Holmes’ Morning After Blog: Thursday Edition

By Laurence W. Holmes

CHICAGO (WSCR) Call it ‘Mission Accomplished’ for the Miami Heat. They wrestled away homecourt advantage. Wednesday night 2 > 10. Many people will spend the next few days telling you that the Bulls beat themselves. They’ll tell you that the referees took the game away from the Bulls or that it was just a bad shooting night. Don’t listen to them because they’re wrong.

Yes, the Bulls did have a bad shooting night (34% FG, 61% FT), but that’s because they were directly affected by Miami playing stifling on-the-ball defense. The Heat contested shots and made the Bulls work for points. Don’t forget that Miami was one of the better defensive teams in the NBA and they showed it in Game 2. Their rotations were more decisive and their individual man defense was more inspired. Because the Bulls had to work, it led to tired legs and tired legs leads to missed shots. Yes, even from the free throw line.

The Bulls were outscored 13-2 down the stretch and didn’t deserve to win. Ten points in the fourth quarter isn’t going to get it done. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade went to the basket and it led to a lot of points in the paint. The Heat won the hustle stat, out-rebounding the Bulls 45-41 and even though the ‘Bench Mob’ outscored Miami, Udonis Haslem had the biggest impact of any reserves, scoring 13 points and snagging three offensive rebounds.
My advice to Bulls fans is this: don’t make excuses, quit crying, tip your cap and get ready for Game 3. The Bulls are playing a team with tremendous talent that has now shown they can take a punch and counter.

-Get the milk carton out because: Kyle Korver, Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah were missing for Game 2.

-In listening to the postgame I came to two conclusions: I like Erik Spoelstra, and I don’t like that.

-Jake Peavy was masterful for the Sox last night. It was fun flipping over during halftime and timeouts of the Bulls game to watch him work. His fastball was still topping out at 94 mph in the ninth inning, but I was more impressed with his off-speed stuff. In the eighth, he got a two-strike count on Shelly Duncan. He dropped down 3/4 and flipped an 81mph pitch that buckled Duncan’s knees for a strikeout. It was NASTY!

-Sox pitchers can learn something from Peavy when it comes to dealing with baserunners. Peavy varies motions to the plate and length of time he holds the ball. He makes it really hard for runners to get a read for how and when he’s going to the plate.

-It’s a little scary that Brent Lillibridge has been the Sox best outfielder.

-I love to watch Carlos Marmol pitch. The scary thing is that the before last night, the Cubs closer didn’t have a save opportunity since May 3rd.

We’ll breakdown what happened to the Bulls and talk about the Sox winning eight of 12 tonight when we hit the air at 6:00 p.m. Follow me on twitter @lholmes670

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  • AT3374

    Great points Holmes . Haslem made a huge impact and saved E.Spol’s job with his inspired play . Still Bulls in 7 IF Boozer can get going and no become a LuvaBull on the bench , cheering the team on in the 4th quarter .

  • Mark, Sterling

    I’m sorry, but the Bulls missed A TON of wide open jumpers and missed some admittedly contested but still makable layups. Derrick never really showed up for the game either. He looked like he was tired or just not interested. Which I know isn’t the case, but thats how he looked. And please dont try to tell me “thats because they played him hard on defense”, that didnt stop him from torching anyone else this season.

    • big time sucker

      bad night, bad night shooting, bad night at the line, check this out, if the bulls make 5 more ft’s and 2 more 3’s despite all the improved play by the heat, they win by 1 point. rose i believe had 4 or 5 missed ft’s himself, he normally makes his ft’s. korver had a 3 go in and out, had good looks on others as did bogans, and rose did miss layups that he normally makes. the good news, they have been avenging losses all season long. this series reminds me of the portland 1992 finals. win big game one, can’t finish game two. if they are as mentally tough as i think they are, they will be ready for game three

  • Gentleman RaRa

    I watched the Bulls game, and it was obvious why the Bulls lost: They weren’t making their shots. Plain and simple. Yes, Miami played a tough defensive game, but Chicago missed plenty of field goals(especially in the 1st quarter) and Derrick Rose just didn’t have it last night. Like the crowd at the UC, I was waiting for that big impact moment, like a D. Rose drive to the basket or Korver three, but it just wasn’t there.

