Schanowski: ‘I’m Not Giving Any Credit To Miami’

CHICAGO (WSCR) The Chicago Bulls lost Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals by 10 points. But considering that the Bulls shot 34.1 percent from the floor, 15 percent from the three-point line and 61.5 percent from the free throw line, there’s two ways to credit the outcome of the game:

Either the Miami Heat get credit for playing great defense, or you chalk the game up to a really bad night for the Bulls.

“I’m not giving any credit to Miami, the Bulls stunk [Wednesday] night,” Mark Schanowski, of Comcast SportsNet, said on the Danny Mac Show. “I mean they gave that game away. It was right there for the taking, tied 73-73 with 7:00 to go. They had about four or five empty possessions when they could have taken the lead, I maintain that if they take the lead, they win the game. They just could not make a shot. Bad execution on offense, you know, you had Derrick Rose dribbling into double teams, you had Luol Deng going into the middle of the lane into double teams and losing the ball, just bad decisions on offense.

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“They kind of lost their composure at the most critical time of the game, and that’s really unlike a Tom Thibodeau team. You know, seeing ‘Thibs’ in the postgame press conference, he was despondent. Because this the game the Bulls are meant to win: a low-scoring defensive struggle. All they needed was one solid possession in that stretch when the game was tied and neither team could score, and I think they would have taken control of the game, and they just couldn’t get the bucket.”

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  • Ricardo

    I give the credit to the refs and Stern. Stern wants this series to go to a game seven and the refs will make it happen. Game one the heat start a possesion with six players? No technical just a redo! Game two the refs give Miami essentially a free time out to patch up Wade’s elbow? Should have been a delay of game! Preferential treatment for the Heat. NBA is a joke and it’s on us.

  • tellingthetruth

    Great points Ricardo,Taj wasn’t called for hanging on to the rim and the list will go on . I though Thibs would ask for a technical or a review or insist they give him a T – six guys on the court -just so the league and that crew could properly be put on the spot. At the end of the day if you have the talent the stuff you play through garbage like that ,which is why you try to tear a hole into your opponent and put them away whenever you can attack,attack,attack both ends of the court.

  • big time sucker

    Ricardo, thumbs up on six men on court, thumbs in the middle on elbow blood, since magic johnson and the aids thing happened, the blood rule came into affect, so no delay of game neccessarily should have been called, however, HOWEVER wade should have been forced to the bench and subbed for, that IS THE RULE, it just occurred to me that if they don’t solve the bleeding in the 30 second time frame, the player has to sit until bleeding stopped and then can reenter the game. they did give wade a free pass there. but game two, credit has to be given to the unforgiving UC rims. shots going in and out, rounding out, 61% ft shooting is inexcusable in the NBA E C Finals, no amount of d stern conspiracy can explain 37%fg and 61% ft and 3 for 21 on 3 pt shots. 2 3’s and 5 more ft’s and the bulls win by 1 or 1 3pter 2 pointblank lay ups that rose brickedand 3 ft’s and the bulls still win

    some games you get beat, some games you loose, the bulls lost that game. they have to fight HARD to keep the heat from actually winning game 3

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