Gas Prices Continue To Fall

NORTH AURORA, Ill. (WBBM) — Chicago-area gas prices are continuing to fall – down more than a dime in the last week alone.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Dave Berner reports, the AAA Chicago Motor Club suggests we’ll see a downward trend as we head into the summer season.

LISTEN: Newsradio 780’s Dave Berner reports

At Woodman’s Market, at 151 Hansen Blvd. in North Aurora, the lines at the gas pumps can get pretty congested.

“Packed. Jam packed,” said one customer, Samantha.

She says the reason she was there was pretty obvious.

“They’re the cheapest prices right now,” she said.

Woodman’s had the lowest prices in the region, as of Thursday afternoon at $3.89 per gallon for regular unleaded.

AAA says the average is down to $4.17 per gallon, making Woodman’s some 40 cents below the average price.

At several Chicago gas stations near expressway entrances, the prices remained sky high Thursday. The price was $4.79 per gallon at five gas stations in the city and one in Park Ridge, according to

Problems with distribution, refinery issues and unrest in the Middle East have all contributed to Chicago’s gas prices becoming the highest in the nation. But now, experts predict prices will continue to drop.

  • Centurion



    Surely there has to be another Middle East country the U.S can go to war with….those gas prices need to go up.
    Syria? Libya? More troops to Iran?

    Remember this sheep, the oil being purchased today will be turned into gasoline in 9 months. The price of gas today, should reflect the purchae price of oil 6 months ago….BUT…THE BIG OIL COMPANIES DON’T CARE….they have record profits and you will pay.

    • srdib

      thats the truth. the powers that be are grooming us for 5 dollar gas next year and the sheep that we are have already showed we will pay it. the oil companies dont even need excuses anymore. just keep jacking up that price and they know nothing will be done. look at what the oil companies made just this quarter in PROFITS, not gross. the prices shot up 25 and 30 cents a week. now it only comes down a few pennies or a dime? come on!!!!!

    • Daniel Alvarez

      You call yourself Centurion and you refer to everyone as sheep. That’s an excellent way to protect yourself from the world.

  • Oil Company Exec (1% of Richest Americans)

    Bunch of whiners.

    Who else is going to give me billions of dollars every fiscal quarter.

    I have a family to feed.

    In fact, I need a tax break. A huge one. And you suckers are going to pay for that too. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Remember, vote Republican in 2012!!!!!!

  • working man

    Gas Boy cot Memoriol Day weekend when the oil companies lose all that money the price will come down

    • not going to work

      So the gas stations hold out one more day and take their money. You’ll need gas eventually. This scenario will never work unless you do it for at least week. Good luck with that.

  • Realist

    Ahhh, uneducated people spouting about something they know nothing about. Gas companies are making billions because they are selling oil at MARKET VALUE. Are they supposed to undercut the market so you can save money? How many times has your company lowered it’s prices because they thought it was expensive and wanted lower their profits? I agree something needs to be done but at least know who to blame before you want to complain about something.

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