes.

  • http://lschaibley.wordpress.com lschaibley

    Some of them do pay taxes Mike, but, and here’s the kicker, they also claim Earned Income Credit for all the kids they have, so they get back much more than they ever paid in, so their claim that they pay income tax is invalid.

    • NIZZER


  • Joe Patroni

    All of the above commenters are a bunch of bigots. Where in the story does it say anything about this unlicensed motorist being illegal? I gues you don’t want to be bothered by the facts? Hello Facts? Evidence? I have represented thousands of American citizens who have no valid driver’s licenses.

    • http://lschaibley.wordpress.com lschaibley

      And exactly what kind of defense do you present to justify the “thousands of American citizens” who are so irresponsible to not have a driver’s license? Driving is a priviledge, not a right and your defending such irresponsibility doesn’t say much for your character.

      • Joe Patroni

        I don’t need to present a defense. The prosecutors see me in court and immeidately drop all charges against my clients. I am the Johnnie Cochran of trraffic tickets. I am gllad you agree that driving offenders cross all ethnicities and nationalities…

  • http://lschaibley.wordpress.com lschaibley

    @Joe Patroni. That is so funny. Thanks for the laughs. I’ll sleep well knowing that a Johnnie Cochran wannabe. is defending the scofflaws. The prosecutors probably drop the charges against your clients so they can file charges against you for impersonating an attorney. Have a good night.


    Hey JOSE, oops sorry, joe, are you by any chance an ambulance chaser also?

  • Hardrock, Coco, & Joe

    Damn!!!!! Folks will do anything for a slice of pizza!!!

    When your car bust through glass with your foot on the gas……that’s amor’e!!!

  • SGR

    My car and several members of my family’s cars all have been hit by non-licensed, non-insured drivers.

    We have technology galore but nothing to solve this mess.

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