    I don’t put much stock into it, though. Each game is it’s own entity. And every time this season the Bulls have put up a stinker, they make the proper adjustments the very next game and come out on top. At least they have plenty of time to make adjustments, since apparently this series is under an NFL schedule where there’s like a weeklong break between each friggin’ game.

  • Teezy

    yeah you’re usually on point but they had open looks all night.

  • Peavy's Lat

    Peavy was awesome last night, reaching the 90s in the 9th! He holds on runners better than anyone (RH) that I can think of recently. AJ needs all the help he can get. Hopefully E Jax and Floyd were watching.

  • McPoyle

    Yep, it was that great Heat defense that held the Bulls to 61% from the FT line. Everytime the Bulls stepped to the FT line, a Heat defender was right in their face. That’s just great defense. The Bulls weren’t just missing wide open threes or put-back layups or free throws for no reason. It was that pesky Heat defense. Great point Lawrence, as always.

  • Spoon

    They were missing wide open shots and free throws in the first 5 min of the game, I have a hard time believing that ‘tired legs’ showed up in that first 1/3 of the first quarter. 2 of 14 to start doesnt seem like tired legs from a stifiling d.

  • Spoon

    Anyone catch the South Park after the game with the ‘Heat Fan’ named Wayne D? It made me lol.


    Udonis Haslem may have missed most of the season with a foot injury, but the veteran Heat forward gave his team much needed energy and spark off the bench with his 13 point effort in the Game 2 road win by Miami last night. While everyone talks about LeBron James’ 29 with 10 rebound effort and Dwyane Wade’s 24 to guide the Heat in their 85-75 win, not to mention the Bulls’ anemic 34% field goal shooting and 10 missed free throws, the real MVP in the Game 2 win was Haslem. As a result, the Heat now have home court in the East Finals and it would behoove Tom Thibodeau’s Bulls to return the favor and take at least one of the next two games in this Eastern Conference Final in Miami Sunday night in Game 3 and/or Tuesday night in Game 4. I know the Bulls won a 1 point squeaker at AmericanAirlines Arena during the regular season. Needless to say, they can’t afford to return home to Chicago for Game 5 one week from tonight empty-handed.

    • big time sucker

      co mvp last night, the UC rims

  • Southside Dave


    You seem so skeptical of this Bull team winning the series. I am not. I thought SWEEP. It didn’t happen. It might be in 5 or 6 now, but I was more worried about Indiana and am more worried about Dallas than Miami. Here’s why…

    The Bulls sum is equal to more that its parts. The Bulls are a team. A deep team. The Heat are not. The Bulls have a great bench. The Bench will come through…Bench Mob!

    The Bulls have a better coach. Spoelstra has some likeable qualities, but Tibs is just a better coach…Coach of the Year!

    Korver will shoot better. He has showed that he is a shooter through the course of his career. He will shoot better. He will shoot better in the 4th, when we need points…Hot Sauce!

    You can’t teach height and height helps you rebound. Gibson, Asik, Noah, Boozer, and maybe even Thomas will help the Bulls outrebound the Heat. Outrebounding the Heat will stop the Heat’s fastbreak.

    Rose played as bad as I have seen him play in game 2. We only lost by 10. Rose will play better. He takes these things personal. He is a winner…MVP!

    I will not let go of game one. I will not let go of any of the Bulls games this year. What they have done this year gives me faith that the Bulls will hand it to the Heat. I believe this is a great matchup for the Bulls. I wish you had more faith and was less skeptical.

  • barba y bigote

    I was disappointed that cj watson did not spell derrick rose at the beginning of fourth quarter. Rose looked tired in the fourth and the bench mob had come through often this year yhat ithink tibs made a mistake. I acknowledge those other factors.

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